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    Hope Season 12 energizes fans

    By Tonysgril, Yesterday

    Season 11 was the worst I have ever seen for this team on so many levels. After the arrival of Bishop I could not even recognize them. For me it wasn't so much that Ziva left but more about how they did it and not allowing the team to even speak her name. We were left with an Isareli flag as a reminder and that was it. Since GG likes to use the word "organic" how they played that the whole season was not organic. Not one team member called her when Gibbs father died. Gibbs is like a second father to her. It seemed disrespectful not to mention a character that has been on the show for 8 years. Fans don't like being treated like that especially after providing high ratings for 11 years. Yet I could have come to like a replacement if she brought something to the team. Quickly replacing Ziva with Bishop which a huge number of fans have expressed dislike and have said clearly she does not fit the team dynamics seems more ego driven that "organic". They did not give her time to even see if she was a fit or check fan response. She has no relationship with anyone on the team after 16 episodes, she is just there and yet they bring her back for Season 12. But attempting to ignore the problem is causing long term fans such as myself to consider not watching next season. I will check out the first few episodes and if it remains a replay for Season 11 I will not torture myself by trying to watch a show that I once loved and would not miss. I've stuck it out this long out of loyalty not because I have enjoyed it with the hope that they would fix things. If TPTB want this show to fail then let them keep doing what they are doing and keep giving the wrong people chances despite negative fan input and I'll be gone.moreless

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    One-way ticket out for Bishop

    By judithdonovan73, Yesterday

    Bishop's terrible in this series and she knows it. It's obvious she cannot find her place and that she doesn't fit. The writers also had a problem with the Zava/Tony romance. That could not work either. This beloved program is going down. When the writing has gotten bad in past other shows, it signaled to me that new writers were hired and they were not good ones. Does NCIS really, really have to end? Hiring a more interesting replacement for Bishop could enliven the series. Send Bishop on a long trip to a dangerous place and arrange for her not to survive the experience.moreless

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    NCIS Whats going on?

    By ncisteam, Aug 13, 2014

    I don't like Bishop. I think Emily Whickersham is a good actor but NOT her character. When I used to get home from work, I would come home, sit on my couch, and eat and watch. Even when I had paperwork I would still find a way to watch the show. Change Bishop if you're going to keep her. Ncis had its own rhythm, and Bishop doesn't have that rhythm. She doesn't fit in. We have the childish, Baltimore, senior field agent. We have the geek. we have the goth. We have the autopsy gremlin. We have the British. We have the director. We HAD the Israeli mossad officer. AND we have the ruler. GIBBS! There is no beat in that rhythm for Bishop. Case closed! This year, ncis is going to lose a lot of fans and watchers. Its not too late to change...moreless

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    NCIS. It was great!!! Until Bishop showed up.

    By dmoseylou, Aug 12, 2014

    Every male on the team has been emasculated. And Abby isn't faring too well, either. It's downright embarrassing what has happened to this once-awesome # 1 show AND what the incredible cast pre-Bishop

    has been reduced to.

    Absolutely Amazing that the dummies ever solved a case without Super-Sleuth Bishop. Snark!

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    Love, love, love NCIS, and yes, that means Bishop

    By amandaplatt98, Aug 09, 2014

    I LOVE Bishop, I think she's awesome. She's quirky and cute and fun and different and I love her smarts. I love that she sits on the desk/floor because I prefer to do the same as well. I love that she's an eater, because I think that's cute and that's her way of dealing with things. I LOVE that Gibbs treats her a little differently because he sees that she's different and treats her as such, same as Abby. Ziva was different and he had a different relationship with her, he's going to treat everyone differently because that's what he does. I love that Bishop can keep up with Tony in his movie references, that is awesome. I also love that she's married and so we know she and Tony can't get together, leaving him to find someone else outside of the team. And I love that she's analytical in the way that she does things and figures things out and that she can store so much information. She's a lot of things I am, so I connect with her character and think that the actress portrays her very well. I'm hoping that everyone else will grow to like her, just like everyone grew to like Ziva after she was on for awhile. Go Bishop!! #teamBishopmoreless

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    What were TPTB thinking!

    By Irishelf67, Aug 08, 2014

    I loved seasons 3-10, mostly because the character of Ziva intrigued me. The show without her just plain stinks! It was quite obvious Cote had no intention of leaving just yet, so I can only conclude she needed time off or just fewer working hours to deal with a personal issue and TPTB said no way! I can bet if one of her male colleagues wanted what she did, he would have gotten it (CBS is known to treat male actors better than female ones-look at the Criminal Minds debacle when 2 female actors were fired to save money to fund the soon to be flopped spinoff even though at least one male costar had less seniority on the show). CBS wake up! Give Cote what she wants and get her back ASAP! I will no longer watch now that her character has gone and many of my friends no longer watch for the same reason. I suspect that even fewer will watch once Ziva's replacement starts, since GG is noted for creating characters fans loathe! Update: I was right-Bishop stinks. Why do TPTB insist on keeping a character (and having her front and center) that the majority (87%) of fans hate? Its almost as if they are trying to sink the show!

