The Powerful Helper

Season 8, Ep 22, Aired 10/4/08
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  • Episode Description
  • With the city of Konoha mapped in explosive tags a decision must be made on whether or not to remove them or evacuate the citizens of Konoha. Because evacuating everyone would cause suspicion, Shikamaru's team must gradually remove all the tags without anyone noticing. They remove the tags and the elders see something weird. What is the weird thing in the tags? And can they remove all the tags without causing one to explode?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Hayato Date

  • Maile Flanagan

    Naruto Uzumaki

  • Stephanie Sheh

    Hinata Hyuuga

  • Derek Stephen Prince

    Shino Aburame

  • Brian Donovan

    Rock Lee

  • Fan Reviews (4)
  • Part 4 of the Amazing Race for Truth

    By TanorFaux, Jan 01, 2013

  • Weird...

    By DarkNinja1994, Oct 08, 2008

  • The pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

    By stitch069917, Oct 06, 2008

  • As the Konoha genin search for all the exploding tags, Shikamaru and the village elders make a few discoveries, as does Naruto.

    By capyash, Sep 16, 2006

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    • Naruto: Okay, this area is all clear. Let's keep going, c'mon! (Hinata faints on a wall) Huh? Hinata! What's wrong? Hinata: It's hard using my Byakugan for so long. I'm just a little tired. That's all. Naruto: Really, you're okay? Lemme see. (Feels Hinata's forehead, causing her head to blush) You feel feverish, and your all red. Hinata: (Backs away from Naruto and face turns back to normal) I'm okay. I'll be fine if I just rest for a minute. Naruto: You sure? Okay, just take it easy. You wait here and I'll deliver the ones we found to Grandma Tsunade. (Runs off and waves to her) Don't you go anywhere I'll be right back!

    • Gennou: A real shinobi anticipates his enemy; he is always thinking two or three moves ahead. Remember that.

    • Naruto: You serious? You'd destroy this whole village just so everyone will know what you did thirty years ago? And I thought you were just a friendly old man. So the only reason you bought me that ramen was... Gennou: To get information about how things stood in the Leaf Village. Naruto: Darn it! You lying jerk! Gennou: You'll understand when you've lived as long as I have. Naruto: Never! I'll never understand no matter how long I live, and I'm going to live really long.

    • Naruto: But it doesn't make any sense. Why now? Why come back to the Leaf Village after all this time? Is it just to fulfill your stupid old mission? For what? According to you, your village doesn't exist anymore, so what's the point in destroying ours too? Or is it... Someone has given you a new mission to destroy the Leaf? Gennou: Oh no, rest easy. I'm not here because anyone sent me here. Naruto: Then why have you come? Gennou: Well, you see, it just seemed like such a waste. Naruto: A waste? What are you talking about? Gennou: I've grown old. Each day I'm alive could be my last. I thought what a shame it would be for me to pass into darkness without anyone ever knowing what I've done.

    • Ino: But, what could it all mean? Tsunade: Putting all the facts together... The antique paper bombs, their location, and the fact they were hidden without us being aware... It could only mean... This trap was set thirty years ago!

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    Notes (9)

    • Aired on YTV: September 19, 2009.

    • Jiraiya was among one of the ninja seen attacking the Heat Devil Village 30 years ago. He was in a Jonin vest.

    • Original Title: Working Hard on Active Duty, The Strongest Helper

    • Original Airdate: September 13, 2006

    • When Naruto walked past Ichiraku, he figured out that Gennou was not there to eat ramen, but was looking at the Great Stone faces. When Naruto went to the Great Stone faces, he finds another exploding tag and Gennou inside, who shows Naruto that he can still set off the exploding tags even without a device to trigger them.

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