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    Not just like any other episode

    By Cadd-9, Mar 30, 2013

    I was quite disappointed... not about the story or the characters. Just the low-grade-humor of most comedy series towards death.

    Of course it is fiction, but has Schmidt to rub his face on a carcass... of his best friends father.

    I think is too far fetched for a real character!

    Otherwise it was an entertaining episode... especially when Jess sings as Elvis

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    By TrueTvWatcher, Mar 27, 2013

    Chicago was a very entertaining episode of New Girl. I really enjoyed watching because there were lots of laughs despite some bad news. It was awesome to see the gang support Nick and bring their own quirky ways with them. Nick's mother was great and played by a wonderful actress. I liked how Nick was the responsible one and the pressure fell to his shoulders. It was awesome to see Jess save the day, and the way Nick looked at her was perfect. This will be a historic moment in Jess and Nick's story. I look forward to watching what will happen next!!!!!!!!!moreless

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