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  • 8.5

    Wonderful episode

    By ncishows, Jun 25, 2012

    I loved two parts in this episode-the beginning and the end.The beginning where Gibbs did not get mad at Tony for superglue-ing McGee's keyboard, and the ending. The music at the ending was just PERFECT. I thought the whole throwing paper into the fire thing was kinda cliche, but Tony's expression when he joins the team, and the happiness and relief on everybody's faces at the end- that was absolutely perfect

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  • 10

    Really felt good about this one!

    By soonerlo, Feb 05, 2012

    Ok I don't even know where to start on this one. There were sooo many good parts to this episode. Just starting out with McGees "virginity or loss of". Tony is still pining, but the writers do it in a way that I feel so bad for him. Everything seems to remind him of Jeanne. The stripper scenes and talks were hilarious. Then when we find out about the missing baby and Abby goes into high gear (if thats possible) Abby has 3 Caff-POWs lined up in a row & salty snacks to help her retain water so that she doesn't have to go to the bathroom, but it doesn't work HAHAHAHAH. Then she is so caffinated that she is doing jumping jacks OMG I was laughing so hard. Abby scenes in this make up for her not so many scenes in "Bury your dead". When Abby and Gibbs and then McGee start refering to themselves in the third person, I was rolling.

    The ziva and tony fight was painful, cuz we all feel the way she does, but how do you confront someone going through that. Tony was right though, about the dead man walking, although it was kinda harsh. The panda poo paper was an interesting piece of evidence. The ending with the kid and the parents was heart wrenching. The boyfriend just wanted a family. I liked the look that he gave the dad as he was led out. We finally saw what was in the letter that Jeanne left. Tony choosing his life instead of a lie and burning the letter then gathering with the team shows that he is finally ready to let it go. But I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of Jeanne. I really loved the Music in this episode, especially at the end.moreless

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  • 8.5

    pretty good episode....

    By Fwirrel, Jun 05, 2011

    A man is found dead, shot, and a female is found thrown out of a car after an accident. The investigation leads to a con artist, her boyfriend and his father, and a family she agreed to have a baby for. In the end, the boyfriend's father killed her and the boyfriend kidnapped the baby. Overall, interesting case. I really liked it, though it was a bit predictable. The main thing that bugged me about the episode was Tony. His little flashbacks and his missing Jeanne was getting on my nerves. I'm so happy he burned the letter, so he's over it. Overall, pretty good episode.moreless

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    Revealing because Tony made his choice... to stay with the team and not to go in pursuit of a woman and future somewhere far far away.

    By her68, Apr 24, 2010

    God I loved this episode. From the moment when McGee got stuck to his keyboard and Gibbs not headslapping Tony for it (wat he would have done if Tony had been himself) but blaming McGee for not seeing this one coming, right until that last beautiful scene where Tony makes his choice to stay with his "old" family and not go in pursuit of a new one. And I'm so glad everyone just stays together.

    I didn't think Ziva was being annoying for following Tony into the men's room. I even found it humorous that the same man was in there, and didn't wash his hands this time either. I thought Ziva was doing what a good agent and friend has to do, making Tony see that the situation between him and Jeanne wasn't at all a relation that could be a solid one, for it was based on a big lie, Tony's lie...

    And Gibbs, I loved him too (like most times). He gave Tony space, the space he needed. And he watched him toss that letter into the fire, none of the others did. He knows.

    This may just be an episode for my top 5!moreless

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  • 9.9

    One of the few episodes that brought tears to my eyes. The relationship btw Tony and Ziva is never more defined.....and good news...they deserve each other.

    By naxxar, Apr 24, 2010

    One of the few episodes that brought tears to my eyes. The relationship btw Tony and Ziva is never more defined.....and good news...they deserve each other.This has to be 100 words long! Hells bells ..critics are that insecure? Great episode ..the whole series (5) not the best of story lines but in terms of relation building .not bad at all. 100 words is far too long. Sooo , to flesh this out ... Kate and Tony were more like kin ie.( id est ) brother and sister.........Ziva and Tony will be more of a sexual/prolonged/ caring relationship

    than any other and a damn site more interesting. "Undercovers" springs too mind ..brilliant episodemoreless

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    Excellent! Just amazing!

    By amazing_race, Apr 24, 2010

    This episode was a very interesting case in which NCIS turns a murder investigation into a search for a missing infant.

