The Will of Fire Still Burns

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  • 8.5


    By ZaleIsBackAgain, Nov 12, 2008

    This episode really intertwined Rock Lee's and Konohamaru's problems pretty well into a great well written episode. Konohamaru can't get over the fact that his grandpa died and wants to fortify his memory by protecting his office. A pretty common theme; young boy refuses to move on and does his best to protect everything that reminds him of the best. This episode does as good of a job as any story of displaying this theme. Rock Lee's problem isn't anything of the psychological level as Konohamaru's, but it does overlap the sad and depressing department. To think that his goal of becoming an excellent ninja after all the hard work he put into training, it is just sad. Though what was really badass was how Tsunade dismantled all of Konohamaru's traps when infiltrating the barricaded room.moreless

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  • 8.9

    Tsunade researches a way to increase Rock Lee's percent of surviving the operation. Naruto tries to convince Konohamaru that people won't forget the Third Hokage.

    By glostlover, Dec 30, 2007

    Tsunade tries to increase the percent that Rock Lee will survive the operation. Now I know that Tsunade barely studies because $hizune was shoked that Tsunade was studying and $hizune know Tsunade very well. Konohamaru thinks that people will forget the Third Hokage and that Tsunade doesn't deserve the name of 5th Hokage. I understand why he thinks that. Naruto tries then to prove him wrong. Naruto doesn't succeed very well sometimes and someone else does his work for him so instead Tsunade falls for none of his traps and shows how strong she is making Konohamaru realize that she does deserve the name of 5th Hokage. A good episode showing how much Konohamru misses the Third Hokage.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Konohamaru comes to terms.

    By stitch069917, Dec 21, 2007

    Konohamaru has blocked off the 3rd Hokage's office to show his displeasure that a 5th Hokage has been chosen. Tsunade gives Naruto the day to get Konohamaru out of there. Meanwhile Sakura goes to find Rock Lee and give him some flowers. She finds him on a bridge contemplating what the future holds for him. Tsunade starts looking into ways to help Lee survive the operation that he needs. She goes into the office and gets past all Konohamaru's traps after Naruto has made several attempts and failed. The episode ends with Konohamaru coming to terms with the changes that are happening.moreless

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  • 10

    Pfft, as if anyone could for get the 3rd.....

    By DarkNinja1994, Aug 24, 2007

    Well, this ends the fillers where Tsunade returns to Konoha. Now she has to be put into office. Konohamaru, who was the 3rd Hokage's grandson, isn't happy that they picked Tsunade for the job, because he's affraid that everyone will be so thrilled with her that they forget the 3rd. His solution: Hide in Tsunade's office and baricade the door. Tsunade is highly annoyed, and leaves the job of getting him out to Naruto, while she does research to increase Lee's chances of surviving the operation. By the end of the day, Tsunade has increased his chances to 58%, and Naruto still hasn't managed to get Konohamaru out of her office. Tsunade breaks down the door, and avoids the traps, and Konohamaru decides that if she has that kind of power, it's OK for her to be the next Hokage.moreless

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  • 9.2

    liked the episode

    By anime1023, Aug 22, 2007

    this episode was good Konohamaru locked himself in the 3rd hokages room on purpos and set traps so no one can get in. naruto keeps trying to get in but he cant and in the end hes was going to do rasengan but tsunade ends up breaking the door and dodgeing every somke bombs and traps lol anyway konoharmu cant stand that Tsunade is hokage now he feels sad but then he feels happy this episode was realy good i like episodes like this cause its like half funny and half not that funny. i hope they keep making these kinds of episodes once in a while i like them :)moreless

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  • 9.3

    We start to see the real people...

    By scatha_guardian, Aug 09, 2007

    In this episode, Kohohamaru is upset that his grandfather's stuff is being moved for the new Hokage. He locked himself in the old man's office and will not leave. Mean while, Tsunade is concerned on how to really help Lee. She know deep down that her words to him to quit being a ninja would not work. I believe that the title: "The Will of Fire Still Burns", applies to Tsunade, Lee, and Konohamaru. By the end of the episode, we see that Tsunade is studying for Lee's operation, Lee had already decided to do the operation even if it would cost him his life. And Konohamaru learns by example what it means to be the grandson of the Hokage.moreless

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  • 9.3

    Liked it.

    By titiembe, Aug 09, 2007

    I actually liked this episode for some reason. It was so heart breaking even though I don't ship Sakura and Lee for Sakura to walk up to Lee like that and totally de moralize him like that. Totally sad, how oblivious that Sakura was, must've burnt Lee. Konohamaru is such a brat. Why did Naruto try his $exy jutsu if Konohamaru couldn't even see him? I loved the part where Tsunade just walked into the room and totally disarmed all of Konohamaru's traps like that. Go Tsunade! It was so funny when Konohamaru was shaking and thought that Tsunade was going to like kill him. And the ending was sweet to. So very nice episode.moreless

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  • 10

    ok so here it is that we see that Konohamaru set up booby traps so that no one wouldnt get into his grandfather's office or study...

    By Blueeyes90, Aug 06, 2007

    ok when i saw this episode, i was like heck yeah! give me naruto show now O_O lol but anyway i thought it was really funny how Konohamaru put traps outside his grandfather's doors and well first part was really sad cus he wouldnt accept that there was a new hokage there to replace his grandfather if i am correct on last episode that he found out and somehow got in there. lol then naruto tries to get him out himself! and it was also funny of him doing his sexy no jutsu! why in the world would a little kid fall for that!? lol yeah so then Tsuneada must've thought it over and she is now trying to get Rock Lee back to himself again! i thought that would be so awsomeness if he got back to himself and see him fight again....i hope she finds out a way to get him back to his normal self again :D yes i used to think he was like a weirdo and such but now i think he is a funny person and good at what he does...and i think he will find someone special for him :Dmoreless

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    Yet Konohamaru still wont accept the new hokage.

    By yuki_megami, Aug 05, 2007

    Rock Lee,is upset by Tsunade's suggestion about not being an shinobi.Konohamaru locks himself in the hokage office.The other ninga tries to break the door opened,to get him out.However he had booby trapped the place.With no luck or anything.Naruto tells Tsundae,that he can try and convince him to unlocked the door.He gives Naruto,by the end of the day to get Konohamaru out.Sakura went to visit Lee,but Lee wasn't there.Sakura wants to give Lee,some flowers.However when she tells how good Tsunade upsets him bit more.After seeing through the book.Taking an look at Lee's picture making him guity.Tsunade begin to do some researched on how to heal Lee's condition.Frustrated that Konohamaru,wont come out and yet set more booby traps.Stunned by Tsunade's strength of breaking the doorway and started to go in except getting the book.Konohamaru missed to be called honorable grandson.Afriad of the new changes.He told Konohamaru that they will make Grandma Tsunade keep her promise not to changed and get the whole viliage to promised not to forget the 3rd hokage.However after relizing when she said that she's the 5th hokage.He remembered what his grandfather said

    I did feel sad for Konohamaru.moreless

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