Season 11, Ep 11, Aired 12/17/13
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  • Episode Description
  • After a mysterious illness strikes children from military families, Gibbs and the team investigate the cause. Meanwhile, Abby and Jimmy partner with the Naval Medical Research Center to determine the strain of illness, all in hopes of delivering a cure before the holidays. Also, Vance struggles with forgiveness as his estranged father-in-law makes a surprise visit to his home.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ben Vereen

    Lamar Addison

  • Meredith Eaton

    Carol Wilson

  • Matt Biedel

    Navy Lieutenant Kevin Daly

  • Holley Fain

    Audrey Daly

  • Gabriel Tigerman

    Max Comey

  • Fan Reviews (17)
  • hated it

    By MiffyB, May 08, 2015

  • Homesick

    By thefanof, Jul 26, 2014

  • Bishop was so rude

    By JieshengLi, Mar 10, 2014

  • Excelente episdio

    By zalina, Dec 24, 2013

  • Bishop must go

    By yuritanMB, Dec 22, 2013

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  • Notes (2)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Finland: August 19, 2014 on Nelonen

    • The song playing during the closing scenes is "Nothing More" by The Alternate Routes.

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    In reply to :
    • JieshengLi Apr 05, 2015

      In none of Donald P Bellisario's creations were his characters made to sit on the floor!

    • katelynsunday Dec 23, 2013

      Ok it's official, I adore Bishop. I think she is a good addition to the team :)

      Liked this Christmas episode, I may have cried a little..

      Barossa, yes she is married, they have mentioned it a few times but have been a bit evasive with the details, pretty sure its going to come up as some secret something soon

    • JieshengLi Oct 22, 2014

      I think she sucks. If you like her, sit on the floor.

    • mnementh01 Dec 22, 2013

      This is an open message to yuritanMB the reviewer of this episode, who gave it a "1" rate.

      Please, please check your facts before coming on this forum and talking utter drivel !

      "She disturbs the fluency of the show by the producers trying to promote her presence artificially. Could this be the reason that in Season 11 not a single episode scored over "9" and several scored below "8" ? " Unquote.

      I've just gone through EVERY episode and checked the ratings.

      Each and EVERY episode scored at least one "10" rating and episode 8 in fact, scored FIVE "10"'s out of the six reviews. This, of course, includes all three episodes in which Bishop has appeared.

      I too hope the producers take note that Bishop is, in fact, playing a very good part in the show and trust me, the show will NOT disappear simply because of one unpopular (thus far) character.

    • Crookshanks Dec 24, 2013

      I think the reviewer meant the average rating. In this regard, the reviewer is correct-most of the episodes this season have an average rating under 8. The person is also correct about the new character-she is horrible and making a show that was already pretty bad this season even worse. And if you read the most recent reviews of the show overall, you will see that many viewers feel the same as we do!

    • katelynsunday Dec 25, 2013

      But this is only because of stray viewers like this that vote 1 that bring the average right down, mnementh01 means that almost all people are voting quite highly. I for one love the show still and think people just need to calm down and give it (and any new characters) a chance

    • Ilovecats Dec 28, 2013

      There is no such thing as a stray viewer. You have to be signed in to rate and/or leave a review. Many people choose only to rate the episode, not leave a comment. I am not a stray viewer and I too gave this episode a 1. This has been NCIS' worst season ever IMO and judging by the recent reviews a lot of people agree.

    • mnementh01 Dec 24, 2013

      I'm afraid I also thought of that scenerio and on checking, I had to go back as far as mid season 9 (ep 13) to find an "average" 9.0 rating, so I doubt very much this was the OP's thought.

      In fact, checking the average ratings shows that most of the last few seasons have averaged out around the mid "8"'s, with a few in the higher "8"'s.

      This season is indeed lower but is still high "7"'s to mid "8"'s.

      The new character is only "horrible" in YOUR OPINION (to which you are entirely allowed to have), while MY opinion is that Bishop is filling a very good position in the team.

      As for the other reviews, I would be willing to bet that most of the less than stellar comments are from Cote de Pablo fans who hate the fact that she chose to leave and ANYONE that replaced her would be pilloried on sight.

      I simply believe that the CdP fans are more vociferous and that is skewing the average ratings downward.

    • Crookshanks Dec 26, 2013

      All the polls and recent reviews show that you are in the minority. The nielson ratings are a joke-they don't represent an actual number of viewers. They are an estimated number based on the viewing habits of a small sample of households (around 30,000). I have seen tons of viewers who wish Cote would come back and very few who like Bishop. The only negative comments about Cote are from the same few people who post numerous times on a website to make it look like there are a lot of people who don't like Cote. On the other hand, there are many different people posting the opposite. I am afraid you have it backward-the people who hate Cote are the rabid ones. BTW, if you actually read her last interview, CDP did not want or plan to leave. TPTB played hardball with the length of her contract. Unlike some people, I am not naive enough to believe everything I read on the internet.

    • Irishelf67 Dec 26, 2013

      Maybe you should read the general reviews for NCIS on this website, the reasons people signed the petition to bring back CDP to NCIS and the should Bishop be made a permanent team member poll and responses. I think you'll realize your opinion is the minority

    • mnementh01 Dec 26, 2013

      As a fan of the series since episode #1, please be assured that I do read any and all reviews.

