Naked City

ABC (ended 1963)
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  • S 4 : Ep 34

    Barefoot on a Bed of Coals

    Aired 5/29/63

  • S 4 : Ep 33

    Golden Lads and Girls

    Aired 5/22/63

  • S 4 : Ep 32

    One, Two, Three, Rita Rakahowski

    Aired 5/15/63

  • S 4 : Ep 31

    The S.S. American Dream

    Aired 5/8/63

  • S 4 : Ep 30

    Color Schemes Like Never Before

    Aired 5/1/63

  • Cast & Crew
  • John McIntire

    Lt. Dan Muldoon

  • Nancy Malone


  • Paul Burke

    Det. Adam Flint

  • James Franciscus

    Det. Jim Halloran

  • Harry Bellaver

    Sgt. Frank Arcaro

  • show Description
  • A police drama filmed entirely in New York City. The show was initially 30 minutes long during the first season (1958-1959). The second season didn't start until 1960, when it was expanded to an hour. The series was famous for their signature closing of every episode, "There are 8 million stories in the Naked City, this has been one of them"

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  • Quotes (11)

    • Narrator Herbert B. Leonard(closing statement): The pulse of the city is the heart beat of its people. It can't always be clearly heard beneath the city traffic, but always it is there, the human heart, loving, hating, building and destroying.

    • (Final remark after suspect does the right thing and fingers guilty party) Lt. Parker: You know, people sitting on the fence can fall on either side.

    • Franklin Maquon: We got our pride to think about too Caldwell. Why should we go through life laboring under the shadow of being some one else's mistake? As far as we are concerned, we are self made all the way. Caldwell Wyatt: What difference does it make what you two think or what I think? The important thing is the truth, who did what. That is what I'm looking for and if I am guilty I'll have to live with it. Knox Maquon: And we will have to die with it.

    • After receiving the ransom money and Alfred discovers his wife Myrtle attempting to poison the kidnapped girl. Alfred: I thought you said it was okay to take the girl home? Myrtle: Yes, but I didn't say alive.

    • Mike Parker: How long was that truck parked here before someone noticed it? Detective Mullet: A lot of trucks stand out here for a couple of days, there was a tractor trailer parked alongside it for several days until yesterday, you couldn't read the markings. (In disgust) Mike Parker: Next time I want to lose an elephant, remind me to park it here in front of a hydrant!

    • Closing statement by series narrator, "The law is a person, neither more or less than the will of each policeman to respect justice and to search out the truth"

    • Adam Flint: First he said there were three robbers, then five, finally he settled for seven. Mike Parker: He settled for seven huh? Three, five, seven, only a rabbit could multiply that fast--and rabbits don't rob stores!

    • Narrator Lawrence Dobkin: Fifteen thousand years ago, man came out of the caves. Today, whenever we encounter the violence and savagery that belonged to those times, all we can do is marvel on how far the human race has come in only fifteen thousand years.

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    Notes (5)

    • The name of the ferryboat captain in this episode is the same as the name of Paul Burke's character in the re-vamped version of Naked City which aired from 1960-63.

    • Horace McMahon appears in this episode as the chief of the detective squad.

    • This was the final episode for show star John McIntire. He did not enjoy the rigors of filming in New York City and wanted to return to his home in California. McIntire went on to replace Ward Bond in Wagon Train.

    • Albert Salmi and Peggy Ann Garner were husband and wife when this episode was filmed.

    • The title of this episode is the chemical formula for Nitroglycerine.

    Trivia (16)

    • This introduction for the series' premiere episode was used in every subsequent episode throughout its inaugural season. "Ladies and gentlemen. You are about to see the Naked City. I'm Bert Leonard the producer. As you can see we're flying over an island, a city, a particular city...and this is the story of a number of people, a story also of the city itself. It was not photographed in the studio, on the contrary.

    • The opening credit sequence used in Season One, a view of Lower Manhattan from a helicopter flying north and continuing towards Midtown and Uptown, along with the narration is duplicated from the 1948 film, "The Naked City" which the series is based on. The signature closing statement by the series narrator, "There are 8 million stories in the naked city, this has been one of them" is also replicated from the movie. Season One's narrator was the series' creator and Executive Producer, Herbet B. Leonard.

    • This episode is the first of four appearances in the series by the upstart Peter Falk.

    • This episode is the first of four appearances in the series by the upstart Peter Falk.

    • Susquehanna represents the bygone era when telephone prefixes were assigned names, in this case representing seven eight.

    • This is the first of 4 guest appearances by future star George Maharis.

    • While on the phone with the owner of 2 bloodhounds, Lt Mike Parker refers to Detective Sgt. Frank Arcaro as Officer Arcaro, an instant demotion.

    • This first episode of Season Two marks the debut of Lawrence Dobkin as narrator replacing series' Creator and Executive Producer, Herbert B. Leonard whom served as narrator for Season One.

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    Allusions (2)

    • (On the phone to his wife in New York) Vincent Busti: I am not like Marco Polo exploring Los Angeles. This is an allusion to the famous Venetian explorer, trader and founder of the "Silk Road" connectng China to Europe.

    • Mike Parker: (Addressing Adam Flint) Do you remember Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow? This is an allusion to the notorious crime partners of the Great Depression.

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  • great show

    By missoulapotho, Jul 03, 2014

  • There are eight million stories in the naked city....

    By Mad_Buck, Jan 10, 2007

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