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    the blonde bimbo that wrecked season 11 of ncis

    By freeerails, 11 hours ago

    we just bought ncis ,looking forward to sitting back and watching a few hours of a great show,got through the first few disc,s and then the blonde bimbo opened it,s mouth,well that was it watched 1 more disc and then turned it of and put it up for auction on ebay,,nerver before have i seen a show go from really good to complete crap so fast if season 12 ever comes out i will wait before i pre order it again if it was,nt for the first 2 disc,s it would,nt get a rateing,i hope the bimbo feels great about stuffing something GREAT,i guess that till the money from sales of ncis stop comeing in,that we will have to keep raging the bimbo,i thought that the customer [ or in this case the viewer] is always right,so maybe it going to take people changeing the channel to watch something else,i have and from what i hear season 12 aint any better,really how about getting a chimp added to the show,its has already begun to look like a circus might as well go all the way,moreless

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    ncis episode dressed to kill

    By littlerocker2000, 12 hours ago

    okay its been killing me. i feel like i have seen this before only with ziva. can someone please tell me if im going crazy or not!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ellie is not Ziva!

    By RichardSeidel1, 18 hours ago

    Unfortunately we will probably have to live without Ziva in the show. Every actor has his/her carreer to follow and decisions to make. Many of us mourn Ziva's leaving. BUT> Ellie Bishop is absolutely not an interesting charachter in the team. The first few episodes looked promising, she playing a little genius performing helpful tricks, but with the time, she became a faint shadow. Of course, a second McGeek is not needed, so she has to fill in another special role, that she has not until now. Before she appeared, there was an episode with Jackie Geary playing Susan Polygraph Grady, and for some moments I thought: "This can become funny". But no, she left for another NCIS-Office. I am quite sure she could be better fit to the team than Bishop... What do you think?moreless

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    Borin, love her

    By NcStipe, Yesterday

    Keep her as much as you can. After missing Zeva, we need a strong woman again. She is so fun being like Gibs, Love her. More of her please.

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    The Best

    By FinneganC, Yesterday

    So many seasons later and this show is still on point. Actors/characters come and go, but the show is true to itself. Forget the haters.

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    replace bishop NOW!

    By steve1966, 2 days ago

    Look I died when Ziva left the show, but I thought well let the new person show us her best, well time is up! She just doesn't fit. I think Diane Neal would be PERFECT, and she's already on the show, in the Navy anyone agree? STEVE

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    By Silli, 2 days ago

    Get rid of Bishop. If I have to see her "scrunched" up face I will scream. her character is coming off like she's smarter than everyone, even Gibbs seems to be stepping aside for her. PR can hype her all they want, it's not working. I would rather have no one, even another man would be better

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    I Would Rather Watch Reruns!

    By DebraDale, 2 days ago

    Nobody and nothing got in my way of viewing Tuesday night Bishop girl. Gosh, she is awful.

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    Bishop is as dry as stale biscuits

    By SeriousTVwatcher, Oct 19, 2014

    Get her off before I stop watching this show permanently! Watching reruns are better than watching this lame character.

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    Whats happened to this show???

    By johnpurdie906, Oct 16, 2014

    I have been a fan of this show from the beginning. Every season got better and better until Ziva left. For whatever reason she left, unfortunately the new girl Bishop doe's nothing for the show. I would have thought the obvious choice would have been Agent Abigail Borin, and if I remember, in one of the episodes, Gibbs asked her if she ever felt like a change in direction, but said she still had some more work to do before she would move on. In any of the episodes she was in, she held her own with the team and the banter between them was good and lively especially with tony. So I think it's about time someone took a serious look at where this show is going because if it continues on it's present course, the fans will just leave and the show will just die which would be a big shame as up until this point, it could still hold it's own compared with other top shows.moreless

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