Napoleon Dynamite

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  • Grandma: Hold still Kip!
    Kipper: Grandma, are you sure these abs are waterproof? Misty and I might go hot tubbing!
    Grandma: Kip, you only talk to this girl on the computer. It could just be that neighbor boy pranking you again.

  • Grandma: How many hours has this chicken been under this heat lamp?
    Store Clerk: Depends. How many hours is in three days?

  • Rico: This is my favorite gas station to shop at. Where else can you buy a wiper blade and an off-brand energy drink?

  • Napoleon: Thanks, Kip. I couldn't of chickened out with a better guy!

  • Napoleon: Kip, you liar, you have a face! And I'm going to pound it!

  • Napoleon: Oh no, it's Rex! Quick Pedro, tell him I have diarrhea!

  • Napoleon: Kip, she has a name! I just don't know it yet.

  • Napoleon: Out of my way, fence!
    Misty: Ooh, kick something again!

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