    The storyline is not perfect, but I still really loved it and it was very interesting for the most part. The episode wasn't the funniest though, but the great case more than compensated for that.

    I thought the episode was really well written and that the plot did not have any flaws. I also really loved the ending, as Tony throws the envelope into the fire.

    Overall, very good and extremely interesting. It's a fairly original episode, too, so I highly recommend this one! Keep it up, NCIS!moreless

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    Another great one

    By vicky24c, Jan 09, 2009

    This episode of NCIS opens with a man on the phone whilst driving discussing a surprise party. As he talks he crashes into another car. He then looks at the other car and can't see anybody inside. Its then that we see that he has a shot pointed at him. The trigger is pulled and he is killed.

    NCIS are called in when they discover that the victim was a petty officer. Ducky also discovers another body (female) which was catapulted from the other car. The team discover that the female victim used to be a con artist but dropped off the radar a few years before. They track down her boyfriend and go to visit him.

    During the autopsy Ducky discovers that the female victim was dead before the car crash. She was beaten to death. Ducky also discovers that had been pregnant and had given birth hours before she was killed. The team discover that the victim (Heidi) had been using someone else identity. When they go to see the man, he admits that they were seeing each other, but had not slept together so the missing baby could not be his. When they run test s on his DNA they discover that her boyfriend is the father of her baby but she is not the baby's mother. She was being a surrogate. His wife Sarah is the baby's real biological mother. When they go back to the house, they find the couple have gone and a newly decorated nursery for a baby. During the investigation the team discover that the baby was kidnapped and that the Nelsons were going to pay a ransom to get the baby back. The parents come in to NCIS and they tell the team about their situation and the ransom. They learn of a man who was working the cons with Heidi as part of a team. They believe that he may be in on the kidnapping and then discover that he has been dead for over a year. Abby discovers that Heidi's body was suppose to have been involved in a car cash, after broken brakes had been put back onto her car. They believe it is connected to Heidi newest boyfriend who knew her as Tiffany. They go to where he works and ask his father some questions. They also discover a shoot gun in the building. We learn that the baby is with his son Nicky. He is arrested for Heidi's murder. We then see Nicky with the baby back in the biological parent's house, in the baby's nursery. H sings the baby to sleep and places him in his cot. We learn that she was planning on taking the baby with her and Nicky and starting a new life together. Heidi couldn't have child on her own, so she came up with the perfect plan for them to have a family. The baby is handed to his parents by Gibbs. They are over the moon with the birth of their son. At the end we see the note which Jeanne left for Tony it simply says, Tony I'm not coming back. You have to choose Jeanne. He laces the letter in to the fire and watches it burn.moreless

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    great episode

    By sfviewer, Apr 08, 2008

    A navy crewman gets murdered while driving to work. When the NCIS team investigate the murder, they discover than the girl is a whole different case. They find out that the girl recently gave birth to a baby and that she might have been murdered for it. While the NCIS team investigate Tony deals with his feelings with Jeanne. This is a really exciting episode. We think that the episode deals with one thing but as the plot goes on we learn that it's about something else. It's a great episode. The writers did a really good job with the pacing. The episode is so watchable.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Tony makes his choice.

    By Andrew-R, Apr 04, 2008

    Undoubtely one of the best NCIS episode ever.

    Tony is still upset from the sudden end of his relationship with Jeanne, and the rest of the team notices it; especially Ziva. This leads to a series of both funny and sad moments, and through the episode Tony realizes that he can't be Tony DiNardo anymore, He is Tony DiNozzo, nothing else.

    Another cleverly plotted episode, the case evolves plainly through the episode with a perfect interaction between the characters. Besides, the prank that Tony plays on McGee in the bullpen is worth the entire episode.

    The perfect mix between Drama, humor and action.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Toni is dealing with his feelings for Jeanne, and he is making poor McGee the target of his troubled time.

    By ileanabrea, Feb 25, 2008

    The story is about two bodies found in a possible hit and run that turns to be murder.

    The plot itself was a little weak, the best part of the episode was Tony and his heartache. His interactions with the team and how the team is reacting to Tony's pain. Despite his situation Tony was as funny as ever. And Ziva was as protective and aware of Tony as always.

    This victim was a con artist, who becomes a surrogate mother and got killed minutes after giving birth because she did regret about giving his son away. Everybody is concerned about the baby and focusing on finding him as soon as possible. At the end, the found the killer and the parents had their baby back.moreless

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