News Briefs: First Lady Michelle Obama Is Planning a Trip to Nashville

By Kaitlin Thomas

Apr 19, 2014


... It looks like Nashville has finally realized that Teddy is a terrible politician and decided to bring in a professional to show him how it's done, because First Lady Michelle Obama is guest-starring in the May 7 episode, which is titled "All or Nothing With Me." Actually, we don't really know what Mrs. Obama is going to be doing when she swings by the show, but there's going to be a charity concert at Fort Campbell, so maybe she's making an appearance to show Rayna how to be a mom and still look good? Because let's face it, sometimes Rayna looks like she raided the discard pile from the Forever 21 dressing room. In related news, Kellie Pickler will guest-star in the same episode! [ABC via press release]


... A whole lot of people tuned in for Scandal's Season 3 finale. The ABC drama enjoyed its second-highest rated episode ever with 10.5 million viewers and a 3.4 in the coveted 18- to 49-year-old demo. Elsewhere, Community's Season 5 finale (which Tim reviewed here) brought in 2.9 million viewers and earned a 1.0 rating, kicking it up a notch over last week's episode. And Parenthood's finale saw an 18 percent rise in viewership, with 3.69 million viewers and a 1.3. [ABC via press release / TV By the Numbers


... Ahead of Face Off's Season 6 finale on April 22, Syfy has renewed the series for a seventh season. Expected to debut in July 2014, Season 7 will feature a “life and death" theme, where each challenge is designed to inspire the contestants to "explore life, death, rebirth and mortality." Syfy has also announced that Academy Award-winning makeup artist Lois Burwell (LincolnBraveheart) will be joining the series as a judge. [Syfy via press release]

... Saturday Night Live is turning 40! To celebrate, NBC will air a three-hour live special on February 15, 2015. That's not a typo, the network is actually inviting us to a birthday party 10 months early. But I assume its just trying to make sure that Chevy Chase has no excuse to not RSVP. The special will feature current and past cast members, as well as special guests and musical acts. [NBC via press release]

... ABC Family has ordered a new pilot called Stitchers, which is not a reality series about cross-stitching, but a drama about a young woman who's recruited by a covert government agency to be "stitched" into dead people's brains. (Right now that cross-stitching idea sounds pretty good, eh?) Once she's in, the young woman will be able to use the memories of the recently deceased to investigate murders that otherwise would've remained unsolved. The series replaces the network's controversial Alice in Arabia pilot. [THR

... HBO will debut a new trailer for Ryan Murphy's The Normal Heart ahead of this Sunday's Game of Thrones, but thanks to the magic of the internet, you can watch it right now! Based on Larry Kramer's Tony Award-winning play, it features more famous people than Ellen's Oscar selfie. The film premieres Sunday, May 25 at 9pm. Here's a taste:

... I love weddings; There's drinking and the merriment and the more drinking. If TLC had a show that was just a bunch of people getting drunk at a wedding, I would watch it, because you know it would be full of embarrassing speeches and awkward dancing. Alas, the network is still focusing mostly on the pre-wedding stuff (booooorrrring). The culprit this time is Something Borrowed, Something New, which has been renewed for Season 3. The show will be back for an 18-episode run in November. [TLC via press release]

... Discovery might have to reconsider its upcoming stunt featuring Joby Ogwyn spreading his wing suit and jumping from the summit of Mount Everest, because mother nature just reminded us that the mountain isn't a playground and shouldn't be treated as a television spectacle. Thirteen people were killed in an avalanche last night, and NBC News, whose Peacock Productions is producing the stunt, said "the future of the production will be assessed at the appropriate time." Um, I'm pretty sure NOW is the appropriate time. [Deadline]


... Denis O'Hare recently spilled some beans about his role on the next season of American Horror Story. He'll be playing a "collector of freaks" on Freak Show, and will be facing off against Jessica Lange's character. But the biggest and best news is that he'll appear in all 10 episodes of Season 4, unlike poor Spaulding in Season 3. Wheeeee! [Vulture]

... Lara Spencer has been promoted to co-host on Good Morning America, which gives her the same title as George Stephanopolous and Robin Roberts. I've actually never been awake during morning hours so I have no idea if this is exciting news or boring news. [THR]

... Cougar Town's Ian Gomez has been cast opposite Enlisted's Parker Young and Geoff Stults in CBS's comedy pilot Cuz-Bros. The project follows Nick (Stults), a suave LA sportscaster whose life gets turned upside-down when his less-than-cool cousin (Young) moves in with him. Gomez will play Phil, Nick’s boss at the TV station. Just like Stults and Young, his casting is in second position to Cougar Town, which means that if TBS renews the series, the Cuz-Bros role would have to be recast. [Deadline]

... Workaholics' Blake Anderson is stopping by Pawnee to guest-star in Parks and Recreation's Season 6 finale. He'll play Mike Bean, one of the founders of Gryzzyl, a Bay Area startup whose music service, Gryzzyl Dump, was mentioned in a recent episode. [EW]

... Eion Bailey (August on Once Upon a TimeCovert Affairs) has signed on to recur in the second season of Showtime's Ray Donovan. He'll play a motivational speaker who requests Ray’s help. [Deadline]

... If Orange Is the New Black is renewed for Season 3 (knock on all the wood you can find, people!) Laura Prepon will be back as a series regular. Also, have you seen the awesome trailer for Season 2? [BuzzFeed]

... Reports are circulating (but not yet confirmed) that Gwen Stefani has swooped in on Christina Aguilera's spot on The Voice, since the genie in a bottle will be bowing out of the upcoming season due to her pregnancy. Stefani's deal is supposedly only for one year. [TMZ]

... Luke Perry is getting Hot in Cleveland with Wendie Malick's Victoria. Word on the street is that he is character is "growing nose tissue on his forehead for humanitarian purposes." That sounds like a good place to stop for today. [TV Guide]

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  • JT_Kirk Apr 20, 2014

    Nuh uhhh, shuut up about SNL turning 40! It's a few months younger than me and I'm only turning 39 this year. Time is a jerk! Aw man. They better get a lot of classic '70s and '80s castmembers back to justify that 3 hours.

