Honor Code

Season 3, Ep 7, Aired 11/1/05
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  • Episode Description
  • When a 6-year-old boy informs the NCIS team that his father was kidnapped, the team discovers that the missing father is actually a Lt. Commander working on a secret project named Honor, and that he is the only one who has the code that can open the project. While Gibbs gets closer with the boy, the rest of the team discovers that the project has been hacked in and the information inside has been deleted. Is the missing man innocent or is he actually the guilty one?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Mark Harmon

    Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

  • Michael Weatherly

    Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

  • Cote de Pablo

    Mossad Agent Ziva David

  • Pauley Perrette

    Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

  • Sean Murray (I)

    Special Agent Tim McGee

  • Fan Reviews (23)
  • A good one.

    By bbch25, Jan 03, 2016

  • Wow! Great episode!

    By amazing_race, Oct 31, 2009

  • A favourite episode of mine

    By whiteraven2005, Jan 20, 2010

  • Really good episode. Loved that mini-Gibbs

    By Parricida, Jun 03, 2010

  • Ok we had the little girl who could hear really well. This kid has a good memeory and quick eyes come on.

    By LhiaRose, Nov 02, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (18)

    • Tony: Are you sure you wouldn't rather be partner with McGee? I mean, the two of you seem to click. And we're about to storm this vehicle. Who knows what's going to go down. Ziva: Don't worry, Tony. I got your back. Tony: Ha! My back. Listen lady, if anybody is getting anybody's back, it's me getting yours.

    • Tony: Let me get this straight. Ziva asked you, who can barely navigate the Navy Yard, to show her the best way to work? McGee: That's right. Tony: Well, what about me? I know every shortcut in the metro area. I could shave ten minutes off her commute like that! McGee: I don't know what to tell you. Tony: It doesn't make any sense. Unless - (smiling smugly) - maybe I intimidate her. McGee: Yeah, I'm sure that's it. Tony: I've seen it happen before. It's a chemical thing. Hard to explain. Ziva: (appearing out of nowhere behind him) I do hope you try. Tony: I told you not to do that again. Ziva: Sorry. I was so intimidated by your presence, I must have forgotten.

    • Gibbs: (to Jenny) Do you know why I get along with kids so well? Because when they lie, they don't have the guile to get away with it.

    • Gibbs: Abbs! Give me good news!
      Abby: Oh my god, I got this email that says I may have already won $50 million dollars and I'm really, really psyched! (Gibbs just stares at her) Oh, you mean about the case?

    • Gibbs: Where's Zach? Tony: Potty break, Boss.

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    Notes (1)

    • Original International Airdates: Denmark: November 22, 2005 on TV3 Sweden: Januaray 29, 2006 on TV3 Australia: April 12, 2006 on Channel 10 Germany: August 13, 2006 on SAT 1 France: September 22, 2006 on M6 Croatia: October 30, 2006 on NOVA TV Italy: November 19, 2006 on RAI 2 Brazil: March 23, 2007 on AXN Finland: November 10, 2007 on Nelonen Slovakia: April 28, 2009 on Markiza

    Trivia (8)

    • TRIVIA: In the ending flashback, we see Gibbs working on his boat with Zach who then becomes a little girl with long hair. This is the beginning of the clues leading to the season finale where Gibbs' previously unknown first wife and daughter who were killed. Their first mention was in "Kill Ari, Part 2" when Ziva admits she found out about them in her investigation of the team.

    • GOOF: The people at Q&A would not tell McGee what the top secret project was over the phone because it was an unprotected line. Yet later on DiNozzo informs Gibbs what it is designed to do and that Lt. Cmdr Tanner is the only one who can operate it, over a cell phone line.

    • TRIVIA: This is the episode that we learn about Ziva's ability to extract information using not only physical means but psychological as well. By her ability to convince Laura Osgood to talk starting from her saying "I want a lawyer" to what seems like minutes later reciting the entire mission. When she is detailing the mission and states that she does not know the location where Tanner is being tortured, Ziva only has to touch her neck for her to instantly tell where he is.

    • TRIVIA: The name of the company that is making "HONOR" is (Q&R). (K&R) or K&R Insurance is the name for insurance policies held by companies in the event of "Kidnap & Ransom." Which just happens to be at the center of this episode.

    • GOOF: The network of the Q&R company is breached. Cmdr. Harry Wilder explains that "We did not detect the intrusion until we attempted to boot up our main servers for maintenance." In most any company in the world you do not shut down servers at night or ever if you can avoid it especially not your "main" servers. Further, if you were performing maintenance you would do it while it was running or you would reboot it at most. You would not "boot up" for maintenance.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Tony corrects Ziva when she mispronounces the phrase, "Spic and Span", saying instead, "Spic and Spam". From the Wikipedia: "Spic and Span" is a major U.S. brand of powdered all-purpose household cleanser. It must be mixed in water prior to use. It is strongly scented. The product name is a slangish synonym for "clean". "Spic and Span" is made by Procter & Gamble, a major international manufacturer of household and personal products based in Cincinnati, Ohio. This product has sponsored many soap operas, serving perhaps most notably as the main sponsor of Search for Tomorrow for two decades. "Spam" is a lunchmeat made by Hormel.

    • Abby: He's like a Mini-Gibbs. You know, from Austin Powers? Gibbs: A Mini-Me? At one point Abby refers to Zach Tanner (Joseph Castanon) as a "mini-Gibbs." Gibbs' response is "A mini-me?". This is, as Abby explains, a reference to a character from the second and third movie of the Austin Powers trilogy.

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