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    All I want for Xmas is to see Ziva

    By Tippers, 2 days ago

    Just watched S12 E10 and I think McGee's dad probably committed suicide after reading his sons letter.

    How boring can a TV show possibly be.

    Beg Ziva to come back and get the scripts back to their previous high standards.

    What's the point on creating further episodes of this dross.

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    How about this?

    By peguita, 3 days ago

    Move Felisha Terrell (Watkins on NCIS NOLA) to NCIS and move the Twit to The Weather Channel.

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    By jimveach, Dec 17, 2014

    NCIS did the impossible. They made a show that was boring. Fire those writers.

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    Story line

    By Katieloo1234, Dec 16, 2014

    i have watched NCIS from the very first episode, when Kate left thought thats it , but cote brought to NCIS the mystery and great interaction with the other cast members great fit. When she left enjoyed the episodes where they were trying to find a replacement they were well written and funny. The. They hired this actress wickersham and the story lines went down hill, the interaction is not there, she frowns all the time and her delivery of lines is left to be desired. And then to find that this tuesday is the finale WTF how many episodes did they do 6??? I am so glad that they have the reruns on "E" tvand LMT at least we do not have to put up with wickersham. So to the producers and writers in your off time figure out how you can fix NCIS.9.5


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    DVD for Season 11

    By maghildur, Dec 13, 2014

    I really hope that there is somebody out there that would be so kind as to let me (and so many others) know when will Season 11 of NCIS be released for ZONE 2.

    For quite some time now, season 11 has been out there for the fans/viewers of zone 1 to purchase, unfortunately this is not the case with ZONE 2

    For reasons not quite clear (as always) the powers to be decided long ago to divide the world of DVD's into zone, down below is the list of those zones for everybodys perusal and word of caution, unless you have a multi-zone video player, be very careful when you buy a DVD, and ensure that it is for the zone you are in, otherwise you will not be able to watch it. Usually one is tempted when going abroad, into buying DVD's, only to arrive home and be unble to watch them.

    I hope this info is useful, and as I said, please help us to find out when NCIS Season 11, will be available for ZONE 2, as it would have been great XMAS present.

    Here is a list of DVD Regions and their corresponding countries:

    R1 Region 1 ~ . Territories and Canada

    R2 Region 2 ~ Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland

    R3 Region 3 ~ Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong

    R4 Region 4 ~ Mexico, South and Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Caribbean

    R5 Region 5 ~ Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Africa (excluding South Africa), North Korea, Mongolia

    R6 Region 6 ~ China


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    please please please bring ziva back!!!!!

    By luckyme13, Dec 11, 2014

    Since she is gone the show has lost all humor! That in my opinion was the topping on the cake! Showing that agents who deal with death every episode still didnt loose the touch to a good laugh! That was what made this to me one off the best shows and now i cant watch it!! The actors are becoming more and more like bishop, just boring :(. I am sure that amy would fit in better in any other show then ncis. She is not agent material! So please if you want so save the show, bring ziva back!!!!moreless

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    Bring Ziva back please

    By irisbarclay3, Dec 11, 2014

    I watch the show ever since it been on TV and I love the show , but ever since Ziva is gone the show as not been the same. is really a really bad choice for the team she just does not fit in the show. Ziva to much starting to lose interest in the show please figure it out to some how bring Ziva back

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    The Bishop Effect

    By ZackBwitz, Dec 10, 2014

    Update. Her most recent episode[ Season 12, episode 9] got 16.01 views down from her first episode by nearly 4 million viewers. After 25 episodes, NCIS with the Bishop is trending strongly downward.

    It is unfortunate that these replies do not allow graphics. But the following should suffice. By setting the first Bishop episode's [Season 11 episode 9] number of viewers equal to 100, we can see how the show has done during her 23 episode run. Her 23rd episode gets an 88.96, 11 percent down from her first episode.

    From the numbers below, we can see viewers gave her a chance, but then the numbers began to drop. This equates to a loss of 2.2 million viewers and that equates to advertising revenue. Yes, she is not a very good actress and Glasberg seems to be oblivious to fan reaction to this character. What is surprising is that it is taking the show's producers so long to get a firm grasp on the obvious.


























    An uptick in episode 8 but then a nose dive in Episode 9 which was a Bishop centered story. How much more evidence do the producers need?


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    Thanks to bishop

    By jennyfersuhanda9, Dec 06, 2014

    Decided not to watch ncis any longer, theres no sense of watching series that makes me angry. Used to love it though. But the director or whoever that has the power in this series had chosen bishop who ruin everything and left me no other options.

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    goodbye wickersham

    By rustygirl7, Dec 05, 2014

    when I tune in to NCIS and I see the "wick" I tune out. I can't stand even looking at the vacant actress. she's nowhere and can't seem to act. she's miscast and should be replaced. JUST GET RID OF HER.

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