Season 2, Ep 12, Aired 1/18/05
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  • Episode Description
  • The team takes upon an unusual case when a telemarketer reports a possible murder of a petty officer who appeared to be dying over the phone. With the help of the Virginia officials, the team finds out that the officer faked his own death and they need to locate him after learning more info about him.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Mark Harmon

    Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

  • Sasha Alexander

    Special Agent Kate Todd

  • Michael Weatherly

    Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

  • Pauley Perrette

    Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

  • Sean Murray (I)

    Special Agent Tim McGee

  • Fan Reviews (14)
  • DUH !

    By HannesBlahuta, Nov 29, 2015

  • Gibbs is so cool

    By MiffyB, Apr 17, 2015

  • Marvelous episode, one of the best.

    By chipee, May 03, 2010

  • Funny. Very, very funny

    By BeautifulDay13, Jan 18, 2007

  • Faking the murder to get murdered

    By Parricida, May 27, 2010

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (30)

    • Abby: McGee, you're so trusting. McGee: What's wrong with that? Abby: Well, it's great in a relationship. Kind of sucks for an investigation.

    • Gibbs: Blood splatter analysis?
      Abby: Okay, Gibbs. I know you think I'm Supergirl. Actually, my hair's probably Wonder Woman or Isis or the Powerpuff Girl.
      Kate: I've always been partial to Xena.
      Abby: I don't know about her. No self-respecting superhero should wear open-toed shoes.
      Kate: Oh, I agree.

    • Monteleone: Oh no... wait a minute, wait a minute. No, no, no. I've never paid for it in my life. Kate: Uh huh. Monteleone: Well, I was fifteen and my cousin Enzo paid Maggie O'Brien for the both of us, but that doesn't count. Kate: Yes it does, Tony! Monteleone: I'm Primo. Kate: Sorry. I can't tell you apart.

    • Gibbs: What are you laughing at DiNozzo?
      Cheney: And you, Monteleone?
      Gibbs: We didn't break him!
      Cheney: Made him piss his pants, though.
      Gibbs: (laughing) Oh hell yes.

    • Cheney: This isn't a frat bust for grass, Aaron. Gibbs: This is hard time. Every night. Hard time. Cheney: Tell us where Petty Officer Lambert's hiding. Gibbs: We'll cut you a deal. Cheney: Minimum time in a federal facility without nightly cavity searches.

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    Notes (2)

    • Original International Airdates: Croatia: November 17, 2005 on NOVA TV Finland: April 28, 2007 on Nelonen France: October 07, 2005 on M6 Germany: November 17, 2005 on SAT.1 Sweden: June 25, 2005 on TV3 Denmark: February 1, 2005 on TV3

    • This episode is also known under the title Rear Speaker.

    Trivia (5)

    • TRIVIA: When Abby is watching lines of code she claims its the most boring thing on the planet and McGee mentions an old teacher of his. We then find out the two had rather both boring and disgusting jobs in their younger days. McGee was a burnt potato chip picker, cleaning port a potties, cleaned asbestos and didn't finish his last one as Abby interrupts. Abby was an Incinerator Operator, ski lift operator, collected roadkill.

    • GOOF: When Abby is listing the superheroes she resembles, Kate suggests Xena, but Abby nixes her because Abby thinks there's something hinky about her as a superhero because she wears open-toe shoes. Xena, however, rarely, if ever wears anything but knee high boots.

    • GOOF: When the first Investigative team leave the crime scene as Kate goes to get her sketch pad out of the truck, You can hear that the editors have dubbed previous DiNozzo dialogue over Monteleone ("Get in the car Probe!") while he Gibbs/Lt. Cheney slaps him on the back of the head. Not only can you hear the difference in voices but it is clear that Detective Monteleone doesn't move his lips.

    • TRIVIA: On the wall, in the hospital's software center: "There are 10 types of people in the world; those that understand binary and those that don't."

    • GOOF: After Gibbs questions the drug buyer and suspect, they show him taking a big puff on a cigarette, yanking it out of his mouth to his side, then blowing smoke from the elevator. Just as he finishes exhaling, the elevator bell rings, and the cigarette magically reappears in his mouth from his hand still at his side.

    Allusions (2)

    • Abby: Okay, Gibbs. I know you think I'm Supergirl. Actually, my hair's probably more Wonder Woman or Isis or the Powerpuff Girl.

      The most well known Supergirl is Kara Zor-El/Kent (first introduced in 1959) who is the cousin of Superman a.k.a. Clark Kent and was brought back after her 1985 demise (and erase from existence) into the main DC comic continuity in 2004. Wonder Woman a.k.a. Diana Prince was first introduced in 1941 during what is known as the Golden Age of comic books, has been a main member of the DC superhero team The Justice League of America since 1960 and was featured in her own TV series (played by Lynda Carter) in the 70's. Isis is the main character from the 70's TV series The Secret of Isis who is a superhero tied to Egyptian mythology and had her own comic book series (made by DC) during the mid to late 70's. She was brought into mainstream DC continuity in 2006 as a counterpart for Captain Marvel villain Black Adam. The Powerpuff Girls is a cartoon series that ran for six seasons on Cartoon Network from 1998 to 2005 and revolves around three kindergarten age girls named Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup who are sisters and have super powers such as flight, super strength and laser vision which they use against monsters and enemies in order to protect their city Townsville. Since Supergirl has blonde hair, Abby brings up three female superheros with the same hair color as her. This (and the way she moves her fingers to describe the Powerpuff Girl's hairstyle) indicates that the Powerpuff Girl, she is referring to is Buttercup who has black hair like Abby.

    • Episode Title: "Doppelgänger" The title of this episode, as well as the in-joke on the episode, is the doppelgänger team, which is made up of four investigators who are virtual mirrors of the team. There is the coffee-loving lead, the strong female, the flirtatious Italian who will hit on anything, and the probie.

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