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    Carla Bonner

    By PhiarlipJonesb, Jul 14, 2014

    Since she left Neighbours, what is Carla Bonner doing these days?

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    Paul Robinson has got to go!

    By diggerruss, Aug 22, 2012

    I have been watching Neighbours for about 20 years. But I am getting sick and tired of the

    character Paul Robinson & his scheming, conning and bullying. Surely he is past his use by

    date and until this character goes I will no longer be watching. Too much "same old, same old".

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  • 8.5

    Pretty good...

    By ChocolateMilk81, Aug 13, 2009

    I did like it, I did watch it... Its a good series... but come on... its all the same... is it any different than Home and Away... its like... Someone is dating someone, someone dies, someone gets kidnapped, someone falls in love with their ex when they are with someone else, someone gets lost. A fair show... its ok for when Im bored... Neighbours follows the lives of the people living in Ramsay Street... ok... so we want to watch other people's lives get teared apart and somehow get back together again, good reason. But so what, I don't wanna sound mean... so... I did watch it, did enjoy it, liked the characters and story a bit... good show.moreless

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    I love this show. It is so awesome.

    By Lambo1234, May 18, 2008

    This show is the best. It makes you cry and be sad but it also makes you happy in some ways. It was a tragedy that Stingray died but the question is how he died? I was crying for about 3 days. Another tragedy is that Suesan has MS. But there is good parts about the show. Dan is with Sam and Fraiser is with Rosie. Little Kerry was born by Sky and Marco and Oliver are now getting along. This is a awesome show and everyone knows it is the best. I end by saying the only words that can describe this show "The best show ever made on Earth."moreless

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  • 9.6

    An amazing show which has truly captured the heart of a nation!

    By punkrocker48, Apr 23, 2008

    So many reviews on this site view the show so negatively. But to contrast this, i argue that it is the success of this show which shows beyond doubt its long standing quality. The word popular can really tell us something about a show. This show (without doubt) is popular, and why is it popular? I intend to argue that it is the sheer quality that has braught this show to its extreme popular standing which it now holds in many nations. One only has to do a quick scan of a neighbours forum to see just how many and how extremely intent the viewers are. There are many intence forums which are both criticising and proving that this show is so great.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Much better than H and A!

    By spears5, Jan 19, 2008

    Where do I start? I guess I can't judge the early episodes, when you consider the fact that I was born during season nine, and didn't start watching till I was swept in by the 20th anniversary promos.I have seen only a very small amount of H and A but I much prefer the plotlines of Neighbours. It has much more action, and is on at a more convieneint (how do you spell that?) time. The recent Danceclub collapse was a good storyline, but not a particular favorite of mine. The only good that came out of it was that Jessica died (YIPPEE!). The plane crash was done ages and AGES ago, but I remember it as my current fav cliffhangar. So in closing, I will end with a mature statement: Neighbours Rules! Home and Away Drools!

    See Yasmoreless

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  • 6.8

    An Aussie drama.

    By amazing_race, Dec 07, 2007

    It's a fair show that I watch on some weeknights. However, it doesn't have that addictive agent to attract more people and to hold on to viewers who are currently watching.

    I've said this about many shows, but it needs something. It needs something special.

    Well, this show is about the life and times of the residents of Ramsay Street in Melbourne, Australia. It has different plots that develop. A current one is Ned and Janae, with Kirsten trying to get them to break up. It's been going on for way too long.

    However, not all plots are bad. Some are good and those are the ones that make me want to watch.

    Please make an improvement to this show!moreless

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  • 7.5

    Actually heaps of people know that i watch this.

    By Canthardlywait, Aug 08, 2007

    Neighbors is definitely the only soap that i allow myself to watch. The show is quite dramatic and a lot of stuff happens in such short periods of time. But then again that is what a soap is. Neighbors is one of those shows that you get hooked to and i have been watching it for the past 3-5 years. The actors and actresses aren't spectacular but there have definitely been some pretty talented people come out of the show. Take Kylie Minogue for example. To all those soapie lovers out there choose Neighbors over Home & Away and you will not regret it.moreless

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  • 8.7

    Ramsey Street, Erinsborough, the setting of a suburban dream home, with friends and family never too far away

    By iamthelexx, Jun 22, 2007

    I have only caught a few episodes of recent, as I am never home in time for it, but always read the tvtome site for updates, and plots, so personally I cannot wait for it to move channels to Channel 5 UK. It's a bit lower on the scale than Home and Away for me, but yet it is different. The show is more on the reality pathfinder, and has introduced lots of characters that will stick in mind, Madge, Harold, Stingray, Henry, the Timmins, Paul, etc., and maybe needs to bring back a few original characters to boost themselves. I for one would love to see Paul get his comeuppance, once Gail and Christina walk into his life again. I'm sure it will get better.moreless

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