      You are basically proving my point, Re. CdP fans being the most vociferous in their opinions and that the "majority" is in fact ready and willing to give the new team member a chance, unlike CdP fans who will automatically loathe any replacement.

      The petition is a waste of space as CdP herself chose to leave and as the producers made very clear, no amount of financial inducement changed her mind.

      IMHO, she has made a huge error of judgement leaving the show at it's Zenith and she will now pretty much disappear without trace. Look how long it's taken Sasha Alexander to become re-established in a decent role.

      Yes, she was a valuable member of the NCIS family, but no more than that.

      As far as I can see, unless the NCIS producers are perpetrating an incredible hoax, or CdP changes her mind, she won't be back unless in a spot appearance now and again.

      Personally, I hope she never comes back, or all this insanity will continue.

      Perhaps, if the CdP fans got off their collective "high horses" and gave Bishop a chance, they might be surprised.

    • katelynsunday Dec 23, 2013


    • BradKaatz1 Dec 19, 2013

      anyone giving this let than a 8 is lame. If you watch the entire episode it should make you tear up when the grandfather gets to meet his grand children! This was a well told Holiday Episode, even with the dark undertone.

    • lynna12000 Dec 18, 2013

      It's episodes like this that really make me miss Seasons 1 and 2. There was team snark, AND pulling together to solve the mystery. No one member of the team was more important than the others. It feels like the writers have turned that on it's head this season.

      Making Bishop appear to be the star player makes me annoyed with the character. To me she comes across as more childish than Abby in S5. I keep wanting to shout at her to sit at her desk like a grown up. I also want to rename her Pollyanna. "Everyone deserves to be happy".

      I did have a slightly more positive thought at the end of the episode vis a vis Tony and Tim. For a long time I (like a lot of people) believed Tony was a lot like Gibbs. That's since changed. For some reason this episode made me think that TIM is Gibbs, and Tony is Mike Franks. Both Tim and Tony can be micro focused on the case, but Tony tends to be a lot more verbal when pursuing things. Just a thought.

    • JieshengLi Mar 10, 2014

      Exactly. Even at the worst of not comparing Bishop to K or Z, she comes out as terrible. Might as well have brought back Vivian Blackladder.

    • mnementh01 Dec 18, 2013

      You'll be annoyed with Palmer as well, I expect?

      He was sitting on the floor in Abby's lab when Vance went down.

    • lynna12000 Dec 19, 2013

      Palmer was no where near as annoying as Bishop in the episode. And yes, he was sitting on the floor, but the lab was not in a public place. Jimmy does most of his paperwork at a desk. The floor in the episode was a one-off thing. Bishop's default seating place seems to be the floor. Her annoyances are cumulative.

    • mnementh01 Dec 19, 2013

      Sorry I can't respond directly to you last post (?) but the depth of replies is limited.

      A couple of your points are well made but given your "Pollyanna-ish" comment, you must absolutely hate Abby as she makes Bishop look like Gibbs in terms of seriousness.

      As for showcasing her, the writers have little choice as the hoards of Ziva fans continue to snipe at Bishop, so I suspect they will need to produce a pivotal "moment" for her to stop the detractors.

    • lynna12000 Dec 20, 2013

      Even if there were not hordes of Ziva fans, the writers would probably make her the centerpiece. They want us to love her right away. Even when Ziva first showed up, they wrote her as more of a team player than they are writing Bishop.

      As for Abby, I tend to think of her the way she was written in S1-4, and only sporadically since.

    • mnementh01 Dec 19, 2013

      The "bullpen" is no more a "public" place than Abby's lab. It is a place of work that happens to have more "traffic".

      Sorry but it seems that no matter what this actress does, the Ziva fans simply won't like her character, no matter what.

      I think we should remember that it's a TV show and is for entertainment.

      I for one, am well entertained with Bishop's character portrayal.

    • JieshengLi Jun 01, 2014

      Ignoring the hate or like for Ziva this character still adds little to the overall team and storyline. From a literary perspective, she's too far fetch and terrible unrealistic even for a fictional character. She adds no dynamics to the team or matches within the scope of a agent at all--or a NSA analyst.

    • katelynsunday Dec 21, 2013

      I'm with you, I actually adore her character already.

    • lynna12000 Dec 19, 2013

      The lab is considerably less public than the bullpen.

      Ziva was never a particular favorite of mine. I didn't dislike her either. She had annoying qualities as well as entertaining qualities.

      My feelings about Bishop have nothing to do with Ziva. They have everything to do with the Pollyanna-ish traits the writers have burdened her with. She's almost as annoying as the prev SecNav's niece. I keep hoping that the writers will stop trying so hard to showcase Bishop, and get back to showcasing the team.

      I haven't stopped watching he show. Granted, mostly because I have watched it from the 1st episode. At this point, I'll stick with it till the boat sinks.

      I agree that TV shows are mostly entertainment. And NCIS has entertained me for a long time. It just isn't entertaining me as much as it used to.

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