Naturally, Sadie

Hal's Kitchen

Season 3, Ep 7, Aired 7/15/07
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  • Episode Description
  • After breaking their mother's favorite vase, Hal and Sadie must raise money to replace it. Meanwhile, Margaret gives Rain bad advice which ruins his first date with Taylor.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Diana Peressini


  • Charlotte Arnold

    Sadie Hawthorne

  • Justin Bradley

    Hal Hawthorne

  • Jasmine Richards

    Margaret Browning-Levesque

  • Michael D'Ascenzo

    Rainbow "Rain" Papadakis

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • Taylor and Rain go on there first date without Taylors father hanging around. It turns out to be a disaster. At the end everything works out. they shared a big hug and Taylor gave him a kiss on the cheek and Rain walked Taylor home.

    By TheSchwab, Jul 23, 2007

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    • Taylor: Rabid goat. You want my corsage? Take it. I’m allergic to it anyway. (she screams). Sadie: Calm her down. Ben: The goat or Taylor? Rain: You can stay. Taylor: Rain, what are you doing? Rain: Hey girl? Taylor: Rain, be careful, she could butt youm that’s what goats do. Either that or eat a tin can. Rain: Ok. That’s it. Taylor: Rain. Rain: Leash. Ok. Ok. Taylor: Now this is the real Rain. (She and Rain hug and kisses Rain on the cheek) Taylor: Walk me home? Rain: It would be my pleasure. Sadie if you don’t mind, I’m taking my girlfriend and your goat for a walk. Margaret: The date doctor strikes again. Sadie: I thought they hated your date? Margaret: All they'll remember is the ending.

    • Rain: We should have eaten somewhere quieter. This isn’t exactly ideal ambiance. I’m sorry. Taylor: Ambiance? Is that what you thinks wrong with this date? Rain: No, But I was hoping. I’m sorry I just wanted to make this date perfect. Taylor: I didn’t want perfect. All I cared about was spending time with you. Rain: But you did spend time with me? Well except when you went to the bathroom and then I went to the bathroom but that’s normal date behavior. Taylor: No, I mean the real you. Rain: I am the real me. Taylor: No, The real you doesn’t talk about himself constantly or tell me dumb jokes. And the real you would never order me lamb chops. Rain: What’s wrong with lamb chops? Taylor: The real you would know cause the real you knows the real me. Rain: Oh, how could I forget? You’re cat named Lamb Chop. I was just trying to make an impression. Taylor: You did, just not a good one. I’m going to grab my wrap and then I’m going to call my Dad. Rain: Are criminal charges really necessary? Taylor: For a ride home, Rainbow.

    • Margaret: Welcome to Hal’s Kitchen. Rain you look dashing this evening. Rain: Thank you Madam Lévesque. Margaret: And Taylor you look…droopy. Taylor: (sneezes) Thank you. sneezes) Excuse me. Rain: This is all going very, very wrong. Margaret: Did you stick to the game plan? Rain: Yes, I started the date with a horse string carriage just like you suggested. Margaret: And what was wrong with that? Rain: I think the horse started the date with a three bean casserole. It was a two mile ride behind nineteen pounds of stink. Margaret: I’m sure it got better. Rain: No it didn’t. She’s also allergic to the corsage you told me to get her. Taylor: Have you ever sneezed 17 times in a row? I could just give myself a concussion. Margaret: Can I take your corsage? Taylor: Thank you.

    • Margaret: How’d you do? Rain: What do you see? Margaret: A boy who writes like a chicken? Rain: Nope, It’s my perfect date with Taylor. Margaret: Break it down for me. Rain: Ok, after I pick her up we take the bus to the Whitby Fry Hut, then off to Vonnies Vids for gaming action, and then to top it off we catch Komodo Dragons on a Plane. Margaret: You lost me at bus. After that it was all blah, blah, blah, worst date in history, blah, blah, blah. Rain, this is a boy’s perfect date. You have to impress Taylor who happens to be a girl and for that you’re going to need my feminine touch. Rain: Teach me. I’ll do anything. Margaret: We’ll plan a date worthy of its own reality show, minus the Maggot eating.

    • Margaret: Somebody’s in a good mood. Let me guess? You finally beat Yaya at leg wrestling? Rain: Nope, Those tree trunks of hers are still undefeated. I’m in a good mood because tonight Taylor and I are going on our very first real life one on one date. Margaret: Aww, What are you two doing? Rain: Well first she’s going to meet me here, and then I… Margaret: Whoa. (Margaret begins to call Taylor) Margaret: Taylor? It’s Margaret, you know how Rain told you to meet him here for your big date? He’s had a change of heart he’ll be picking you up. I think that’s super sweet of him too. Ok. (Margaret smacks Rain) Rain: Ow! Margaret, what was that for? Margaret: Rain, This date is huge. It’s monumentous, the defining moment of you’re whole relationship. You can not mess it up. Rain: And having her meet me here would have messed it up? Margaret: A little bit. Yeah. Now I’ll be back in two hours and by then you better have a plan. Rain: Ok, no problem. Margaret just one more question? What do I do after picking her up?

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    • Title: Hal's Kitchen This could be an allusion of the popular reality TV series Hell's Kitchen.

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