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    Is Elle, Kelly?

    By Pugalug, Jan 29, 2016

    The storyline with Bishop .......... Gibbs may not have known she was alive.

    Mike W. is leaving to do other projects and he has already stayed on an additional two seasons.

    Tony has a thing for Bishop, he's clearing all the relationship baggage out, that why he's weird around Jake, maybe another reason for Gibb-Tony strained relationship.

    Something to ponder.

    Tony will be killed off in some way, maybe saving Abbey.

    Tony / Ziva romance didn't fit the storyline.


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    My heart is broken

    By wezy101, Jan 26, 2016

    Why did the directors/producers/writers introduce the character, Bishop, to the most popular show in the world? I am so disappointed where this has taken the show. The last episode with Bishop writing a letter to President Truman, I had to get up and leave the room. What a sad way for the top show to end. With Tony leaving, It's over folks. Last ditch effort to save the show, get rid of Bishop and bring a strong female character back in line. Soooo very sad.moreless

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    Dear god, she's so bad, now she's the star?

    By didotwite5, Jan 22, 2016

    is this show run by donkeys? THis was axtually not a bad episode for SOMEONE ELSE. THis chick will nevr be better than an extra. What is wrong with the producers that they cannot admit their mistake? No wonder Weatherly quit, he looks like he wants to be anywhere else. Gibbs has turned senile and creepy. IT's far too late for this show to go out with dignity.

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    Even more Bishop??

    By jcrochet, Jan 21, 2016

    Last episode was excruciatingly will they realize that more of this character is less? ... the attempts to salvage this character are pathetic... we already have a writer Magee! no wonder MW is will be sorely if any one is still watching by then!

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    Drama Queen; S13E13- DejaVu

    By SuzyMargolin, Jan 20, 2016

    I could barely get through the episode. And then you had to drag Jimmy into playing an overly dramatic scene! Boo! Bishop is really a detraction for the show. I've been a faithful fan of NCIS all these years, but I'm not going to keep following the show if this keeps up.

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    No More NCIS for me!

    By marty2255, Jan 20, 2016

    I have watched every episode of NCIS and I even watch the reruns. However, when I started to watch the last episode this past week I could not watch anymore than 15 minutes with Bishop who is so bad not as an actor but the character adds nothing to the show and is entirely unbelievable. I will not watch it anymore.

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    Bishop I can't believe she is still here! Whatever reason i

    By PriscillaFlynn, Jan 20, 2016

    I'm afraid this is the end of NCIS as far as I am concerned. You must have a death wish for the show. There can be no other justification for keeping Wickersham, who is a totally pallid person and completely unconvincing and BORING. If you really think you have a program worth watching with no Tony plus the dreary blonde, you are seriously deluded. It is evendors worse than I writing to Harry Truman????? Have the writers gone completely around the bend?moreless

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    Agent Gibbs

    By jonhill373, Jan 20, 2016

    Why does he have to act like an asshole all of the time?

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    Bishop is horrible, what is CBS thinking

    By Tenn4ever, Jan 20, 2016

    This is the death of NCIS. Weatherly is leaving so they are going to push Wickersham. She's a poor actress and the character does not fit with this show. The powers have the character divorce her husband so that she can have a romantic interest next year. She is one of the worst moves CBS has ever made. The 1/19/2016 show was one of the worst I've seen in thirteen years.

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    Please restore Gibbs' and Tony's relationship before DiNozzo leaves NCIS

    By kathysr, Jan 19, 2016

    I felt a huge stab of heartache when I read that Michael Weatherly's leaving NCIS. Another beloved character leaving NCIS? What will we do without Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo? This loss feels like a death in the family.

    Since the sad news broke on January 5, 2016, I've been watching 13 wonderful years of NCIS highlights on YouTube. It's all there. All the magic this show has created over many years is all there. But what strikes me the most from watching those earlier years is how much the Gibbs and DiNozzo relationship has deteriorated, especially during this year. It's deeply puzzling, since DiNozzo once again stepped up to take over the team when Gibbs was shot and almost died. The last time Gibbs left to recuperate, in 2007, he actually LEFT for a few episodes. He went to hang out with Mike in Mexico. And before he left, he turned over the team to DiNozzo. On camera. And then we got to see DiNozzo struggle to be a leader, because he sure wasn't Gibbs.

    But that was DiNozzo nine long years ago. Since then, he's grown and changed. He's more compassionate, forgiving, serious and introspective. Relentless goofball and cut-up Tony has largely been relegated to the YouTube reels of years ago. Tony's more mature now. He's reconciled with his father. He's learned to unconditionally love, cherish and forgive his dad. He's loved and lost Ziva. He's much more somber and serious now. He always was an intelligent, extraordinarily talented NCIS agent but now he's matured into an exceptional leader.

    But now that Gibbs is back in charge of the team, he basically ignores or dismisses DiNozzo. Faithful Saint Bernard and perennial second banana, DiNozzo is puzzled and hurt by Gibbs' behavior, but he ignores it and expertly executes missions with his team mates, per Gibbs' orders. And very inexplicably, Gibbs has interjected himself into Bishop's personal life in an extraordinary way. Gibbs just shows up to her home on Thanksgiving without any warning, then stays for Thanksgiving dinner with the family?

