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    Didn't work

    By peguita, 2 hours ago

    If the writers thought showing Bishop in her pain, in her home setting would develop some sort of "bond" with viewers and the Twit, they missed. Sad eyes, mumbling, fake log splitting. Really? Please, powers that be, remove her.

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    ziva please come home for chrismas

    By taterbugtater, 6 hours ago

    the show is going nowere I do not watch it most of the time is no spark in the think that the show would go back to where you were glued to the tv every Tuesday night. please help the fans of ncis and give us a great the show back to where it made the best come out in tell gibb,s to cut his hair and be a marine.

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    NCIS BIshop

    By charliemyers, 17 hours ago

    I don't even understand why Bishop is in NCIS in the first place! I'm not one to be sexist, because know that female agents aren't at like Bishop! Well some may be but certainly not as a field agent! I don't know what they have in store for Ziva (Cote de Pablo) but this Bishop girl has to go! There's nothing exciting about her. For Ziva we got to go to Telave Israel! I mean c'mon!

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    NCIS: EPISODE: Blood Brothers

    By DonaldDack, 2 days ago

    The best part of the last episode was Bishop going home to Oklahoma. The downer for this episode was all the Bishop family. Even Lindsay Wagner could not save this episode. And the big clunky brother. Without out the Bishops, this episode could have been shown in 30 minutes. Views must remember the 9 or 10 seasons of quality agents. Then the first impression of Bishop was flopping on the desk like a child and playing with her computer. First impressions are lasting impressions. And, the flopping was a FLOP. Unless Bishops character has something on the producer, she needs to go!moreless

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    By vgrand63, 2 days ago

    Just more violence, blood and guts and dumb down script. Its like loosing an old friend. Bad enough I had to watch 3 yrs of reruns but even then at least there was real content and not all pivoting on violence. Could never understand why they kept dumping great femal actress' and replaced with a kid of no content. Oh, ya I know, the media is now focused totally on youth for their dumbing down process (ie the money mongers at work.. Guess Im dumping tv as Ive only watched 3 programs over the last few years and was hoping the new season would permit me entertainment, particularly for what I pay for tv, but clearly its no longer worth it. Hey , better to go back to reading!!!!. I thought these producers were on top of the dumbing down programming of our kids that has been going on in the media and combating it, but alas. This is the legacy of our generation to our kids and grandkids and if mature adults do not get off their butts and the blogging format to take actions on a range of things aside from tv our kids are going to suffer terribly.moreless

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    WTF NCIS...

    By NotAPotato, 2 days ago

    Ok this "Bishop" character is single handly bringing down the show. She's is so horrible... How in the world can she be on the show for so long and they're still trying to develop her character? Its just time to let her go. The story line in the latest episode just didn't make any sense at all. The writers are so focused on writing Bishop to fit with the team they seriously dropped the ball on the story about the man dying of cancer with siblings who served that all died... And sad story after another and then BAM. The man who was in prison magically gives up and donates... Just no. No. No. I really don't care if NCIS is canceled all together the spin-off shows are a lot better than this crap they're continuously putting out.moreless

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    Where did NCIS go?

    By darrahs, 3 days ago

    What has happened to NCIS this season. I know there is a transistioning but in the process they have lost impact and interest. Relationships that made the show are practically dissolved. The writing now is so simplistic and predictable leaving it so hum drum. Where is the show so many loved and followed? Bring back the sharp writing and interesting characters that has made this show work.

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    Bone-marrow Donor!

    By kurlygirly, 3 days ago

    I can't believe this episode on needing a donor for a young man who has leukemia. Really, they want us to believe that a black man was his closest match! Bone marrow is about as basic as you can get. It is what determines what color your hair and eyes are, your body style, everything. It is why they have public service announcements asking for specific ethnic groups to donate. It is completely inaccurate to show people of different ethnicities to be a match. Do your research writers!moreless

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    By hilde5, Nov 24, 2015

    We want ziva back or Maggie Q. This Bishop sucks doesn't fit in!

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    My Take on NCIS Future.

    By RemieJade, Nov 23, 2015

    As has been said in other areas. We must evolve or fade out. With the recent departure of Bishop and the other spinoffs featuring teasers of diffrent charicters you have to wonder if we are not seeing evolution in process. With the growing trends in the world to focus more on worldly how hard is it to see a more international spin of ncis. A team featuring a Israeli women, a Australian woman, A American man, and such. Even though i Love NCIS i fear its time to pass the batton like its predicessor (JAG) did to them. And hope some of the loved charicters are absorbed into the next generation.moreless

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