Nash Bridges

Inside Out

Season 2, Ep 14, Aired 1/10/97
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  • Episode Description
  • Joe goes undercover inside State Prison to bring down a ruthless Mexican gang leader who put out a hit (from behind bars) on a SFPD undercover cop who had infiltrated the Mexican Mafia. Nash runs the investigation on the outside, hoping to fulfill a promise to the dead man's widow by catching the trigger man. Naturally he'll have to overcome the distraction caused by Nick, putting together his will, who discovers some long-forgotten wealth.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Don Johnson

    Nash Bridges

  • Cheech Marin

    Joe Dominguez

  • James Gammon

    Nick Bridges

  • Annette O'Toole

    Lisa Bridges

  • Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

    Cassidy Bridges

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    • Nash: Ooh, what's this? Stacy: A total disaster. Nash (about the T.V): Where'd that come from? Nick: I bought it with the proceeds from the sale of my property. Joe: Well, it must be a hell of a T.V. Nash: You traded a half acre of Larksburg Bayview, for a T.V. set? Stacy: Not the T.V., Nash. What's on it. Nick: It's got a satellite hook up. This is Del Mar, fifth race. Joe: Wow. You bought 300 thou worth of racing tickets? I hope you win. Nick: No, I bought a horse. Nash: What? Stacy: Number 6. Mr. Woody. Nash: You bought a horse? What the hell do you know about horses? Nick: I know I always wanted one. All this talk about leaving something behind made me realize I didn't want to leave this planet with anything undone. Nash: So, this horse is going to live here, in your room, with us? I mean, what? Nick: Now, don't be ridiculous. I got him paddocked at Del Mar for the season. I got him, room, board, a trainer, the whole bit. Nash: Well, how are we going to pay for this? Nick: With the winnings, son. (they all start cheering for Mr. Woody)

    • Harvey: Somebody want to let us outta here? Hey! We don't belong here. We're police officers! Joe: Will you shut up? That's not an asset in here.

    • Joe: Hey, Harvey, what'chu doing here? Harvey: I came to save you. Joe: Who's going to save you?

    • (Stacy, Nick & Nash discussing Nick's will) Stacy: Operating on a 50/50 basis. I've prepared a list of effects specifying who should get what. (hands Nick & Nash the paper) Nick (reading the paper): 'Mother's jewelry, Stacy. Old navy stuff, Nash. Family china, Stacy.' Nash: Wait a minute. Let me ask somethin'. Didn't mom say she wanted the china and the crystal to go to the first born grandchild? Well, that would be Cassidy. Stacy: I thought you said you didn't care who got what. Nash: I don't. I don't want anything, but I have a responsibility to Cassidy. Nick (reading from the paper): 'Fishing gear, Nash.' Stacy: I'd like a rod and reel. Nash: Sure. I'll pick one out for 'ya. Stacy: If you don't mind, I'd prefer if dad did that part. You're not willing it to me, he is. Nash: Fine. You don't have to get snippy. Stacy: I'm not snippy. Nash: Oh, oh, that's snippy. I know snippy when I hear it. See? That's exactly why I didn't want to get into this pain in the ass stuff in the first place. Stacy: Fine. The last thing I want to be is anyone's pain in the ass. (starts packing everything up) Nash: Oh, come on, Stace. Stacy, I- I didn't-- I didn't say anything-- Calm down. Stacy: I am calm! Am I not calm? I am calm. (storms out) Nick: Nicely handled, son. Nash: What? She started. I didn't do anything. (to Whitney) Did I do-- Did I say anything to her? Whitney: Night, Nash. Night, Nick. (walks out) Nash: It's ridiculous. Completely absurd. You okay, Nick? Nick: Are you kidding? These are the moments a father lives for. It reminds me that my kids, no matter how old they get, are still children. (Nash sticks his tongue out at him)

    • (Stacy, Nick & Nash are about to discuss Nick's will) Whitney: I should probably get going. Nash: Nah, stick around. What are you, chicken? Whitney: Oh, I am not one of those people who stops to stare at other people's car wrecks. I've been in too many of my own, if you know what I mean. Nash: Oh, I know what you mean. Personal wrecks are kind of a specialty of mine. (laughs) But you may as well stick around, there's not gonna be any fireworks, at least not from me.

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