Mystery Science Theater 3000

Comedy Central (ended 1999)
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  • S 10 : Ep 13

    Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders

    Aired 9/12/99

  • S 10 : Ep 12


    Aired 8/8/99

  • S 10 : Ep 11


    Aired 8/1/99

  • S 10 : Ep 10

    Horrors of Spider Island

    Aired 7/25/99

  • S 10 : Ep 9

    It Lives by Night

    Aired 7/18/99

  • Cast & Crew
  • Joel Hodgson

    Joel Hodgson/Joel Robinson

  • Michael J. Nelson

    Mike Nelson

  • Trace Beaulieu

    Crow T. Robot & Dr. Clayton Forrester

  • J. Elvis Weinstein

    Tom Servo, Dr. Laurence Erhardt & Gypsy

  • Kevin Murphy

    Tom Servo, Professor Bobo & Cambot

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  • show Description
  • This is a show about an evil experiment where a guy is trapped on a satellite and is forced to watch bad films. He is forced to do this by Mad Scientists, who want to find a movie so bad that they can inflict it on the world and take over. We see the movie with the subject (Joel or later Mike) and his robot pals Crow and Servo, in silhouette at the bottom of the screen making jokes and wisecracks during the movie.Episodes: 197 color episodes, 9 specials, 1 unaired pilot, and 3 direct-to-video releases. Production Company: Best Brains, Inc. MST3K Broadcast History 1988-1989 -- KTMA TV 23, Minneapolis, MN 1989-1991 -- The Comedy Channel 1991-1996 -- Comedy Central 1997-1999 -- Sci-Fi Channel MST3K Syndication History MST3K was in syndication for only one year: from September 1995 to September 1996. During this time, several episodes from seasons 2, 3, and 4 aired on local network affiliate stations. MST3K Re-Run History After production of new episodes ended in 1999, Sci-Fi Channel continued to show re-runs of MST3K on Saturday mornings for several years. They stopped showing reruns in early 2004, with the last one airing on 1/31/04. MST3K commercially available episodes On DVD: 20 episodes from seasons 1-6, 3 episodes from season 8, 1 episode from season 9, 4 episodes from season 10. On VHS: 21 episodes from seasons 1-6, 1 episode from season 9, 3 episodes from season 10. See episode guide for exactly which episodes are available. "MST3K: The Movie": is available on VHS only. The DVD has been out of print for years. A new updated version was released in May 2008.MST3K Marathons 1991- 1st Annual Turkey Day marathon (30 hours) Theme: Dr. Forrester is trying to take over the world by forcing 30 hours of the world's worst films upon the earth. Meanwhile, Frank is trying to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. 1992- 2nd Annual Turkey Day marathon (30.5 hours) Theme: Dr. Forrester is force-feeding Frank 30 turkeys, each one dressed in the of a bad movie. 1993- 3rd Annual Turkey Day marathon (32 hours) Hosted by MST3000 fans at a Halloween party with by Debbie Tobin. 1994- 4th Annual Turkey Day marathon (28 hours) Hosted by Adam West. 1995- 5th Annual Turkey Day marathon (14.5 hours) Theme: Dr. Forrester must try to take over the world while entertaining guests that Frank invited for Thanksgiving.MST3K Conventions 1989 - "1st MiSTy Confab". Featured stand up from the show's cast, a showing of the never-aired pilot, and a display of some props. 1992 - "MST Alive". Live riffing of the film World Without End at the Downtown Theater in Minneapolis. Also short intro pieces featuring Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank. 1994 - "Conventio-Con-Expo-Fest-a-Rama". Featured prop museum, merchandise sale, viewing rooms that showed all episodes from seasons 1-5, keynote session featuring Q and A from the shows writers and cast, speeches by Beverly Garland, David Worth, and John Humphries, and autograph session, and a live riffing of the film This Island Earth, and a costume ball. 1996 - "Conventio-Con II: Electric Boogaloo". Featured a keynote session with the entire show's cast (including Trace Beaulieu, who had recently announced his departure from the show and Bill Corbett, who had just joined the cast), a celebrity panel with Kim Cattrall, Russel Johnson (TV's Professor), and Rex Reason, there were showings of scenes cut from MST3K: The Movie, as well as a showing of the short Assignment: Venezuela, there was a Doom competition where fans could play against Mike, and a shopping spree with Bridget Jones and Mary Jo Pehl.MST3K Awards and Award Nominations 1992-Nominated for Cable ACE Award for Best Comedy Series. 1993-Nominated for Cable ACE Award for Best Writing in a Comedy Series. 1993-Awarded 1993 Peabody Award for Outstanding Programming. 1994-Nominated for the following Cable ACE Awards: Art Direction in a Comedy Series, Best Comedy Series, Best Writing in a Comedy Series. 1994-Nominated for Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Music or Variety Program. 1995-Nominated for Cable ACE Award for Best Comedy Series. 1995-Nominated for Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Music or Variety Program. 1996-Nominated for Cable ACE Award for Best Comedy Series. 1997-Nominated for Cable ACE Award for Best Comedy Series.moreless

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  • Quotes (3777)

    • Crow: Did you ever wonder that maybe this whole spaceship isn't really a spaceship at all but a television set built for the amusement of the viewing audience? And that I'm not really a robot but a puppet built to look like a robot who in reality is being controlled by a puppeteer underneath this table? And you're not a scientist/inventor trapped in outer space but a comedian played a part on a television show that you wrote?

    • Joel: I found the Secret of Life the other day. But it kind of bummed me out.
      Crow: "Found the Secret of Life"?! Why should it bum you out?
      Joel: It was on 8-Track!
      Crow and Gypsy: (laughing)

    • Astronaut: Take us around to the number two position, will ya?
      Joel: Speaking of the number two position, I gotta get out of here.

