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    Toilet Flusher

    By NiaP1, Yesterday

    The fake blond bimbo needs to be flushed down the toilet. If Bellisario can't see that she is running his show down the drain then he needs to get new glasses. Usually I like his choices but this is a bad choice. He should have used Eva Longoria, Michelle Rodriguez, Or Camila Belle, hell even Jennifer Lopez would of been better

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    The fake blond bimbo

    By serenacornwell, Yesterday

    I just can't understand why the new fake blond is still on my ex-favorite show!!!

    I've never seen worst written character and worst actress!!

    Season 12 will flop just like season 11 because of her! Get rid of her or send her far far away!

    It's not the show I used to love so much!

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    Is the bimbo still there?

    By daveruccio, Yesterday

    New girl is a flop. She's been on the show at least 10 episodes longer than she deserved. Please put her and all of us out of our collective misery. We are begging you.

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    NICE (with blonde)

    By derick_parker13, Yesterday

    New blonde, cant watch her, I watch my own family eat and work out problems, I have no desire watching her and we dont. We have stopped watching new episodes until she is gone, is she by the way? New NEVIS is a rate of 4.0 (one point for each main character minus two for blonde). Old NCIS with David 9.0.

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    the blonde bimbo that wrecked season 11 of ncis

    By freeerails, 2 days ago

    we just bought ncis ,looking forward to sitting back and watching a few hours of a great show,got through the first few disc,s and then the blonde bimbo opened it,s mouth,well that was it watched 1 more disc and then turned it of and put it up for auction on ebay,,nerver before have i seen a show go from really good to complete crap so fast if season 12 ever comes out i will wait before i pre order it again if it was,nt for the first 2 disc,s it would,nt get a rateing,i hope the bimbo feels great about stuffing something GREATmoreless

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    Do any Real USMC vets like this show ?

    By westmassk, 2 days ago

    Gibbs Would have never made the rank of Gunnery Sgt. W/ that head slapping . Any discenplanary usages would be done behind closed doors. It disrespectcts yourself & the subordinate. Yet, this poor representative view of the Corps is unreal. I admit that I enjoy the rest of the cast, After Ziva departed, the show is gasping for air. Who really thinks that the new fake blond girl fits in ? Does sitting on the floor is somehow cool ? She takes away from the rest of an otherwise great cast. Ziva's gone, Gibb's dad is gone. End it. It's become rote & even more predcictable than it was to start with. . , Howd Gibbs get to Ziva, Tony & Mcgeek after a 1500 meter shot in less than a minute ? I understand "poetic liscence" but seriously ? That was the shows major gaff. As Far as Gibbs being A nearly indefeatable hand to hand bad ass, He has the legs the size of a 13 year old girl. He could never sustain even a minor sweep w/o breaking major bones. Finally, NO Man would allow being smacked in the back of the head repeatably without giving it back , Would you ? It's a shame that a show with such an interesting and enjoyable cast should revolve around a " Wanna be" Marine. Anyone that buys that spiel is a sucker, at best, The only reason I've watched it at all is nostalgia [ Ducky, from the Man from Uncle] And Abby. She is interesting & sexy. Sgtrudz [ a real Marine]moreless

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    The series has gotten worse much worse, and the characters boring

    By Lacake78, 2 days ago

    The series has gotten worse much worse, Previously there was a tension in the series that does not exist now. And the characters are now boring. Tony was the team clown, he has now become serious. Do not think he has been hit in the head at all this season. McGee seems to not know what he should do. Bishop is a female version of McGee, who does McGee's previous job. Gibbs has become a softy, he has not beaten Tony in the head this season. The old Gibbs had not accepted the Bishop's behavior. All that Bishop adds is a new face. The team needs a strong, physical woman who can kick some ass. Not some young immature schoolgirl. I do not know about the changes in the characters are a way to cope with the loss of Ziva, and that the latter returns to normal. Or if the loss of Ziva has shaken the characters in depth. As the series is now, it is not worth watching. Still manages to draw a lot of viewers, which I think is strange.

    The series is bad is not just about Bishop. okay, she does not fit. I agree with that. There is too much Bishop Show. Every time they are looking for a suspect turns Gibbs to Bishop. Bishop find him or Bishop trace him. Gibbs should turn to the team as he always did. The chemistry is gone the writing is bad. And the characters are changed. Gibbs is no longer Gibbs, Tony is not Tony anymore. What made the series so successful and popular is gone. I'm moving on.


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    What a pain

    By milena73, Aug 27, 2014

    I don't like crime series that much, but NCIS has been different right from the beginning. It has been the perfect mixture of realistic police work + Hollywood action, seriousness + fun, crime stories/drama + everyday life. The relationships between the extraordinary characters and the development each character had taken have been unique.

    Well ... at least until that girl turned up ...

    I've been watching NCIS from JAG onwards, and although I didn't like every character and every episode and every storyline, in all I enjoyed it and loved it - from JAG until 11/8.

    I'm not a Ziva fanatic (although I liked her, not always, but most of the time), and I accepted that Cote de Pablo had to do what she had to do, but I was a bit disappointed by the way she was written out of the serie. At least for the remaining character - Tony - the writers should have come up with a different story. So he was simply left behind and couldn't be anything else but depressed and heartbroken. Unfortunately, it's difficult to develop a heartbroken character further on. It wasn't the best choice they could have made.

    I was open for something / someone new, although I was sceptic that someone else would suit the team, especially not another woman because it was clear that it would be difficult to fill de Pablo's shoes.

