Kiba's Long Day

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    I really liked this episode.

    By srzeczyca, Aug 15, 2008

    Poor Akamaru and Kiba. Akamaru is poisoned and they are trying to find a cure for him so he will not die and so he will be healthy. Akamaru tears Naruto pants and that was really funny. I am glad that Akamaru was okay at the end of the episode and he missed Kiba on purpose so was Naruto happy and that was a great ending. Kiba was really sad because they took Akamaru away from him his most prized possesion and that is why he was sad. I will give this episode a 10 out of 10 a really great episode.moreless

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    Brings tears to your eyes, but in a good kind of way.

    By DarkNinja1994, Aug 03, 2008

    The only thing I don't like about the fillers is that you know that none of the main characters can die because in the "Mangaverse" the fillers are nonexistent. So obviously, Akamaru isn't going to die like everyone says he is. Well anyway, while Naruto was away, apparently some ninja attacked the village and poisoned Akamaru. And he starts turning red and attacking people. Hana, Kiba's sister who is also a vet, has looked him over and says that he is definitely poisoned. Well duh, he shouldn't need a vet to know that! After Akamaru attacks some ninja, Tsunade has hi put in the hospital in a cage, and Kiba busts him out. Good gravey, I think they should have better security than that! Well anyway, they escape to the woods and Naruto and Hana come after them, and Hana has a syrum with her that may help Akamaru, but it may also kill him. Unforunatley, they don't get to try it out because Akamaru quadrouples his size and knockes it out of her hands. But Kiba says some cheap sentimental crap to him, and he turns back into his old self. Typical Naruto ending.moreless

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    Kiba has to deal with a sick Akamaru who is getting out of control.

    By stitch069917, Aug 03, 2008

    Kiba and Akamaru stopped an intruder, but in the process Akamaru was infected with something. Tsunade orders Naruto to keep an eye on Akamaru and Kiba. While they are training, Shino's bugs attack Akamaru and Shino is barely able to call them off. Then later Akamaru attacks Naruto while Naruto is sneaking around Kiba's house. Later on, some of the shinobi of the Leaf Village are attacked while they were training at night and they know it was Akamaru. Tsunade gives an ultimatum, either they cure Akamaru or they will have to put him down. Kiba goes to see Akamaru and...moreless

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    An special bond between Kiba and Akamaru

    By yuki_megami, Dec 25, 2007

    Akamaru is acting strangely lately.Why did Shino bugs suddenly attacked Akamaru? Kiba begin to get worried about Akamaru.His sister Hana,find that there was nothing wrong with him.Naruto visit's Kiba's home,his pants got bitten off by Akamaru.An unexpected surprise came when the anubi squad came for Akamaru,for observation.But Kiba wouldn't allow it! Altough Hana told him that it would be best to let them take him.If its under the order of the hokage.This upset Kiba! When he learned that Akamaru may be killed,deciding to take Akamaru,run away.Tsunade sends an special force,after him.Seeing Naruto,he thinks that Naruto is the one that would get rid of Akamaru,which he wasn't.Than Akamaru got hurt.However it is unsure that he would make it.

    This was an very special episode to me.Hope that english verison,doesn't edit this too much.Because for me its an great episode.I love the part when Hana start to saw Naruto pants together didn't looked good.That was funny.moreless

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    Kiba episode.

    By titiembe, Aug 12, 2007

    This episode gives more background on Kiba. It also is the first time that we see Hana (I think). A lot of people are talking about her for some reason, so I wouldn't to see what all the commotion was about. Nothing much. It was good that we see background on a less important character though (I would've liked it to be Hinata though as always). The part where Shino's bugs attacked Akamaru confused me, did they attack him just for the sake of attacking him, or were they trying to cure him...? Whatever. So it was a great filler episode.moreless

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    Nice filler. Shows a little bond between trainer and pet

    By Neroshadow, Jun 17, 2007

    I always liked Akamaru. For such a small nin dog he comes up big in missions. But he is infected. I was bit surprised how large he grew in size. He took down a whole crew of ANBU. Which takes lots of strength. But the bond between Kiba and Akamaru prevailed.

