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    bishops' not the only reason for worse ratings

    By bill29, Aug 05, 2014

    every time does his must e time to do something cool yet loo like total bs scene most fans fast forward through it or change the channel til they figure it's done. Come on Michael. You're in your 50's isn't it time that you start acting your age not half your shoe size? Why the writers keep insisting on this bs is beyond me or why they ikeep letting Michael do it. There's a reason his last show bombed and has done nothing to contribute to up and coming actors since his days on loving: ny or even on this showmoreless

    4 2

  • 6.5

    Crescent City Part 1

    By thefanof, Aug 02, 2014

    The first hour of a backdoor pilot for NCIS: New Orleans. A forced group of characters and Scott Bakula really phoning in, but I can't say it was a terrible episode.

    3 1

  • 8.5

    What's Happening?

    By GaryMcSweeney, Jun 17, 2014

    Why have the reviews, list of characters, cast, trivia, synopsis suddenly stopped? Living in Australia I like to visit, catch up with the episode before it screens and now there is nothing. Has everyone got pissed off because "ZIVA" has gone? For goodness sake people move on, has anybody considered the Cote de Pablo may have got sick of the role and didn't want to be stereo typed? I was under the impression that was for the purpose of having details about TV shows not just name of episodes. Unlike older shows from the 70's or 80's that are harder to get reviews on but current shows what's the excuse?moreless

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    By fayze, Mar 30, 2014

    Great episode. Can't wait to see pt.2!

    4 17

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    Enough is enough

    By yuritanMB, Mar 29, 2014

    First I do not like a two part when will the producers realize their mistake in hiring Bishop?

    I watched the average ratings of NCIS since Bishop joined. The maximum rating has been 7.5.

    Also the number of viewers rating the shows has dropped dramatically.

    This means to me that the global interest in this great show is declining rapidly which might mean its premature end, largely due to the presence of most annoying Bishop,

    The New-Orleans opening scene was impressive and I liked the local team. I wish that Bishop exchange places with Brod, or anybody else able to act as a fedral agent not a high school juvenile bratt.moreless

    22 9

  • 6.0

    Not ANOTHER 2 part advert for a 'franchise'

    By moorea, Mar 29, 2014

    They should be spending time getting this once great series back on track rather than advertising the 'franchises'. That said (Having never seen any of the too short) The actress playing the part of Brodie did MORE in 1/2 of this episode than the dreadful actress that plays Bishop has ALL series.

    Please get rid of her, stop advertising other shows and get your act together or I feel it will be the death of this once great series.

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    Seeing double!

    By sarah6627, Mar 28, 2014

    Lame. I won't watch the spinoff. If I want to watch the same characters, I'll watch the original. Pride and Gibbs don't just act the same, they look it.

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  • 6.0


    By Barossa, Mar 27, 2014

    I want more of Lucas Black!!! The episode was so-so, but Lucas Black made the episode superior!

    4 14

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    Their were a lot of this lacking

    By RachelPavalok, Mar 27, 2014

    I like ncis and ncis:la, they work because they are different. The relationships are different and how the team is lead is different as well. The dynamics are different which makes it interesting to watch.

    I didn't totally hate it but I didn't totally love it either. The most interesting character is Brody(the female) I wish the would have brought her back as Jennifer Coats and made the connection to JAG louder. Pride is a good character maybe trying to hard on the accent, but I keep expecting some weird sci-fi stuff to happen, I think that is what he is known for. The younger male needs to go, nothing like someone from Alabama. He is way to stiff and doesn't look like he belongs odd man out.

    On the whole I liked the episode, but I don't know if it will make it. I keep hoping the younger guy is the one who killed the congressman so we can get him out of theremoreless

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