Till Death Do Us Part

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    By Irishelf67, Nov 11, 2013

    Really horrible episode! Bad guy makes sudden turn around. Really? Story just plain dull and repetitive-another finale where the someone wants revenge on Gibbs-been there, done that way too many times (wasn't that the theme of the finale in season 2 and 7). I kept watching the clock, wondering when the episode was going to end and when we were supposed to get to the good part-which was only the last 10 minutes! Really don't understand all the high ratings, especially when you read the review and realize the person only really liked the last 10 minutes!moreless

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    Not fit for a finale.

    By Gimpyelf67, Oct 29, 2013

    The episode was solo boring until the last 5-10 minutes. The whole Harper Dearing arc is unbelievable-almost as bad as the drug cartel one. This season has been a terrible disappointment. I have bought every season DVD set since season 3, but I will not be buying this season, as there were really only 4 or 5 decent episodes and many episodes ruined by JLC's character. GG needs to go-NCIS started to go downhill since he took over (with the exception of the 1st few month of season 7).moreless

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    The 9th Season Ends With A Cliffhanger. After Vance's Abduction, Gibbs Must Find Out Who Or What Is Dearing's Real Target. Will They All Survive?

    By Matt16020-FIN, Oct 06, 2012

    This is definitely an exciting way to end the 9th season of "NCIS". I was hooked all the way through and the suspense never let up. I have been a great fan of the plot involving the terrorist who targets Navy ships, so I'm glad that the finale was centered to him. The cast is once again at top form here. The investigation was very entertaining and fast-paced. Literally, this is an explosive finale so you can expect lots of action! Now the final three minutes. The bombing scene was really well put together and it was breath-taking. I hope everyone survives! Casualties are confirmed, but the names of the victims have not yet been told. Ducky collapsed in the last minute on beach. It was an emotional scene. But no worries, David McCallum has renewed his contract! But somebody has to go. We shall see how everything plays out in September. After 9 seasons, "NCIS" still remains as the best crime drama. Now it's up to season 10. I'm looking forward seeing you there. Excellent.moreless

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    Til death do us part

    By NildaArceGonz, Aug 21, 2012

    Ncis is one of the best shows there is ..Omg the ending ..This is going to hit the team real hard .Can't wait for the new ones to start'

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    a surprise a minute

    By DanielleMoyer, Aug 10, 2012

    I was blown away, (pun intended) by the final scene last season. His is a loss that will be felt by everyone, who watches the show.. the Duck man will be missed..

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    Till Death Do Us Part

    By ReneZwolinski, Aug 09, 2012

    What a finale ender. I am still shocked at the ending. I love this show and watch it religiouly. I think that this show is doing as well as it does also because of the cast. I have heard roomers about abbey leaving because of problems with her ex. I am so hoping that this is not the case. If anyone of the show leaves I unfortunately will have to be a not watcher from then on. The cast works magically together and no one can replace any one of them. This would destroy the family of NCIS. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...moreless

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    Can't believe it! (possible spoilers ahead)

    By amazing_race, Aug 08, 2012

    What a season finale! I couldn't believe this one! So incredible in so many ways ! This Dearing storyline has been absolutely phenomenal for the last few weeks and I was expecting an explosive finale, and that is quite literally what I got.

    But more than that, the very last scene of Season 9 was absolutely devastating! Please tell me that our Ducky is going to be OK! And he mentioned bodies as in plurla - who didn't make it? This is so suspenseful!

    I can't wait to see how this pans out when Season 10 begins! What a finale! Incredible!moreless

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    A most "un-enDearing" outcome ...

    By food_4_thought, Jul 30, 2012

    ** SPOILERS **

    Boy, you knew the evil Dearing had a ghastly grand finale in store for NCIS! He had ample opportunity to take Gibbs & crew out, but he was sticking to his Plan ... "fortunately" the ruse & device were discovered before Director Vance drove to his scheduled destination. Unfortunately - there was always going to be massive fall-out when Dearing eventually set it off. Even Cole's new found loyalty to Gibbs was strangely redeeming when he knew his own death was always a very real possibility.

    How will our NCIS family fare? None escaped harm - not even Ducky from afar. His phone conversation advising of fatalities. And where is Jimmy when the final action scenes unfold: was he already in return transit having moved their marriage ceremony forward?

    Those last few minutes sure had my sister & I on the edge of our seats - roll on Season 10!moreless

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    By KabbanetroKab, Jul 21, 2012

    I was hooked all the way through and the suspense never let up. ...Thanks for the information and success. http://www.kabbanet.ro http://sitedesignnet.ro http://www.kabbanet.ro/forum.php

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    Till Death Do Us Part

    By anthonyshekell, Jul 13, 2012

    I think this episode of ncis was "good" for the most part. It was a bit slower paced then most NCIS finales. The ending was really what won me over. I give this episode a 9.0, but I wouldve have given it an 8.5, that is until i saw the ending. It wasnt very exctitng or very entertaining throughout the episode. I felt that Dr. Ryan's character wasnt relevant to this episode, and that her connection to Dearing wasnt anything special. I am glad her charcater is leaving, I know she wasnt very popular with the viewers this season so i think thats a good thing. Now Ducky's heart attack may be one of the best cliffhangers NCIS has ever had. Its obvious he'll be back next year, but i feel that it just worked. Not the best finale, but definetly an improvement from last year's.moreless

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