Season 11, Ep 11, Aired 12/17/13
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  • JieshengLi Apr 05, 2015

    In none of Donald P Bellisario's creations were his characters made to sit on the floor!

  • katelynsunday Dec 23, 2013

    Ok it's official, I adore Bishop. I think she is a good addition to the team :)

    Liked this Christmas episode, I may have cried a little..

    Barossa, yes she is married, they have mentioned it a few times but have been a bit evasive with the details, pretty sure its going to come up as some secret something soon

  • JieshengLi Oct 22, 2014

    I think she sucks. If you like her, sit on the floor.

  • BradKaatz1 Dec 19, 2013

    anyone giving this let than a 8 is lame. If you watch the entire episode it should make you tear up when the grandfather gets to meet his grand children! This was a well told Holiday Episode, even with the dark undertone.

  • lynna12000 Dec 18, 2013

    It's episodes like this that really make me miss Seasons 1 and 2. There was team snark, AND pulling together to solve the mystery. No one member of the team was more important than the others. It feels like the writers have turned that on it's head this season.

    Making Bishop appear to be the star player makes me annoyed with the character. To me she comes across as more childish than Abby in S5. I keep wanting to shout at her to sit at her desk like a grown up. I also want to rename her Pollyanna. "Everyone deserves to be happy".

    I did have a slightly more positive thought at the end of the episode vis a vis Tony and Tim. For a long time I (like a lot of people) believed Tony was a lot like Gibbs. That's since changed. For some reason this episode made me think that TIM is Gibbs, and Tony is Mike Franks. Both Tim and Tony can be micro focused on the case, but Tony tends to be a lot more verbal when pursuing things. Just a thought.

  • JieshengLi Mar 10, 2014

    Exactly. Even at the worst of not comparing Bishop to K or Z, she comes out as terrible. Might as well have brought back Vivian Blackladder.

  • bookwitch6 Dec 18, 2013

    Can anyone tell me what song was playing at the end of this episode?

  • naniekybird Dec 18, 2013

    it's Nothing More by The Alternate Routes

  • jayceeverling Dec 08, 2013

    I am excited to see what this brings for Vance! It will be interesting

  • Jayfeather Dec 02, 2013

    What a depressing episode to have just before the holidays!

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