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    Meheh, Guy looks like a drunk hippie...

    By DarkNinja1994, Sep 01, 2008

    Wow, there have been a lot of stupid fillers, but this was takes the cake! XD OK, so apparently Lee opened up his own dojo or something and is waiting for someone to challenge him. Guy finds out about it, takes pity on Lee, and forms a disguise of an afro and mustache. What the hell? He's a ninja! Couldn't he have just made a transformation jutsu or something?!? Well anyway, before he can battle Lee, he has to go on another mission so a village outsider decides to masquerade as Guy. Lee finds him and beats the snot out of him and... Oh, I'm not very good at explaining things. Go watch it for yourself.moreless

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  • 9.4

    A funny comedy episode that has fun with the characters.

    By VBrooksey, Sep 01, 2008

    A very funny episode. It's great when it gets away from the storyline and all this serious ninja business for once, and just have some fun with the characters. It's funny to watch - especially some guy constantly running into more trouble and getting beaten up ^^. AAAAAAAANNNNND

    some reason the fillers make the characters look weaker than they are, but this actually keeps the characters at their skill with Rock Lee and his amazing taijutsu and Naruto and his sneaky attacks with his shadow clones. All in all a funny and good filler. And really fun to watch as well.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Lee builds his own Dojo in order to challenge an opponent.

    By stitch069917, Aug 31, 2008

    Naruto returns to the village after delivering a letter for Lady Tsunade. He sees some signs pointing somewhere and decides to follow them. They lead him to a building and when he goes inside Lee challenges him to a fight. Naruto tries to explain that he is not there to fight when Lee kicks him through the wall. Naruto tells Lee that he has to report to Tsunade before he gets into trouble with her. On the way he runs into Gai-sensei. Naruto tells Gai what Lee is doing and that no one has shown up yet. Gai comees up with a plan to...moreless

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  • 7.5

    i'm almost positive they have this storyline once before?...

    By thinair13, Sep 01, 2007

    Ya they did i think it was like episode 161 or something, well anyway in the other episode Gai and Lee go on a mission so 2 brothers dress up like them to get information from the village and naruto was stupid enough to believe the disguise (couldn't the guys have just used transformation like the guy in this episode did) but nobody else really saw the other Gai, and in both episodes the imposters get beaten up by Gai and Rock Lee. Exept in this episode everyone was transforming... Gai got a costume the imposter transformed into Gai Naruto transformed into Gai then into Sakura then the imposter transformed into Lee. Major transformation ^_^ !moreless

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  • 8.7

    Mix up episode.

    By titiembe, Aug 24, 2007

    Ah, an episode about Lee. Although, the first time the main character of a filler was Lee I was sure that I would give the episode like a 0 but still, this episode was very nice. Very, very nice, haha. The mix ups and turn arounds were amazing, and it was laced up with some humour. Lee doing a dojo, then another guy pretending to be Guy, mixing it with a clueless Naruto, him fighting Lee, Naruto fighting Lee as Guy, Guy fighting the clone as Lee, gah! So it was a nice episode, as I thought it would be pretty bad.moreless

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  • 7.0

    I'm pretty sure this concept was already covered in another episode.

    By Crcullen3916, Jul 06, 2007

    Okay, is it just me or have we already seen the idea where there would be an person who tries to infiltrate the village by changing themselves into Gai? Yes we have. That episode where 2 people dress up as Gai and Lee in order to collect information on the Hokage. And Naruto doesn't realize it. And in this one, both Naruto and Lee don't realize it. So this episode really isn't anything special. I have to admit, seeing Gai in that horrible disguise was pretty funny. But Lee having a dojo? Eh. Another thing I like was another appearance of my 2 favorite random chunnin, Kotetsu and Izumo. I love those guys.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Mix up at the dojo

    By Neroshadow, Jun 22, 2007

    I wish these fillers would just end. Once again a shinobi has infiltrated Konoha and is mistakin as Guy. He gets beaten to a pulp by Lee and Guy. NOthin really happened in this episode. I was a bit surprised when Naruto fought lee he did pretty well. Even tiring the green beast

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    Rock Lee's dojo that was just recently built. Rock Lee is in a wreck because there are no ninjas to challenge him.

    By naruto41231, Aug 10, 2006

    I Think That This Episode Is Funny.I Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Think That This Episode Is Funny And I tHINK tHAT Rock Lee Is Cool

    It Is Funny When his plan fails when the imposter dresses up as Rock Lee and gets a beating by Guy.

    This Is Episode 193 And I Think It Is Called Viva Dojo challenge! Youth is an explosion I Think That This Sounds Reallly Cool Ool Ol L Where Is Rock Lee When You Need Him Too Bad That The Person Dressed Up As Him So He Didnt Get To Battlemoreless

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  • 7.0

    Lee and Gai silliness ensues

    By Vampir5, Aug 06, 2006

    Lee has another great idea that will help him in his training. He opens up a dojo so that people come and challenge him for the banner, unfortunatelly no one comes around for a time, but when Gai hears of this, he puts on a disguise and comes to challenge Lee.

    Unfortunatelly, Gai is send to a mission, and while he is gone, an imposter disguised as him enters the village and is mistaken for Gai by both Naruto and Lee. Once again we see why it is bad for your health if you try to infiltrate the village disguised by either Gai or Lee.

    The episode is quite silly, but we can see quite a nice fight between Lee and Naruto. Their styles are quite different. Lee uses his speed and strength to win, while Naruto is all about trickery, which shows that he is capable of thinking, unlike most episodes try to depict him.moreless

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  • 7.1

    Wow. Though I've seen this in many anime shows they made Naruto very smart in this episode.

    By FlameThrower20, Aug 06, 2006

    He may not realize it..but that ninja was planning on destroying the village. But what was funny was that Naruto wouldn't let him stop fighting Lee. That's pretty funny. This may not be a high-scored episode but it's not average too. If you want to watch some random Naruto episode about Rock Lee/Gai then this one's strongly recommendened

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