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Quotes (6)

  • Login in Chang-O, Goddess of the Moon

  • Alex:(To Cleo after she made the jump to the Alterworld) Oh my god, you're walking...

  • Alex-Cleo I made a sandwhich do you want one? Cleo are you there? Cleo you need to eat! Great now I'm starting to sound like mom.

  • Alex: (after eating the poisoned food) Cleo, something's wrong!!!

  • Set: By the end of the night, all of you will have a chance to own a coffin, FIT for a king.

  • Gorgos: Run, Matt Bellows, run and find me my stone.

Notes (2)

  • This synopsis was contributed by Trinity Day

  • Due to some scheduling mix-ups, this episode was not played during the first run on Showcase. Its first airing was January 19, 2002.