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    Ziva we hardly knew ye

    By bipity, 3 hours ago

    Sure I'm sorry to see Ziva go, but she gave us one of the most memorable characters in TV history. No actress/character could possibly fill her shoes. NCIS was a good show before she joined and has the potential to remain a top show - even without her it's much better than the moderately successful NCIS LA. Criticizing Wickersham/Bishop is fine, but who would be a better fit? The show's chemistry visualized by Don Bellisario is far more complex than most and it would obviously be much better if he was still at the helm to navigate this transition. But no matter who runs it, the foundation is so solid I can't imagine it going so far off the rails that I would stop watching.moreless

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    . NCIS

    By nannamaggie, 12 hours ago

    I agree with the majority postings re: Bishop. Even if one could stand her and find her part believable, the life has gone out of the show. The building of the characters and their interaction, sometimes sad sometimes funny, made the show special. What I find most bizarre is given the what Ziva as a charter meant to everyone, she has not been mentioned ever! It is as though the original show has been totally cut off from the present. Even Kate came back in memory, as did Mike Franks, but Ziva no! I agree that the coastguard woman would have fitted well. Who is writing the show and who is casting? Casting has been one of the shows strengths. Sad but won't be watching in future.moreless

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    NCIS Whats going on?

    By ncisteam, 2 days ago

    I don't like Bishop. I think Emily Whickersham is a good actor but NOT her character. When I used to get home from work, I would come home, sit on my couch, and eat and watch. Even when I had paperwork I would still find a way to watch the show. Change Bishop if you're going to keep her. Ncis had its own rhythm, and Bishop doesn't have that rhythm. She doesn't fit in. We have the childish, Baltimore, senior field agent. We have the geek. we have the goth. We have the autopsy gremlin. We have the British. We have the director. We HAD the Israeli mossad officer. AND we have the ruler. GIBBS! There is no beat in that rhythm for Bishop. Case closed! This year, ncis is going to lose a lot of fans and watchers. Its not too late to change...moreless

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    Why is she still here?

    By ToniBoop, 2 days ago

    Meaning, Bishop. I've created another "review" so I can keep ranting about how bad she is as an actress and as a character. I'm sorry, she is just blah. It's so bad that I'd rather watch reruns of all earlier seasons for the 10th time than watch one rerun with her in it. Period.

    I've heard rumors she is back only for two episodes, but I suspect that is all it is... a rumor. Does anyone have an email address for any real person that I can write to. It probably won't make a difference, but I'll certainly feel better.moreless

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    Bring us a different replacement for Ziva

    By joer1512289, Jul 26, 2014

    Whoever came up with the Bishop character needs to be fired. She is boring and immature. Damn, she doesn't even know what a chair and table are used for. Do the producers really want to sabotage this show. I have purchased every season DVD's that are available. I know I am going to skip last season

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    By miksterv, Jul 24, 2014

    Bishop's character just sucks the ever loving life out of this once great series. And the rest of the cast are mere menions to Bishop and her eyebrows. The new writers have shoved this woman down our throats. I agree, admit you made a mistake. Also, the new writers must have been former writers for The Scooby Doo cartoon. Really, predictable, and just bad unbelievable plot lines. The Bishop character is forced bad acting ta'boot! And give me a break with her "quirks". Get her arse off the floor and at a desk. She is now Wonder Woman of NCIS. I wish she would just go away in the Mystery Machine Van!moreless

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    Emily Wickersham is a terrible actress- which producer is she linked to??

    By Jackd45, Jul 23, 2014

    We were totally shocked to learn that the network would hire such a weak actress for a leading role! EW is probably one of the worst choices out there, and it's hard to imagine there weren't tons of available actresses that auditioned for this role. So who is Emily linked to? Gary, Mark?? Someone else?? This girl can't seem to play the part of anything, and she comes off as very uncomfortable in every scene she's in. Not to mention there's nothing about her that looks convincing as an agent either. She may have wrinkles already at her age, but she is very immature acting and totally throws the entire team off. She doesn't fit in with this show at all. Maybe she was super cheap, but hey producers, you get what you pay for! We used to love this show, but it has nose dived with the addition of EW/Bishop Kill her off and move on!!moreless

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    Who's the writer these days???

    By Kperry51, Jul 23, 2014

    Emily Wickersham is one problem but how can any writer create such a dull character for that spot? This type of show requires a forceful character in each field agent not a brainiac from some military office. If her character's speciality is computers, but her in McGee's spot and bring him into the field. Still need to toughen him up a bit but would be better than Emily. Light a fire under everyone on the show, especially the writers!!! Please let Wickersham go. She just doesn't fit the show!


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    New ncis girl

    By Bgemmed23, Jul 23, 2014

    Hate her eyebrows too skinny terrible actress! She's gotta go!

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    I am still having a hard time liking Bishop

    By pleasefixncis, Jul 20, 2014

    Either sparkle her up a little or get rid of her. She's too Blah! Something happened to the whole show this season and it wasn't just ziva leaving.

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