    That's awful about the Everest avalanche, apparently it's the worst ever and they were all local guides, just trying to fix some ropes to a higher camp. Maybe climbing Everest just shouldn't be such a priority anymore, that's a lot of deaths.

    C'mon Cougar Town, Ian Gomez deserves better than "Cuz-Bros". Then again, Cougar Town is kind of run itself into a place where it should be comfortable to retire, story-wise.

  • CharmedOneP391 Apr 19, 2014

    Wait, AHS Freakshow is only 10 episodes? Thats 3 episodes shorter than most. I wonder why

  • CharmedOneP391 Apr 19, 2014 This article says 13?

  • KeithStammer Apr 19, 2014

    Her mistake was in saying "all 10 episodes", instead of just saying "10 episodes."

  • EsmeBuffay Apr 19, 2014

    Am I the only person that's kind of irritated that the first lady immediately becomes a celebrity when the president gets elected? Like honestly, how does fucking the president make you an interesting person to people? I don't give a shit who he's married to, she's constantly on talk shows and is somehow allowed to alter kid's school lunches? How does being married to the president make you an authority on fucking anything? I don't care if she's the most wonderful woman in the world, the principle of the thing pisses me off and I'm tired of seeing her name show up everywhere.

  • Carla-Wexler Apr 20, 2014

    Yes bitch! Work! You know it hunty! Preach it, preach! Tell it as it is! Say it to the sheeple! Halleloo and amen to that!

  • FringeFanatic Apr 19, 2014


  • FringeFanatic Apr 19, 2014

    Hot damn. If I was American I'd be more irritated about Citizens United allowing unlimited campaign financing, thereby completely polluting the political process, and the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act, than whatever the hell the FLOTUS is up to.

  • EsmeBuffay Apr 19, 2014

    Obviously there are bigger issues than what the FLOTUS is up to, but what the FLOTUS is up to is the subject of the article. If we're going to talk about all the things wrong with american politics then we're going to be here awhile.

  • FringeFanatic Apr 20, 2014

    You have a point, but when people like Carla-Wexler approve of your post, it's gotta make you question your political priorities.

  • EsmeBuffay Apr 21, 2014

    I honestly have no idea who Carla Wexler is, are they a villain of some kind? Assuming they are even batshit crazy people have known to talk some sense some of the time, I don't agree with Hitler about a lot of things but there's almost certainly something we have in common, maybe he liked chocolate milk? Might be if Hitler was alive today he would like a comment I made about chocolate milk, that doesn't mean chocolate milk's not fucking delicious just because a douche happens to agree that it's fucking delicious. Get what I'm saying?

  • Mate Apr 19, 2014

    Clearly FrineFantatic you have your political priorities out of whack. Amurka!

    But seriously I agree with you wholeheartedly and I am American. But in my defense I was raised largely abroad.

  • FringeFanatic Apr 20, 2014

    In your defense? Where's your sense of American exceptionalism? You must be one of those no-good democrats trying to take our freedoms away!

  • Mate Apr 20, 2014

    The only American exceptionalism I have ever come across is the fact that so many earnestly cry out about this so called exceptionalism without really being exceptional or having or doing anything exceptional.

    And I am right down the middle. Both political parties are almost equal parts crazy and worthless. But the GOP currently is a bit ahead in the crazy.

  • Muderboy Apr 19, 2014

    Looks like ABC hasn't given up on Nashville yet. I think it's actually better than Scandal, but I love that one too, and it's so much better than Revenge, anymore.

  • AKeeperoftheFlame Apr 19, 2014

    ENOUGH already, Michelle! Stop using the taxpayers' money for your entertainment. After all, you're in a lame duck admin right now ..and don't need to bother campaigning, so stop wasting money that would be better spent on AUDITING wasteful Congressional and White House spending and/or on figuring out WHY we don't have a system in place for MEDICARE abuse audits to try and recover that 68 BILLION wasted every year instead of wasting even more money just because you can't stay still...or worse, want to take advantage of your position. I mean, I voted to support Obama, not to pay for you and your tagalongs and Secret Service and various and sundry family members to go gadding all over on the taxpayers' dime, worldwide and nationwide. Seriously, settle down. You on crack or what?

  • JT_Kirk Apr 20, 2014

    As if your diatribe wasn't bad enough, "you on crack or what?" seems a wee bit racist.

  • starlitwisher Apr 20, 2014

    I'm not seeing how she's wasting tax payers' money when TV shows usually pay people to make a guest appearance. And then the income she makes off of these appearances will be taxed.

  • FringeFanatic Apr 19, 2014

    Well, shit. I think I have to apologize to EsmeBuffay now.

  • casssize Apr 19, 2014

    Whoa. She's just making a guest appearance on a dwindling television show. Calm your tits.

  • Muderboy Apr 19, 2014

    ENOUGH already. Stop using our TV forum for your political crap!

  • FringeFanatic Apr 19, 2014

    Now I'm really screwed. Does the fact I'm Canadian make a difference?

  • dodge_hickey Apr 19, 2014

    Being Canadian always makes it worse.