We Live in Two Different Worlds

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  • 8.5

    solid episode

    By danny7277, May 05, 2013

    This was another good episode, I enjoyed Juliet dealing with the media after her nail polish thaft, I also enjoyed scarlett and avery storyline this week although we know this two will be breaking up soon so she can be with gunnar, overall another good episode

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    We Live in Two Different Worlds

    By TrueTvWatcher, Nov 01, 2012

    We Live in Two Different Worlds was extraordinary and an amazing episode of Nashville. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of development for the characters and their relationships with each other. There was a ton of drama, intrigue and emotions flying around. The music in the episode was amazing! It was interesting that Juliette found herself in a scandal similar to other young celebrity women while Rayna dealt with the two men in her life. I also liked the conflict between Avery and Scarlett over her instant success. Juliette created a giant mess for herself and I certainly look forward to watching how she cleans it up. I also was surprised that Rayna made a decision in the end of this episode. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless

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