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  • 9.5


    By hollyfine, Feb 27, 2013

    Shows where Gibbs gets his sense of right and wrong. Great tribute to Americans who have not been recognized for their contribution to the USA

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    Gibbs' Namesake

    By DexterMorgan2, Feb 12, 2013

    This was a really good episode with a good storyline involving two Leroy Jethro's which helps us to learn about Gibb's past I remember the other Leroy Jethro getting mentioned in season 6 but I never thought we would ever see him It was good to see Leroy Jethro and Gibbs father start talking in the end and its been so far a good season.

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  • 8.5

    10x05 - Two Leroy Jethros!

    By JDML23, Nov 17, 2012

    I always enjoy episodes where we see Papa Gibbs so for that alone I liked this episode, but getting the bonus of learning about Gibb's namesake? Awesome!

    I admit I wasn't really invested in the mystery of the week because I was lot more riveted by the Gibbs storyline. That said, I really did crack up laughing a ton over Abby being flirted by the billionare guy, mostly because I knew that scene was coming from the moment she kept wanting to find a reason to arrest him, but it was still hilarious.moreless

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    Very good

    By bms29bms, Nov 10, 2012

    I really enjoyed this show. The team working together is always great even though this time the show was centered more on Gibbs and his name-sake (a black man). And the argument between Gibb's dad & his namesake had Nothing to do with being a selfish rich man. 1-I've never seen anything that states that Gibb's dad was rich. 2- Gibb's dad was not being selfish by going against his best friend/partner - I believe it was jealousy because his wife went to the friend to state she was going to take her life and said nothing to her husband. While Gibb's namesake understood why she was going to take her life and loved her enough to let her.

    This was enjoyable to watch.

    --- And the shows that revenge is never a wise choice.moreless

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    By amazing_race, Nov 06, 2012

    This episode was definitely superb, and it developed the back story of Gibbs even more. NCIS has always been really good at character development and today ws no exception.

    It would be fair to argue that the case featured in this episode was weaker than the other cases so far this season, but it was strong enough that when coupled with the great back story, it comes together to create a truly amazing episode!

    I really enjoyed it, and I hope season 10 continues to impress!moreless

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    Not so subtle electioneering

    By mrivera, Nov 05, 2012

    In the last episode before the election, we have a black Medal of Honor winner and an obnoxious selfish rich white guy. Really? Why not make him a Mormon to boot?

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    By chimpohamor, Nov 02, 2012

    The background story of the fate of Gibbs mother is very touching and it raises a very serious moral issue LJ senior portrays this classical dilema that many people are facing or unfortunately will face, and this epsode could serve as a preparation for such time. Also it has been taking place that a powerful entity robs the little guy of a good idea and the little guy has no power to resist it-so it also serves as a warning for inventors to be careful and not sp trustworhy of large cooperations and powerful entity.

    Great educational episode!moreless

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    Was Okay, But ...

    By slink, Nov 02, 2012

    We knew from a past episode upstate that Gibbs was named after the man who used to own the store with his father. It was nice to get closure on that aspect, even though some parts were not all that realistic. To begin with, Leroy Jethro Moore looked younger even than Gibbs, let alone Gibb's father. Certain things in this show have never rung true about the supposed environment in an small upstate Pennsylvania town, but that is poetic license. The age discrepancy was jarring, though. The NCIS universe lags a little behind reality, but a WWII veteran should still be no younger than 80 years old.

    Gibb's father seemed revealed as a truly selfish man, perhaps even a little cruel. I hadn't seen that in him before, and it was sad.moreless

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    Leroy Jethro

    By hegehalvorsen, Nov 01, 2012

    I just love the episodes Ralph Waite is in. He is such a great actor. I have loved him since I saw Carnivale. I loved the story of Gibbs' namesake. The only thing that confused me was that I thought Gibbs' parets didn't have a good marriage so it was strange he said he wanted more time with his wife.

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    By Dec1964, Oct 31, 2012

    I thought the back storyline was better than the main story, finally found out how

    Gibbs got his name. This was a well written story going back to WW2 & how L.J.

    & Jackson were close friends even naming his son after him. Also the fact that

    L.J. was in love with Gibbs' mother as well. Fantastic episode.

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