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    By cornprince48, Apr 15, 2015

    NCIS was once must-see TV. Now I still watch but if I miss an episode, so what, at least I missed Bishop.

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    The New beginning of NCIS

    By theresagreen33821, Apr 15, 2015

    Sadly Bishop, her hubby and Jimmy were taken hostage. No one knows and maybe never know where they are. Another great episode is the resignation of Bishop, and that Jimmy is a traitor and has disappeared back to his homeland. Better yet, Bishop is the true traitor and Jimmy is shot, in a coma, trying to expose Bishop. Hopefully someone will catch on how terrible the characters of Bishop and Jimmy are. Jimmy is irritating and Bishop dull and drab. Take 2 Bishop at night and you will sleep, take 2 Jimmys,( wait don't punish yourself you get the picture. We need Ziva or someone like Kate to life back into the show. Let's fix the problems..moreless

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    NCIS: Bishop, the early episodes.

    By DonaldDack, Apr 15, 2015

    REVIEW FOR 11/25/2014 EPISODE: We start with the first view of Bishop's husband. He does nothing for the show. Both he and Bishop are alike. Trying to be tooooo lovey dovey. Then we are off to the snowed in airport, which means Tony will be on his own if a problem comes up. Too much Bishop/husband play on I tell you what I do, in theory, and you tell me nothing. The episode involves a dead man and the who done it search. Viewers should not be fooled with Bishops expertise around the dead man. Then came the big scene when the bad man is cornered and shot. Notice Bishops pose, but, again Tony is taking the action and the bad man down. Then what happens. Bishop and husband are off on vacation. Hopefully, she will stay there. Another proof that a 3 person NCIS team is better than a 3 person NCIS team with Bishop. REVIEW FOR 11/18/2014 EPISODE: The show scenes appear to be moving back to the ones presented in past seasons prior to last season. Good action with realistic emotions and sense of duty. But, when Bishop's character is present, the scenes revert to soft child like mellow drama. Bishop is getting nosy, butting into personal lives to should concern her. The relationship Abby now has is no concern of Bishop. And, bringing the married aspect into her sphere does nothing to improve her scheme in the series. One only has to remember an episode a couple seasons ago when Giggs, Ziva and a pregnant Marine were stranded is a closed service station with several bad characters after them. Ziva held them off, defending Giggs while the baby was delivered. NO WAY COULD BISHOPS CHARACTER DO THE DEFENDINT. NO WAY. REVIEW FOR 10/28/2014 EPISODE: The telecast lasted almost 58 minutes of which 32 minutes plus was quality NCIS actions expected by fans. Then their was 14 minutes plus commercials and 11minutes plus of dead time. Their was one point during the dead time when Bishop tried to kick in a door with NO success until she was reminded she had the hotel key card in her back pocket. A failed attempt to present her as a vital member of the team. "B" for effort, "E" for execution. I guess the producer had to bring in some comic relief.moreless

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    ncis how long will it last?

    By Ken77tvcom, Apr 09, 2015

    This is my favorite show. It has been so long, but I still love it. In fact, it is getting better (my opinion, I know). I guess it continues forever (sorry, that is another show that I love). I am a guy so I guess I should say I really like the show instead of 'love' since that is a 'girl' thing? Am I wrong?

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    No Bishop

    By Yanet97, Apr 06, 2015

    I do not enjoy watching Bishop on the show. I think the chemistry between the actors and characters is no longer there. I would have preferred that they didn't add Bishop to the show. It would have been better. I have been watching this show since it spin off JAG. Now I don't want to watch it anymore... I liked Kate and Ziva but I do not like Bishop. Bishop doesn't fit in. I'm sorry but this character doesn't do it


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    They should have stopped NCIS

    By JieshengLi, Apr 04, 2015

    at the end of Season 10. Now they give us a girl sitting on the floor and can't fire a gun, a terrible love interest, and have altered many of the main characters. Haters of NCIS: New Orleans can sin on the floor with Bishop. I have not seen any other TV show where a Federal Agent sits on the freaking floor!

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    has it govt sponsorship?

    By swit, Apr 02, 2015

    the shows reeks cheap patriotism!! am i the only one to feel it?

    i dont know if Gibbs would woohaa his army in real life ;)

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    Season 6 was the last really great season

    By bribrisciacca, Apr 02, 2015

    Season 6 was the last really great 'season' in my personal opinion. When I re-watch my S6 DVD, the mysteries still seem fresh and new each and every time I view them. I don't know what on earth happened with Season 7 and onward, it just got flat out horrid . I stopped watching after S7 Ep2 Reunion, tried again for a few episodes during S8 and then again during S10. I hated that they killed off Mike Franks- I liked him. Laura Macy, too. Don't get me wrong, I adore NCIS Los Angeles but NCIS has been off- for both a few seasons now and my TV screen.moreless

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    I should not listen to this?

    By corvin15518, Apr 01, 2015

    Disappointed in last show! There has always been a charge that hollywierd is influenced by government operatives. And now,,,,,,,,, where is the morality or legality of bombing foreigners in foreign countries without trial or declared war? By whose authority could the state department choose to kill someone in Colombia, a sovereign nation? We are asked to become accustomed to this un American, immorality displayed on our TV screens and not question it? Yes,,, I realize that it is only TV,,, it is still dangerous president.moreless

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    Tell me again how Bishop adds to the team?

    By BillyRay3384, Mar 26, 2015

    Hit/tied/came close to series low last year, came close again this week. will definitely be below 2.0 this year. Bishop/writing/stories/acting all going to crap this year

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