    • Joel: I present this invention to your planet. (pulls out a device from behind the desk then puts is on his head) It is to aid all races, especially people who are suffering from back and neck and pelvis injuries. It's called the Chiropractic Helmet. I'll demonstrate. (turns the device on and his head begins spinning around 360 degrees as Crow and Beeper spin their hands around wildly)
      Beeper: (wildly) Beep!
      Joel: Crow, Beeper, you don't understand. The human beings on Earth can't twist their heads around like we can... unless maybe they went to college to study to become ventriloquist’s dummies or something.
      Beeper: (sadly) Beep.
      Joel: What'd he say?
      Crow: He said being a human being must be a rush.
      Joel: Oh, yeah. It is.

    • Crow: The ear prodcues a gelatinous, wax-like substance which can be removed with a swab, uh, not to be confused with a swabbie. Remember, never stick anything in your ear larger than a pirate. This could cause severe pillaging.

    • Karen: Something terrible will happen if we don't get it back. Thousands and thousands of lives depend on its return. Joel: You mean a good ending to the movie?

    • (during the native dance, a helicopter lands) Crow: Hey, it's Bob Hope! Servo: Attention all personnel, incoming woun--oh, sorry, that's M*A*S*H.

    • (seeing a spinning, flaming Gamera) Crow: Looks like a giant turkey pot pie. Servo: Turtle pot pie.

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    Notes (368)

    • There is no known fan copy of this episode, so little is known about it.

    • Joel riffs the movie alone.

    • It should be noted that in the original pilot episode plot, Joel was not a human trapped in space and forced to watch bad movies, but rather an alien being with robots and a ship of his own design. He was trying to understand human culture by seeing their movies, unfortunately he stubled upon some crappy B-movies, which he made fun of.

    • Beeper is a pre-Servo character that was used only in the pilot. He could ony talk in beeps and only Crow could understand him.

    • There is no known fan copy of this episode, so little is known about it.

    • The host segments are a parody of 'Silent Running' sub plot where flowers being to harm other parts of the ship. The whole show in actuality is a parody of 'Silent Running' as it's about a man stuck on a spaceship with three robots (which are named Huey, Dewey, and Louie).

    • Servo does not watch the movie with Joel and Crow.

    • This was the very first MST3K episode to air.

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    Trivia (111)

    • Josh Weinstein operates Crow in this episode, instead of Trace Beaulieu.


      Joel mentions Beeper in this episode, but it is unknown if he is the same bot as he was in the unaired pilot or if he was now the familiar Tom Servo.

      During their period at KTMA the production team did not obtain rights for the film they spoofed. As such, the season has never been repeated since its original broadcast, or released on a home format.

    • Joel claims he raided the movie library and found the original Gamera movie, indicating that he picked the movies. This is before Dr. Forrester and Dr. Erhardt showed up.

    • Midway through the movie, the footage of Gaos destroying the city is shown again. Joel says to Servo, 'This footage looks familiar, Josh.' They continue as if the flub didn't happen.

    • Joel does not announce the name of the movie in the opening segment.

    • During the second host segment, Crow calls Gypsy 'Gypsum.' Joel does also, in segment four.

    • This is the first MST3K episode that features a non-Gamera movie (except for K01-K03 which are not available).

    • Just after the third host segment, while Joel and the 'bots are in the theater, a loud noise is heard in the background. Joel asks what happened and Servo says, 'I think Gypsy dropped something again.' He then offers to go look, but Joel tells him to stay put.

    • Several movies in this season would be re-done in episodes during the Comedy Channel/Central years. While this one is not, the three middle host segments were redone as host segments in Season One: Segment One, the tag game, was redone as the second host segment in #105, The Corpse Vanishes. Segment Two, Servo and the blender, was redone(almost word for word) as the third host segment in #103, Mad Monster. Segment Three, about surrealism, was redone as the fourth host segment in #107, Robot Monster.

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    Allusions (317)

    • Crow: "She looks kind of skinny. She must be a Carpenter ant." Crow is talking about Karen Carpenter of the Seventies pop group, The Carpenters. She was a victim of anorexia nervosa and/or bulimia.

    • When Catherine and the kids get frozen, Servo reminds Crow of when he was frozen and turned into a Christmas tree. This happened in episodes K5 and K6, Gamera and Gamera vs. Gaos respectively.

    • Tiger Beat: In segments two and four, Tom Servo reads Tiger Bot magazine. Tiger Bot is a spoof of Tiger Beat, a highly popular teen magazine.

    • 1313 Mockingbird Lane: Tom said it as the sheriff got to Marta's house. It's the address of The Munsters.

    • Texaco:
      At the beginning of the movie, a plane pulls up to gas pumps after landing. Tom notes they are Texaco pumps and Crow says 'You can trust your plane to the guys who are inane.' This is a spoof of Texaco's long-running slogan 'You can trust your car to the man who wears the star.'

    • Abbott and Costello (J.C. and Rommel are arguing in what amounts to gibberish) Tom Servo: I'm not asking you who's on second. Crow: Who's on first. Tom Servo: I don't know. Joel, Crow, and Tom Servo: Third base! These are lines taken from Abbott & Costello's classic routine "Who's On First," most likely to show the amount of confusion involved in the ongoing scene.

    • Budd Friedman: Mentioned by Tom when J. C. and his crew are in Rommel's garage, Budd Friedman is the creator of the world famous Improv comedy club in Los Angeles. Tom's comment about hugging everybody comes from Budd's hosting of the An Evening At The Improv stand-up show, where he hugged every comic when they came on stage.

    • Fanta: Mentioned by Crow at the beginning of the movie, Fanta is a brand of soft drink made by Coca-Cola. It's best known for its orange soda, which Crow mentions.

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