Season 6, Ep 12, Aired 1/6/09
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  • Episode Description
  • The NCIS team must reveal the truth behind the murder of a jail guard which resulted in a prison riot and McGee being held captive by the inmates.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Leslie Libman

  • Alfonso H. Moreno

  • Mark Harmon

    Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

  • Michael Weatherly

    Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

  • David McCallum

    Chief M.E. Ducky Mallard

  • Fan Reviews (13)
  • McGee goes to prison to get a confession and it takes a little longer than expected.

    By DexterMorgan2, Feb 11, 2013

  • No More Mister Nice Guy!

    By BevinChu, Apr 17, 2012

  • The ultimate McGee episode.

    By BillieBJones, Jan 16, 2009

  • Not your usual hostage situation... 2009 goes off with a bang!

    By ncisgirl101, Jan 08, 2009

  • Even tho' Magee is having a hard time with a machanic and getting his car back, Gibbs is confident that he will be able to get a confession of murder out of an already convicted mrderer in a woman's prison.

    By okeydokeythen, Jan 07, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (12)

    • Ziva: There is no doubt on my mind you will get that confession, McGee. McGee: Thank you, Ziva. (McGee leaves and heads to the women's prison) Tony: He's toast, isn't he? Ziva: Oh, yes. Burnt toast.

    • Tony: After eleven years in the joint, all ladies, she might welcome a little change in pace.
      Ziva: You mean a man.
      Tony: A virile man could be just the thing to loosen her lips.
      Ziva: Oh, you mean Gibbs.
      Tony: I mean me! Not that you're not virile, you are 'cause you're the boss. Who's the boss?

    • Abby: McGee's going to be okay, right? Tony: You kidding? Stuck in a women's prison- it's every guys' fantasy! (Abby and Ziva look at him dubiously) Well, maybe not McGee.

    • Tony: You're going to convince a woman to confess to a crime? McGee: Yeah. So? Tony: When's the last time you convinced a woman to do anything, McGee?

    • Tony: Women and secrets make a bad combination.

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    Notes (3)

    • Featured Music:
      "Head Spin" by Collide (Final lab scene with Abby and Gibbs)

    • Original International Airdates: Denmark: February 1, 2009 on TV3 Norway: June 30, 2009 on TV3 Spain: July 30, 2009 on La Sexta Slovakia: February 11, 2010 on Markiza Finland: April 6, 2010 on Nelonen Czech Republic: August 9, 2010 on TV Nova

    • Rocky Carroll is credited but doesn't appear.

    Trivia (2)

    • GOOF: McGee tries to entice Celia to confess to the lieutenant's murder by telling her that that would keep the case federal, thus avoiding the death penalty from the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, the jurisdiction wouldn't change if there wasn't a trial. Furthermore, Celia was in a Maryland State Prison even though her crime was killing sailors, and investigated by NCIS. If it wasn't a federal crime, then NCIS wouldn't have had jurisdiction to pursue it.

    • GOOF: When Gibbs first heads out with the team to the crime scene, he says that there's a dead Squid. "Squid" is a nickname for a sailor. However, the victim in this case is an officer, who would not typically be referred to as a Squid.

    Allusions (3)

    • Tony: I got a bad feeling about Bozo and his three-ring circus. Bozo the Clown is the most famous clown character in the United States. Created in 1946 he is widely recognizable for his oversized red hair.

    • Tony: You mean like Hannah? And her sisters? Tony is connecting Hannah, the lady who keeps asking Ziva out for lunch, to the 1986 Woody Allen family comedy movie Hannah and Her Sisters. It starred Mia Farrow as Hannah, and had an all star cast which included Barbara Hershey, Dianne Wiest, Woody Allen, Michael Caine, Carrie Fisher, Maureen O'Sullivan, Lloyd Nolan, Max von Sydow, and Julie Kavner.

    • In the opening scenes, a film crew is shown taping a horror segment involving a cheerleader and an axe murderer. The axe murderer is wearing the signature Hawaiian shirt worn by Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. Producer Bellisario was also involved with the Magnum series and occasionally includes references to that show in NCIS episodes.

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