The Third Super-Beast!

Season 8, Ep 17, Aired 9/6/08
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  • Episode Description
  • When Lee misses his check-up, Naruto is sent to find him. With the help of Tenten he finds Lee in his dojo. After going to his check-up, Lee is told by Tsunade he cannot do the Reverse Lotus. Gai tries to cheer him up by taking him to train. While they are training, Lee meets Yagura, who is training under Gai. It is then decided that Lee and Yagura will have a training match. Can Lee beat the new trainee?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Hayato Date

  • Maile Flanagan

    Naruto Uzumaki

  • Kate Higgins

    Sakura Haruno

  • Steve Staley

    Neji Hyuuga

  • Danielle Judovits


  • Fan Reviews (9)
  • Guy gets attacked by mannequins...

    By DarkNinja1994, Sep 12, 2008

  • Rock Lee is told he must get some rest and heal and a new trainee is showing amazing talent.

    By stitch069917, Sep 12, 2008

  • Another Lee and Gai episode.

    By titiembe, Aug 24, 2007

  • Lee getting hurt again, Gai getting attacked by training posts, Tenten showing affection for Lee and a glimpse of what Tenten and Neji would look like wearing Gai's famous green spandex jumpsuit. Basically awesomeness defined.

    By Crcullen3916, Jul 06, 2007

  • Nice filler

    By Neroshadow, Jun 23, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (16)

    • Naruto: Those tights were comfortable! And I look pretty cool in them too! Tenten: (Sarcastically) Yeah, I bet you did. Heh, heh. Neji: Yes, it's true. If Lee weren't here... (Shows a clip with Tenten, Neji, and Guy all wearing green jumpsuits. They all laugh) Tenten: To youth! Neji: To effort! Guy: And here's to the chicken that crossed the road! Neji and Tenten: But seriously folks... Guy: BAWK! BAAAWWWK! (End of clip) Tenten: I'd sure be sorry not to have Lee around. Neji: Yes, so would I.

    • (Flashback) Guy: Right! Today I'm gonna give you all a special reward. Neji: A reward? Tenten: Like what? Guy: Like this! (Pulls out a green jumpsuit) Ha ha ha! Lee: (Eyes become hearts) Aahhh! Guy: Your own set of tights, just like the ones I use. Designed for the ultimate comfort, ease of movement, they have outstanding ventilation, and moisture-leaking properties, making one training session an ease, and you're gonna wanna wear them all the time, oh yeah! Lee: (Jumping all over the place) Oh! This is so exciting! I cannot wait! Me first, sensei! Me first! (End flashback)

    • (The wooden dummies surround and close in to crush Gai) Gai: (Jumps clear and laughs) All right, so you can move, but your still earthbound. You'll never reach me up... (The wooden dummies jump up to Gai) Oh, you can jump my wooden friend? What a surprise!

    • Gai: Ah, how it brings back fond memories of my fiery youth. The hours I spent furiously pummeling dummies just like these, seems like it was only yesterday. (The wooden sparring dummies start to move) Still it's very curious to find them way up here in the middle of nowhere. I wonder who put them up here and for what dark purpose. (The wooden dummies start to attack and Gai dodges them) Hmm, so these wooden dummies are capable of attack. Nice try but you'll have to do better than that my wooden friend.

    • Tsunade: Go on, get out of here! (Hits Naruto) Naruto: Gah, right! (Runs out of examination room with his shirt off) Sakura: Naruto, get your clothes on! Naruto: Sorry! Sakura: Good grief.

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    Notes (9)

    • YTV Airdate: August 22nd, 2009

    • When Yagura was passing by Lee, there was a sign that had "Naruto" on it.

    • Tsunade uses fake arms to make it look like she's working. After Shizune tells her Yagura is an impostor, she pulls out cards with Neji's, Tenten's, Naruto's, and Lee's faces on them. And for some reason, Naruto's picture shows him in jail.

    • Original Episode Title: The Third Great Beast, The Greatest Rival Romaji Episode Title: Daisan no choukemono, saidai no Raibaru Kanji Episode Title: 第三の超獣 最大のライバル

    • Original Airdate: July 26, 2006

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    Trivia (1)

    • Right at the beginning, Tsunade is facing Naruto with the clip board, but then she is suddenly facing in such a way that Naruto can see what is on the clipboard.

    Allusions (1)

    • Gai: I am Minami Hanatarou! ~Japanese Version Minami Hanatarou is from an old Japanese comedy routine. The dub replaced the reference with the chicken that crossed the road, another enigmatic joke.

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