Dead and Unburied

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  • 9.5

    Not the NCIS office's quietest day - catfight in the bullpen; and Jimmy & Lee apparently having sex in every room in the building.

    By whiteraven2005, Apr 20, 2010

    The mustache is gone! Thank all that's holy! As McGee said – the old Gibbs is back. He doesn't even talk now, just glares.

    It's good to see that Ducky's psychology degree paid off – 'a complete loon'? He's upset with Gibbs though – he doesn't tell the stories, just reports. Interrupting Gibbs during an interview was suicidal! The final fight was great!

    Maybe we should worry about Tony and McGee, since they're doing romantic things together like watching sunrises together and McGee strokes Tony's back… "He had me at 'Howdy'."

    McGee is spending way too much time with Tony! Instead of stopping the cat fight, he videos it! The fiancés are hilarious and pretty pathetic. Jody trying to 'rabbit' from Tony and Ziva was great – she was just late!

    Jimmy is having an affair with Lee?! In the autopsy lab?!

    The one part of the story that is kinda farfetched is a bag of gold hanging from the ceiling – that much gold? Shouldn't it be too heavy for a cloth bag, not to mention how easily Ziva held the bag?moreless

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  • 10

    Intense storyline!

    By amazing_race, Jan 17, 2010

    I really enjoyed this one because it was written exceptionally well. The episode is really interesting and has a very fascinating storline, with a man murdered who is found to have two fiancees, with more soon to be uncovered!

    I thought the plot to it was sensational, but overall, this was also good because it had quite a bit of good comedy, which was not as evident in the first few episodes of the season.

    Also, the case is thoroughly interesting, and I could not believe the outcome of the case at the end!

    I absolutely loved the ending as well, which is perhaps the best ending to an episode, ever!

    I highly recommend this one, which is exceptionally interesting and funny! I hope there is more like this one to come! Great job by NCIS!moreless

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  • 9.5

    When you go to view a house, you dont expect to see a dead body in the living room

    By vicky24c, Dec 07, 2008

    This episode opens with a couple going to view a house. As they enter the living room they discover a dead body sitting in one of the chairs. The victims is Officer James Finn, he has been missing for 6 months. The NCIS team investigate and McGee discovers that the body was buried in the woods behind the house, dug up and placed in the living room the night before it was found.

    During the autopsy, Ducky confirms who the body belonged too. His girlfriend/Fiancé is called into NCIS and tells the team that James is in Iraq and has been writing to him. There is also another woman there claiming that she and James were a couple. One of the women believes that he is a special ops agent and both of them gave him money. When Gibbs contacts the men in the same unit out in Iraq and learn that James paid on of his friends to post letters back every few weeks since they arrived. When McGee goes to Rebecca's house (the red-haired fiancée), he finds her sleeping on her sofa bleeding after being shot. McGee searches her house after she is taken to hospital and finds a gun. The team believe that she shot herself. Jimmy goes back to the morgue to work on, Ducky leaves and the probie goes in to get a copy of a file. When she enters, her and jimmy start kissing and then head onto the floor. Gibbs searches the house that he was found in and discovers what looks like blood under the floor and so a sample is taken. Ziva & McGee head to his storage unit, and investigate. They find a bag hanging from the ceiling and the rest of the room is empty as they open it they find a bag full of gold coins.

    Through bone marrow DNA run against the DNA found in the underpants of the murdered man. Tony &Ziva take her to NCIS. She claims that she didn't kill, and that he simply hit his head. He asked to borrow money from her and she said no. Ducky gets the Husband to confess to burying him after he was dead. But Ducky informs him that the blunt force trauma to the head didn't kill him the fact that he was burying whilst still alive did.moreless

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  • 9.6

    great episode

    By sfviewer, Jan 13, 2008

    A Lance Corporal who is supposed to be serving a tour of duty in iraq turned up dead in a house that's about to be sold. The team investigates what happened to the corporal, they find out that the body was buried and exhumed. It turns out that the dead corporal had a secret polygamous relationship with a number of women. The ncis team figure out who the murderer is, but nothing turns up on radar. the mystery even deepens when they find out that the dead marine is tricks women into giving him money. it's an interesting case. it's fun watching the team figure out what's going on, it's a good episode.moreless

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  • 9.8

    A lance corporal turns up dead in a new house, with numerous fiancees!

    By wyldrein, Mar 09, 2007

    After the emotional intensity of the first couple of episodes of this season, it was good to have a good session of laughing at the same time as we followed the mystery of the amorous dead corporal.Gibbs is back to his endearingly curmudgeon tendencies,although as another reviewer has noted, Abby's speculation on her boss's underwear preferences had me howling with laughter. Just a great romp, one of the funnier and lighthearted episodes ever.

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  • 10

    this is another great episode to watch i can't wait for the next one

    By lol21, Feb 21, 2007

    This episode was just aired here last night and i didn’t miss it. The part where McGee and Dinozzo both bumped in to jimmy, I found that was funny and the way McGee was so in love with his new phone it just like Dinozzo when he meets a pretty girl. In this episode there was more humour in it but made sure the actors were all still professional at there job and solve the crime. It’s great to see Gibbs is almost back to the person he was. This is why im going to give it another high scoremoreless

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  • 9.9

    Great episode!:D

    By N102, Nov 17, 2006

    I liked Tony in this episode . I think he is more comfortable in this current role than he was a team leader. I know many feel it was a step back for him, but he seemed happy and totally at peace with the decision in this ep.What is it with everyone bumping into to somebody ? McGee apologizing for taking a breath was very cute!Loved Abby's speculation of Gibbs underwear, I just love their scenes together.

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  • 9.5

    Great to see the old Gibbs back, some humour back and the moustache GOOOONE!

    By hewey89, Oct 24, 2006

    It\'s great to see the old Gibbs back... sort of. He\'s almost there. NCIS without its lead just isn\'t, well... NCIS.

    Also good to see a few more jokes written in. They\'ve been lacking in the last few episodes (understandably), but the \"chick fight\", the Brokeback Mountain sunrise, Tony and Mcgee without their shirts... it was fantastic to be able to sit down and laugh again.

    And, did anyone else notice the whole \'Tony leaning over Ziva at the desk thing\'? Just a thought... I\'m still egging to know what was going on at her house for the last couple of months...moreless

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  • 8.9

    Another good episode, especially since the old Gibbs seemed to be back in fine form, just the way we like it.

    By blujackit, Oct 23, 2006

    I do however have a couple of complaints, though I maybe nitpicking. First, the killed was kind of telegraphed, or at least the fact that the husband was involved, just because the character was introduced very early and then disappeared until the end. And, it also seems that there was some tension between Ducky and Gibbs, though during the episode it seemed like everything was close to fine. But, I might be missing that boat, overall the mix of humor and detective work was spot on. And there was as always a bit of that sexual tension between Ziva and Tony that makes it a great will they or wont they plot. Though I have to say, the whole kissing scene between the CSI accountant and the Assistant coroner was a waste of time. But who cares, its mindless, yet excellent TV.moreless

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