    Why won't TPTB listen to the fans?! The fans have stated over and over again that they want EW (Bishop) gone and yet the horrible actress is STILL there. And fans are still asking CBS to get Cote back. CBS needs to grow up, stop acting like a spoiled child and man up to the fact they screwed up playing hardball with Cote's contract (which they finally admitted after months of fan protests) and for hiring a talentless actress to replace her. Unless they rid themselves of the horrid Bishop character and get CDP back (giving her whatever she wants), the show won't last much longer! Hey, CBS, fans are what generates money and the fans are leaving left and right!

    For those who want CBS to know how they feel, you can leave feedback for CBS shows on the CBS feedback page. I believe some addresses to write to can be found on the operationbringbackcote Facebook page, but you may have to search to find them. Of course, the best way to show you aren't happy with the new NCIS is to stop watching.moreless

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    Why is she still here?

    By ToniBoop, Aug 06, 2014

    @Istill a very good show.

    You, respectfully, have gone and made the same mistake so many Bishop defenders before you have. You insist on tying our dislike (or outright "hatred") of this character to the departure of Ziva. That is not the case ... at least not for everyone. I was fully prepared to accept the new girl, just like I loved and accepted Ziva after they killed off Kate. It is BISHOP that is the problem. Not the absence of Ziva. She is an atrocious character being propped up by bringing all ... and I mean ALL ... the other characters down. You like her, and that is your right and privilege. Truly. But please don't presume to know why so many of us do NOT. If you look at this site alone, there are 1,057 posts. The VAST majority, if you notice, are anti-Bishop.

    That having been said, I agree that the show is still good. I just am not going to waste my time watching reruns of this season. I'd rather watch reruns of all prior seasons for the umpteenth time.

    By the way, people. fan forum dot com /f321/

    is a great forum to discuss the show (and all your favorite shows). I just discovered it recently. Be warned though. I've seen a lot of ACTOR bashing on this site (or Bishop). While critiques of the show and the characters are most definitely allowed ... I started an anti-bishop thread myself ... bashing the actor or her fans is not allowed.


    Meaning, Bishop. I've created another "review" so I can keep ranting about how bad she is as an actress and as a character. I'm sorry, she is just blah. It's so bad that I'd rather watch reruns of all earlier seasons for the 10th time than watch one rerun with her in it. Period.

    I've heard rumors she is back only for two episodes, but I suspect that is all it is... a rumor. Does anyone have an email address for any real person that I can write to. It probably won't make a difference, but I'll certainly feel better.moreless

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    Still a very good show!

    By hegealgardsta, Aug 05, 2014

    I have watched NCIS since the first episodes in JAG. I have always liked this show. I was so shocked when Kate was killed off in the season 2 finale. It took me a while to warm up to Ziva and for me it was too many episodes with the melodrama of Ziva. When Cote decided to leave I wasn't that upset. It was getting old the whole Tiva thing. And it didn't make sense, at least not for me, why they should end up as a couple. Ziva never treated Tony with respect and Tony never seemed that interested. I guess I am one of the few that actually like Bishop. She brings a new and, thank god, a different energy to the team. Tony, Tim and Ellie are like siblings and I like her being a bit strange. I've always been like Ellie when it comes to sitting on floors and deskes. I have always said that the only chrater this show can't loose is Gibbs. Everyone else can be replaced.

    I just don't get this overwhelming hate so called fans of NCIS have of Bishop and of Wickesham. I don't envy her. I just wish the Ziva lovers would get that she left, she wasn't fired, she was even offered a lot more money to stay. I get as fans you don't like that but why take it out on Wickersham.

    I am looking forward to season 12 and I hope we get to know more of Bishops background and family.moreless

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    Used to have a Great Team BUT now NOT with 'bishop'

    By bms29bms, Aug 01, 2014

    HEARTBREAK - they have a new 'failure - bishop' - The Show WOULD BE SOOOOO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT her.. YES, we miss Ziva - BUT the Show is Still SOOOO MUCH Better WITHOUT bishop!

    We don't have to have Ziva back but NCIS does need to Get RID of bishop - Gibb's Team would be so much better without bishop.

    I used to look forward to Tuesday nights & watching Gibb's Team - but no longer. Now I want to Throw Up.

    I am glad that they covered sexual assaults in the military - this should never happen anywhere and it is always disgusting to hear of this happening in our military.


    As an update - my feelings are no better - Actually worse. this bishop character is a JOKE!moreless

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    Is the bimbo still there?

    By daveruccio, Aug 01, 2014

    Time for the producers to admit this character is a colossal FAIL. Can't figure out how she was hired, let alone why she's still there.

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