Honor Thy Father

Season 11, Ep 24, Aired 5/13/14
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  • Season 11 ends with the NCIS team investigating a fire on a Navy ship that served as a secret detention site for indicted terrorists. The probe focuses on whether the blaze was accidental or an intentional diversion for an escape. Meanwhile, Gibbs visits his childhood home following news of his father's passing.

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  • Very sad

    By milena73, Sep 20, 2014

  • Honor Thy Father

    By thefanof, Aug 04, 2014

  • Second best of the season

    By Ncisfan2014, Aug 03, 2014

  • Good!

    By caitlinjhughes3, Jun 04, 2014


    By JieshengLi, Jun 01, 2014

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    • McGee: Abby, Gibbs is gonna appreciate whatever we send. There's no reason to stress.
      Abby: I have to stress... because if I don't stress, then I'll stop and if I stop, I'm gonna get really, really sad.
      Bishop: When my grandma died, it helped me just to talk about her. Maybe you guys could tell me what Jackson was like.
      Abby: He gave the best hugs.
      McGee: He was the only one that could do the "Gibbs stare" at Gibbs.
      DiNozzo: With those icy-blue eyes. He gave me the sweater off his back once. White. Two functional pockets. Very soft.

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    • Original International Airdates:
      Finland: November 18, 2014 on Nelonen

    Trivia (1)

    • GOOF: During the Gibb's first flashback of him and his Father, we see Gibbs around the age of 6 walking through a water puddle holding his Father's hand. As Leroy Jethro Gibbs' birthday is May 2, 1958 ("Heartland", episode number 117, season 6, episode 4), this would put this scene around 1964.  The goof comes from the pair of shoes he is wearing, as they clearly could not exist in the 1960's. He is wearing a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers. In the 1960's the heel logo was a dark blue/black with multiple stars (one large star with 2 smaller stars on either side). The pair of Chucks young Gibbs is wearing has a white rubber logo with black lettering saying "ALL STARS." This logo and its variations didn't start till the late 1980's a full 20+ years later.

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    • bill29 Aug 05, 2014

      well done episode except for the fact that the only thing the younger actor playing the older gibbs was that he was white. He looked nothing like Ralph waite did as a younger man say during his years on waltons. Other than that great episode. Was afraid the wouldn't have time to do a tribute this season but they managed one even if they had to throw it together last minute and do what ever they were doing for the finale as the premiere next year.

    • virginianicho Jul 01, 2014

      Very sad Gibbs died. I grieved for days after show ended. Facts of life not pleasant. A great man passed away I'm glad they honored him. Will miss the dry sense of humor hope they can do flash back memories on future shows.

    • Cearra214 Jul 14, 2014

      It was Gibb's Father, Jackson Gibbs (AKA Ralph Waite) that died. Mark Harmon is still very much alive.

    • HannesBlahuta May 14, 2014

      the song played at gibbs father's funeral sounded almost like bob dylan. but it is "keep me in your heart", by warren zeavon.

    • bms29bms May 13, 2014

      was really hoping that they would get rid of bishop. -

    • bms29bms Jun 07, 2014

      so we can now look forward to NOT watching NCIS next season - at least I don't plan to (Unfortunately, if my sis has it own, I'll probably catch glimpses while on my laptop)

      But looks like this may very easily be the LAST season for NCIS - but I hate it because I've always loved Gibb's Team and all the others. - Yes I enjoyed Kate & Ziva. and bishop is nowhere close to either one for this part.

    • Dec1964 Jun 08, 2014

      Well, you know i am not coming back for season 12 either, although i still have Los Angeles. I do not see CBS going ahead for season 13, when the ratings have dropped for this show.

    • JieshengLi Jun 01, 2014

      They should give her a background role.

    • Dec1964 May 14, 2014

      Everybody already signed their contracts for season 12, Bishop is not leaving.

    • mnementh01 May 14, 2014


      A tribute to a great old actor and THIS is all you can come up with?

      Simply pitiful !

    • JieshengLi Jun 01, 2014

      Everyone has the right to review.

      They episode was not just about a tribute.

    • mnementh01 Jul 06, 2014

      My "review" is in the "review" section, where it belongs.

    • mnementh01 Jun 03, 2014

      This is a "comment" area.

      Reviews are posted in the main "review" area.

      My response was never intended to be a "review", rather a reply to the original post.

    • mnementh01 Jun 02, 2014

      In what universe was that a "review"?

    • JieshengLi Jun 02, 2014

      and your is?

    • TiffanyWoodru May 13, 2014

      as a diehard fan of Ziva. This season i am actually suprised i watched it. the big question is whos next after jackson. cant wait for tommorrows epispde.

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