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    Is she still here?

    By ToniBoop, 5 hours ago

    Meaning, Bishop. I've created another "review" so I can keep ranting about how bad he is as an actress and as a character. I'm sorry, she is just blah. It's so bad that I'd rather watch reruns of all earlier seasons for the 10th time than watch one rerun with her in it. Period.

    I've heard rumors she is back only for two episodes, but I suspect that is all it is... a rumor. Does anyone have an email address for any real person that I can write to. It probably won't make a difference, but I'll certainly feel better.moreless

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    Ncis Next season

    By ncisteam, 7 hours ago

    What will be next for ncis? Is Ziva going to come back? The season ended in a sad tradegey, what will be next for the crew?

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    I am still having a hard time liking Bishop

    By pleasefixncis, 2 days ago

    Either sparkle her up a little or get rid of her. She's too Blah! Something happened to the whole show this season and it wasn't just ziva leaving.

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    Why are they not paying attention?

    By Jvbretired2, 3 days ago

    How long are they going to continue to push Ziva's replacement on us. She is a lousy actress who cannot achieve the part assigned to her. She plays the part the same no matter the situation. What I want to know is why Gibbs has not made her work to attain her status as an agent and it is very apparent she has no formal training. She knows more than Gibbs solving every case. The show is now her, very boring. We thought the lady who played the part of the Coast Guard agent would be considered. At least she added to the program. Hope they make a change soon. I like the show and want to continue watching but will not if she stays. A very sad ending for a very good show.moreless

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    Boring Boring NCIS

    By johnpowell3344, Jul 17, 2014

    Myself and my wife watched the show last night and turned it off before it finished, we could not believe its the same show we have been watching with all the good interaction between the cast, it was very very enjoyable to watch, now BORING BORING just another cop show SHAME on you for doing this to a great show, get zeba back ASAP please, and get rid of her replacement NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    wickersham a disaster

    By rustygirl7, Jul 15, 2014

    The producer or writer glasberg needs to get rid of this disaster of an actress. the show now lacks any cohesion. the characters now don't mesh. they make wickersham "the professional" putting her in interrogations and have mcgee witness her doing them. this show needs to REPLACE HER. i've been watching this show since its inception and now i can't stand it. can't stand to see how ineffective she or her acting is. GET RID OF HER. she doesn't fit in.moreless

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    They added a genius and the whole show turned stupid

    By bbicecream, Jul 14, 2014

    How did you manage that? I guess everyone else had to be made stupid in order for Bishop to look smart. It doesn't work. She looks like a production assistant who accidentally wandered onto the set while looking for her cheetos. Now you're asking us to believe that tough guy Gibbs would hire this dipshit as an agent. Who's supposed to have Tony and Tim's back in the field? Not her, she can't cross the street without a babysitter.

    I feel bad for the writers, who have to invent some implausible function for Bishop every week. They seem to have totally given up on making her connect with the other personalities. This character is a BOMB.moreless

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    Worst actress on TV

    By jonahlester568, Jul 14, 2014

    can't remember her name, but she can't act, can't fight, can't hold a gun, supposed to be smart but comes across as an airhead. My household can't stand her, fans for ten years. We will love Ziva forever and hope she comes back, but if not, they still need to get rid of the teenager. She is dragging down the whole team and all of the characters with her. My granddaughters idolized Ziva and they hate the new girl. Ziva was a hero, this girl is a joke.moreless

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    If she is supposed to be such a great brain, why won't she shut her mouth?

    By SandraMiller6527, Jul 13, 2014

    The weird genius as been done to death for the last ten years. Way to be cutting edge! too bad everyone else did it better. This girl is supposed to be an intellectual, but she seems to have zero interests at all. What is her thing? Math? Chaos theory? Econometrics? Psychology? After 16 episodes I don't have the foggiest idea. All we know is she eats garbage all day long and weighs 100 pounds soaking wet.

    If you are going to base her entire character around her brain, don't make it about her mouth. When she's not running her yap about complete nonsense, she's cramming it full of cheetos. She has no intellectual interest in anything. Even her Parsa expertise was shown to be primarily romantic.

    On the team, her analysis is next to useless. When the writers do manage to concoct a story that taps her "skill", we aren't shown her thought process. She frowns and scowls and then POOF magic answer. It's not engaging on any level.

    When we heard about the character, I was SO looking forward to a sharp brainy woman. Wow, what a complete disappointment. She would have an easier time selling sand to a Bedouin than convincing me she's a genius.moreless

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    By beautifuldayyyy1976, Jul 13, 2014

    So, I've been in school and I just recently had time to sit down and watch Season 11. NCIS is my all time favourite show, and I've seen every episode at least twice.

    OH MY GOD. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS SHOW?!?! I couldn't even force myself to watch the episodes in one sitting!! I realize that CDP isn't coming back. I get it, and that's fine. But seriously, this Bishop character has got to go. (Let me step into the shallow pool for just a sec... HER EYEBROWS MAKE ME WANT TO RIP MY EYEBALLS OUT. I mean, did she draw them on with a Sharpie marker?!)

    Not only does her acting SUCK, I feel like she drags down the rest of the team! It feels like the rest of the cast aren't even into it anymore. Even the light has gone out of Mark Harmon's eyes :(

    The characters don't feel the same. There's no development. I feel bad that everyone is hating on Bishop, but honestly. GG is trying way too hard to make her fit in, and it's clearly not working. There's just no depth to her character!

    Plus they're doing another ridiculous spin-off... NCIS: New Orleans... Is that actually a joke? Can GG please focus on his NUMBER ONE SHOW instead of running off to create another damn spin-off?

    I'm sorry, CBS... I don't think I'm gonna watch Season 12. It's too depressing. I thought I could stand Bishop, but I really can't. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm bitter about CDP.

    It's the fact that she's ruining the show. It's sad really.moreless

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