    When have we ever seen Gibbs do that with his other team mates? Who is this impostor and what has he done with our curmudgeon Gibbs, who has to be physically dragged to any party, celebration or social event and who always prefers to be in his basement building a boat, ALONE? Where did that guy go?

    I have my own theory. Gibbs is emotionally drawn to Bishop because she's the same age his daughter would be, had she survived. Deep, deep inside that inscrutable, impenetrable emotional facade he's built up over the years, Gibbs secretly yearns for love, emotional connection and family.

    Looking back over 13 years of NCIS, the most profound, meaningful and lasting emotional relationship has always been between Gibbs and DiNozzo. Brother to brother, father to son, mentor to probie, or just one guy to another, these two people have always BEEN THERE for each other. They've always had an unbreakable bond. How many times has Gibbs saved DiNozzo's life and how many times has DiNozzo saved Gibbs' life?

    So, why have they now become so estranged? I hope the last 12 episodes of this season will reveal the reason for these changes and conflicts. Will this be why DiNozzo finally leaves NCIS and heads out on his own? These two guys have been Butch and Sundance from the moment they first met.

    Is Gibbs really secretly pushing the fledgling out of the nest so that DiNozzo can finally soar in his own universe? Please let these two extraordinary people express their genuine feelings for one another, say their farewells and then remain as they have always been, friends. Gibbs will remain the functional mute, but talkative Tony can easily express enough feelings for both of them. Gibbs can just nod and grunt. And then give Tony the biggest, longest bear hug ever.



    DiNozzo leaves NCIS--with Ziva! (I can dream, can't I?)

    January 7, 2016

    I just felt a huge stab of heartache. Tony DiNozzo's leaving NCIS. Michael Weatherly's leaving the show. But the great news is that he and CBS are partnering to develop his own show. So we'll get to see lots more of Michael Weatherly. Fans are beginning to post all over the internet that they want Tony to reunite with Ziva and then the two of them walk off into the sunset together. It's by FAR the most desired way for Tony to leave NCIS. DO NOT KILL OFF THE CHARACTER, CBS, or we will put a contract out on you! Stop killing off everyone.

    Now, I finally understand why Di Nozzo's been very muted and very un-DiNozzo like this entire year on NCIS. The character's largely been relegated to the background. The writers haven't featured him. He's been a morose character for a very long time. I've read articles which say that when Gibbs was shot, DiNozzo stepped up and took over the team and that once Gibbs returned, then there's been tension between the two.

    We never saw Tony do anything. In the premiere episode of the season, Gibbs almost died on the operating table. Then 30 minutes into the premiere episode, it's four months later. The door opens and Gibbs walks right back into NCIS. Presto, magic, he's well. He walks perfectly on a knee that was shot all to hell. It's like nothing happened at all. That was one of the weirdest shows I've ever seen. I was hoping to see Gibbs struggle to regain his health over several months. GEESE, the guy almost died. I was hoping to SEE Tony actually LEAD the team on several dangerous missions. And then it would have been understandable for him to struggle with emotional conflicts and anger when Gibbs returned and took control again, without ever thanking Tony or acknowledging him for his heroic work in Gibbs' absence. Did I blink and miss something? Because I never saw anything like that. It was just a seamless transition back to "business as usual" with Gibbs firmly in charge. Is it all subtext, and that's why Tony's been moping around in the background? I don't think the writers have known what to do with DiNozzo this year.

    I've re-watched episodes from this year. I've only seen a few, very brief private conversations between Gibbs and DiNozzo. Gibbs has been very cool and a bit challenging to DiNozzo, but I haven't seen any major conflicts between the two characters. And I see almost no real change Gibbs. Well, except for the suits and the haircut, both of which I loved. He almost died but it's like nothing happened. There hasn't been any foreshadowing, so if things suddenly get really tense and nasty between DiNozzo and Gibbs, the writers have done a terrible job of setting up this conflict. It will feel phony, forced and utterly false.

    My dream for Tony is that he and Ziva reunite, passionately, ON SCREEN, and then leave NCIS to create a life together. I can dream, can't I? As a producer, perhaps Michael will create his own show and cast Cote opposite himself. Oh BOY will I watch that show!

    In retrospect, these two wonderful actors may have gradually pulled the focus too much toward their personal, private storyline over the eight years they worked together on NCIS. We TIVA fans who love them were ecstatic, but perhaps the larger world, and other cast members, didn't care for the growing storyline, which took the focus away from all the other wonderful characters on the show. Cote and Michael are extraordinarily gifted actors. They remind me of the great romantic screwball comedy teams of the 1930's. They can be hilariously funny, ragingly angry and turn on a dime and utterly break your heart. Those two can smash emotional volleys at each other at the speed of light. They can reveal a cascade of conflicting emotions without ever expressing a single word. Tony and Ziva's silent longing for each other told me how deeply and profoundly they love each other. They couldn't act on that love for many reasons, until Ziva left NCIS. Gibbs rules. Tony may never see Ziva again. But she is the love of his life. Forever.



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