    I liked the five episodes between Ziva's departure and Ellie's introduction. Just the three men (working and dealing with different persons at each case) would have worked for me perfectly for the rest of the season. I didn't need a fourth member at all, especially not a female member. They could have bring in women from the outside like Agent Borin or Vera Strickland. That was fine because each of them added something different.

    But I was ready to give the new girl a chance.

    And then ...


    It's not a positive "wow", it's a "who on earth had that awful idea?"-wow, a "who casted her and why did they think that actress would suit the rest of the cast?"-wow, a "what a stupid, poorly written character"-wow.

    It's nothing against the actress. She probably is a nice girl. But ...

    A scene in 11/9, the first episode with her, told you everything you needed to know: Small, young, blonde girl next to the three big, experienced men, a unit that can communicate with each other without saying a word. - She will never suit them, she will always look ridiculous next to them. That's not the bad of the actress but why choosing someone like her? To "refresh" the cast? But when the whole main cast is 40+ someone who looks like a teenage girl doesn't suit. It just makes the main cast look even older and the young like an alien. (By the way - I don't mind it at all that the cast is "old". Getting older just had made them better!)

    The Mossad-storyline never was realistic, but this great cast was able to make it work. Maybe you didn't buy it completely, but it was enjoyable.

    Bishop is supposed to be an ordinary analyst, but I'm not buying it. Analysts and profiler don't work alone, sitting on the floor with lots of paper around them, thinking, and then coming up with an amazing result. It's not even quirky or funny, it's just stupid.

    Counting in school, college, training, working practise and then SIX YEARS of chasing Parsa, she must be 32 at least. Really? She looks and behaves like a 12-year-old. And she really met Parsa in the Middle East? I'm not even buying she has ever been to Europe, speaks a foreign language (has ever left college). And how did she identify him? Sitting as a lotus flower in the desert, the computer on her lab, and he came by, and she thought, "Well, he's going to be a terrorist"??? Oh, come on!

    Now she is turned into a field agent. Really? She is not even able to hold a gun. When I saw it the first time I was hoping she would shoot herself. At least, it wouldn't have surprised me at all.

    No authority would let her do field work. The old Gibbs would have never ever accepted her in the team. Not even as a so-called analyst because they don't need any. I mean - they have Gibbs' famous gut, haven't they?

    But the worst thing is that the show suddenly centers her. Abby, Ducky, Palmer, and Vance are cut short to unimportant side-kicks, Gibbs, Tony and McGee are standing around waiting for her to do something, to solve the case.


    I've read reviews saying, that it had been the same with Ziva, but that's simply not true. Gibbs has always been the strong leader, the team worked as a team, and Ziva was just a part of the team. Never before the entire cast had stepped back in that way to give a new character room to show how clever s/he is.

    And why is everyone so polite and nice? Once it was a joke when Gibbs said "pleeeeaaase". Every new character had to fight her/his way into the team. There were arguments, tensions - and it was good! And now Gibbs tells her she did a great job? When? What did I miss? Why on earth he should want her in his team? Because of what? She disobeys orders, she isn't a teamplayer - just one season ago it would have driven Gibbs nuts. And now he invites her being part of the team???

    Where has the team work gone? The chemistry? The dynamic? The ability to switch from being serious to being funny in a second? Ducky's stories? Gibbs' alpha-man-action? The boat? Tony's pointed remarks? The REAL men's-restroom-conversations? (Oh, come on, did you really have to do that?) Weird team meetings in Abby's lab? (... to be continued endlessly)

    THAT's why I loved this show! I loved the characters, the dynamic, the mixture of genres from drama to comedy. I'm NOT watching NCIS to see a girl sitting on the floor. Maybe if SHE was a sidekick. Maybe if she was funny - at least a little bit. But she simply isn't. She isn't clever, she isn't funny, she has no ability any other character wouldn't have. She doesn't ADD anything. She is like waterproof material, everything rolls off on her. She is stiff like a piece of wood with just three different facial expressions. She doesn't interact with any of the other characters. HER men's-restroom-conversation with Tony was characteristic for the whole figure "Ellie Bishop" - pointless.

    Hasn't anyone in charge noticed that? The fans should give her a chance? Oh, I'm trying, really, hard ... but it's so painful to watch.

    Yesterday I watched 5/5 and 5/6 from DVD because of being so frustrated about that my favourite serie goes down the drain.

    "I'm dealing with my ship phobia, Tony's dealing with his rat phobia, and Ziva's dealing with her ghost - "So what's Gibbs dealing with?" - "Them!"

    Little consolation while dealing with my Bishop-phobia ...

    PS . Please, excuse possible syntax and other mistakes. I'm not a native speaker, and my reading/understanding skills are much better than my writing skills. ;)moreless

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    Write the sponsors

    By candy333x2, Aug 27, 2014

    Hey - it might seem as though no one associated with the series either listens to or cares about what seems to be rather overwhelming negative feelings regarding Bishop...... but maybe letters to those sponsors providing the commercials would be a plan. At least one could be sure that they would pay attention. I'm sure she's a very nice girl, but I'm also certain that she isn't good on NCIS. I could go on, but everything has been said so many times, it's not necessary.moreless

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    The Three Musketeers.

    By toreytokumaru, Aug 26, 2014

    Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, that's all you need in the front for a successful TV show. They all play off each others so well. Bishop is a pain. That's all I can say. I believe the show could survive without a 4th wheel. McGee and Abby can handle the analytical parts of the show. Ziva won't come back because Cote de Pablo has left of her own free will. Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray are great, having done this for 10 years and don't need Bishop.moreless

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