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  • 9.5

    Cute and Silly

    By TanorFaux, Dec 31, 2012

    This episode is more of an omake than a true episode. It's a silly episode as it can be told by the episode screen's style. (The writer of the episode that did Episode 101 did this one). Naruto trains in the woods and picks up more than a sweat. He gets a cute companion that thinks Naruto is his mother. Through silly and funny screens of Sakura, Tsunade, Shizune, Akamaru, Kiba, Lee and Hinata this can be sure an episode to keep you either laughing or smiling at it.

    I personally thought this was one of the funniest parody episodes in the series, as I said the writer of episode 101 where they tried to see Kakashi's true face, and the other episode where Naruto tried to make Tsunade pay a debt prior, did this one. So it's guaranteed to be funny. :Pmoreless

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  • 8.0

    A nice silly episode....

    By 28693, May 13, 2009

    While Naruto is training on his own, an eagle catches a baby onbaa. As it flies over him, Naruto accidently attacks due to which the onbaa latches on to Naruto's back without him realising it. When he returns to the Leaf Village and is talking to Sakura, then he realises that a cute looking creature is stuck to his back. Kiba tries pulling it off but it stays put. They go to Tsunade for help. Tsunade then tells the legend of the onbaa and that it stays stuck to the person it sees first thinking that person is his mother. This was just the begining of Naruto's problems. They also grew upto 9 feet! As time passes Naruto becomes fond of him, but Tsunade tries to sperate them by sending them to a mission during which they meet up with its real mother. Naruto gives the onbaa back to its mother( but after quite some running). Meanwhile, back in the village, everyone has got an onbaa and you can be sure that Naruto won't tell them how to get it off.moreless

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  • 10

    On the way back from the village an eagle dropped an onbaa on Naruto's back the onbaa thought Nauto was it's mother Naruto became friends with it until, the real mother came.

    By devangovan, Aug 06, 2008

    Naruto was walking back from his training meanwhile an eagle had something in it's claws and dropped it on Naruto. Naruto came back and saw Kiba and Sakura. Sakura saw two arms coming from Naruto's armpits. A face came and it said "onbaa" Naruto had no idea what it was so he freaked out and ran to Tsunade she said that it was an onbaa and onbaa are animals raised on their mothers back. Because it was on naruto's back it thought Naruto was its mother. Tsunade said they grow to be 9 feet tall and Naruto freaked out once more. Naruto named the onbaa Onbaa. Tsunade told Naruto to go fight mountain bandits hoping the Onbaa would get killed but, it didn't. On the way back to the village the onbaa's mother came and took back Oonbaa. Back at the village everyone had an onbaa on their back.moreless

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    Naruto gets an Onbaa stuck on his back.

    By stitch069917, Aug 04, 2008

    Naruto is training in the forest when an eagle is passing overhead and out of instinct, Naruto throws a kunai at it. He causes the eagle to drop what it was carrying onto his back. We later find out that this is an Onbaa. A creature that people think is a legend, a giant ape and bear-like creature. Naruto doesn't find out that it is there until he gts to the village and Sakura points it out to him. Tsunade remembers when Jiraiya went off in search of the monsters when they were still training under the 3rd Hokage. It seems...moreless

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  • 10

    Cool and silly episode

    By srzeczyca, Aug 04, 2008

    First Naruto is training in the woods and an Onbaa gets on his back. Now Naruto is a mother even though he is a male which made it look totally funny. Second Tsunade is telling the story about the Onbaa's and Jiraiya goes into the woods and brings back drawings of it that he defeated it and that was totally funny and I laughed like crazy at it. Last but not least comes the end when the whole village is full of Onbaa's and sticking on there backs. But before that Sakura punches Naruto and she is so angry at him and that was funny also. I give this episode a 10 out of 10.moreless

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    This reminds me of that one episode of SpongeBob...

    By DarkNinja1994, Aug 03, 2008

    This reminds me of that one episode of SpongeBob... You know, the one where Sandy goes out of town for a few days and SpongeBob and Patrick have to take care of her pets and there's this one caterpillar thing named Wormy and he turns into a butterfly and scares the living crap out of everyone? I guess you'd have to think like me to see the resemblance... Anyway, Naruto is out training in the woods one day when a hawk drops an Onbaa on his back. It's the cutest little thing in the whole world, but everyone is scared to death of it, especially Hinata who was stalking Naruto. Apparently the Onbaa babies cling to the first thing they lay eyes on, which become their "mommies". Naruto names the thing Onbu and it becomes his pet. Until is eventually gets way too big and Tsunade makes him get rid of it. Then Onbu gets all evil and tries to eat Nauto!!! :O But then comes that sentimental crap and Onbu remembers all the good times he had with Naruto and saves him from Onbu's demon mother. Typical Naruto ending.moreless

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  • 9.0


    By titiembe, Aug 12, 2007

    Haha this episode was so funny! Naruto gets this supposedly cute going to be turned into a monster Onbaa thing stuck on his back, and they make a really neat bond. At the end the Onbu turns big and goes back with its mother. It was kind of touching, I guess. Naruto actually bonded with someone. I liked the part where Rock Lee was like "I will not lose to you" and walks past Naruto with a ton of rocks on his back. I Loved the part where Hinata fainted twice and thought that Naruto had a kid. Nice filler episode.moreless

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    Some creature attaches itself to Naruto's back...cute

    By Crcullen3916, Jul 06, 2007

    This episode was filler and not important but it has to be one of the funniest filler episodes since the one where there were 2 people infiltrating the village dressed as Lee and Gai. I love everything about this episode. My favorite part has to be the flashback from when the 3 sannin were little and Jiraiya was all "I'm going to find one for my summer project!" and Tsunade was all "Wanna bet!" and Orochimaru was all "In that case I bet on Jiraiya". And Jiraiya's report? Hilarious. "I wrested with one" Priceless. Who knew Jiraiya sucked so bad at writing when he was a kid.moreless

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  • 8.4


    By Neroshadow, Jun 17, 2007

    This episode made me laugh. Although it was a filler it was an enjoyable one. Naruto gets a little knowledge of parenting. That was funny when the Onbaa grabbed Sakura's breast. Naruto came back to Konoha in one piece but their was an Onbaa infestaion. It was even more funny when the Onbaa grabbed for Tsunade's breadt.

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  • 1.2

    The worst episode. Plain and simple.

    By Urbano35, May 22, 2007

    There are 200+ plus episodes in Naruto. And Naruto is a fabulous show, no argument right? Soo who would've thought that for a such a great show there was an episode that was equally horrible?! To the point, it was absolute crap! Even for a filler it was a devastating episode. It was a bit silly, I must admit. But there have been sillier episodes to make this look like nothing like Laughing Shino or when the trio tries to see Kakashi's mouth. All this was about was a stupid beast that thought Naruto was it's mom. Plus, my computer is slow so loading/downloading an episode takes f_o_r_e_v_e_r. In other words, I had to wait an hour for crap! I only watched every last minute because it's Naruto.moreless

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