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    This episode sucks this season sucks and pretty much all of these fillers suck

    By ChuckyLeeRay, Apr 21, 2007

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha more fillers what do u know i am going freaking insane becasue of all the fillers oh well i hope the filler people die of the bubonic plague and die in a street in the middle of July okay well thats all i have to say about these pathetic episodes good da to all of you and thanks for reading my mean reviews.

    p.s This episode sucks this season sucks and pretty much all of these fillers suckmoreless

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    Akamaru is infested with a virus that causes him to slowly lose control of his mind and go mad. Will they put him asleep, if they do how far will Kiba go to protect them?

    By naruto4100, Feb 01, 2007

    After akamaru and Kiba had defeated some bandits they came back to the village. The bandits had a virus with them that causes living things to go mad. Tsunade realizes this so she asks Naruto to follow Kiba and Akamaru. As Naruto was sneaking around the Inuzuka's house Akamaru found him and bit him. Akamaru wouldn't let go, Kiba had to pull him off. Akamaru has never attacked a comrade before. Later that night around five ambu black ops were killed by some beast. They found some of Akamaru's hair at the scene. Tsunade ordered for Akamaru to get examined, at the vets. Kiba went to the Hokage's room and over heard a conversation where the hokage told Naruto if they can't heal him they will kill Akamaru. Kiba was shocked, he went to visit Akamaru. Nobody noticed, but Kiba took Akamaru with him and fled. Many ninja chased after them when they realized he took Akamaru. Naruto and Kiba's sister found him just as Akamaru was losing control. His sister had one shot for Akamaru with her. It had a 50% chance of healing him and a 50% chance of killing him. Naruto and Kiba's sister rushed in to stop the huge victous dog that is now Akamaru. Akamaru over powered them. Kiba stood there looking sad. Akamaru knocked the shot away it fell to Kiba's feet. Akamaru jumped up and was about to pounce on Kiba. Kiba just stood there and let Akamaru attack him. Kiba wakes up later in a hospital bed with Akamaru by his side laying on a bed of his own. Kiba says that when Akamaru attacked him, he just missed his vital areas becuase he fought himself as hard as he could to not kill Kiba. Now they are ok, back to their normal ninja lives.moreless

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  • 8.1

    Good episode shows a little of Kibas past

    By KevinInuzuka, Sep 08, 2006

    This episode starts out with Kiba, Hinata, and Shino training in the woods then all of a sudden Shinos bugs start attacking Akamaru. Shino trys to tell them to stop but they wont listen, then the bugs go back to Shino and Kiba says hes done for the day and he leaves, Shino comments that his bugs have never disobeyed him before.You then find out that Akamaru has some sort of virus. Tsunade orders Naruto to keep an eye on Akamaru this leads him to Kibas house where Akamaru bites him, Kiba tells him to stop but he wont listen then he lets go.Naruto goes back to Tsunade and she says that they might have to kill Akamaru the news gets to Kiba and he takes Akamaru and runs into the forest he is being chased by a special tracking team Akamarus fur starts turning red. Naruto arrives and tells him that they have a cure for Akamaru but its a 50% chance it will work or it will get worse. Kiba does not beleive him and starts to fight him. By now Akamaru has become a big 8 foot tall dog snarling. The team has arrived, Kiba is shocked to find out that its his sister Hana and her three dogs. Naruto and Kiba stop fighting.Naruto trys to help Hana inject the cure into Akamaru Kiba stays back in horror thinking of what happened before to Akamaru. After trying Naruto and Hana cannot put the injection in. Then Kiba comes up to Akamaru and tells him hes sorry that he did not mean to hurt him. Akamaru attacks Kiba. The next scene is in a hospital where Kiba and Akamaru lie in bed they ask how much did Akamaru hurt him Kiba replies that Akamru missed with the last of his will he made himself miss the Kibas vital organs. Kiba and Akamaru lay in bed to recovermoreless

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