Nash Bridges

Skin Deep

Season 3, Ep 16, Aired 2/27/98
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  • Nash and Joe team up with a tough-talking NYPD Special Crimes Detective (Penny Marshall) in order to track down a famous fashion model's deadly stalker. Meanwhile, Harvey helps Evan track down his lost badge before Nash finds out. A shopping trip doesn't turn out the way Nick and Lynette had planned.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Michael Carrera

    Elliot Van Appen

  • Hugh Fuller

    Reporter #1

  • Jeffery Nicholas Brown

    Pizza Guy

  • Danielle Bestian


  • Tara Howley


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    • Nick: Great, son. Now you can let us out. Nash: Actually, first we have to arrange for the cancellation of the arraignment. And then the D.A. has to officially drop the charges. Nick: How long will that take? Nash: Uh, I don't know. Harv? Harvey: Usually no more than six, seven hours. Nash: Yeah. Lynette: Nash, that's all night. Can't you just bend the rules a little bit? Nash: Well, I could but I know how strongly you feel about city officials misusing their positions. So, it won't be long. Harv, wanna grab some dinner? Harvey: Yeah, sure. Joe won't mind? Nash: Ah, no. We have an arrangement. Now look, I'll pay if you chose. Harvey: Oh, my kind of date.

    • Nash: Evan, did you find your badge yet? Evan (to Harv): D-Did you tell him? Harvey: He just knows these things. Don't ask me how.

    • Joe: Ah, don't blame yourself. Iris: I'm not, I'm blamin' you. (laughs) Just kidding. Nash: You guys act like you almost tolerate each other. What gives? Joe: Ah, we still can't stand each other. Iris: Loathe. I'd use the word loathe, wouldn't you? Joe: Loathe is good.

    • Iris (about a facial recognition program): Oh, we got one of these back in New York. They're great. You can put men in women's clothes, women in men's clothes. Well, I guess that's nothing novel in this state.

    • Joe (on the phone with Inger): Hello? Oh, hi, Inger. I can't talk right now honey. (in Swedish) She left her broom in Brooklyn. (now in English) Yeah, buh-bye. Iris (in Swedish): Suck my icicle. Joe: You speak Swedish? Iris: I married a Swedish guy. Joe: No way. I married a Swedish woman. Iris: Well, I hope yours works out better than mine. Joe: Yeah, well, so far so good. You got kids? Iris: Three last I checked. Joe: Hey, you do that Christmas tradition of dipping the bread in the ham broth every year? Iris: I was in charge of modding the urn. Joe (laughs): Are these people crazy or what? Iris: My in-laws are from Ludvika. What about yours? Joe: No way, mine are from Fagersta about thirty minutes away. You know, if it's not to cold to start your car in the morning. Iris: Of course. Did you ever go to that restaurant in Nynäshamn? Joe & Iris: The Svesta. Joe: It's the only one there! (they laugh)

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    • Penny Marshall is credited as a Special Guest Star.

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