Fox Renews New Girl, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Following

By Kaitlin Thomas

Mar 08, 2014

Fox has decided to take some of the mystery out of guessing which of its shows will be back next season by announcing early four early renewals for comedies New Girl (returning for Season 4), The Mindy Project (returning for Season 3), and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (returning for Season 2), as well as the Kevin Bacon-fronted serial-killer drama The Following (returning for Season 3). 

New Girl's renewal is probably the least surprising of the bunch; Fox clearly wants it to stick around, and even awarded the comedy half of this year's coveted post-Super Bowl slot. Despite a rather disappointing start to Season 3 and a continued unevenness, the show still has its moments and earns relatively decent ratings. Meanwhile, it's time-slot partner Brooklyn Nine-Nine just won a Golden Globe (as did B99 star Andy Samberg), which probably didn't directly translate to a renewal, but certainly didn't hurt the show's chances. Also I think this .GIF speaks for itself:

As for The Mindy Project, that one's a wonderful surprise. It was not a foregone conclusion that the series would return for a third season, especially since it's taking a good chunk of time off at the moment. But now that Danny and Mindy have smooched, and the season finale is titled ‚ÄúDanny and Mindy," I can't wait to see where the series will take those two obviously-made-for-each-other kids when the series returns with back-to-back episodes on April 1.

Oh, and the The Following, hmmm, well, that show will return for Season 3, and it stars Kevin Bacon and I guess a lot of people like Kevin Bacon? 

Elsewhere, Fox has already renewed Glee for Season 6Bones for Season 10, and Sleepy Hollow for Season 2. There's still no word on the future of Dads, EnlistedAlmost Human, Rake, or Raising Hope.


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  • sprabhakar1 May 27, 2014

    I'm happy about Mindy and surprisingly indifferent about New Girl. I just found this season to be not good and Mindy to be hilarious. I think Mindy has an underground following like on social media and such and it's good for FOX to have diversity in its lead characters, an indian woman as a lead sure is good for their image. It's good writing and really smart and witty humor. This season defintely was on point. Hope the next is even better with huge guest stars again, it's great.

  • ldouglas1996 May 06, 2014

    What about "About a Boy?"

  • NotAmerican Apr 29, 2014

    My apologies if this has already been posted, but when FOX gave Dads it's "back 9", they also guaranteed it a second season.

  • irehawk20 Mar 14, 2014

    That Almost Human is going to be like CBS' Intelligence, that's the problem.

  • Doctor May 01, 2014

    The problem with both of those shows is they are shitty procedural, MoTW style shows, that take no risk, are boring, and highly illogical.

  • irehawk20 May 02, 2014

    Both Almost Human and Intelligence should be completely axed together!

  • irehawk20 Mar 11, 2014

    Enlisted should be the better choice to get renewed than Dads.

    I know Raising Hope and Enlisted are not doing well on Friday nights, but it has been revealed that Raising Hope is officially cancelled. But I am probable that Enlisted would get renewed because it does not fit with Raising Hope. Enlisted fits well with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so both shows will move to a new night. Dads will also get cancelled, that I can predict.

  • vcivi Mar 10, 2014

    New Girl...seriously after this terrible season...with all these new characters to keep the show going...bad mistake...don't get me wrong...loveD new girl a lot the first two seasons...but now it is just weird..the only fun person in it is Winston and Schmidt...

    The following i am really happy about...!!

  • Genesistt Mar 10, 2014

    Sorry, but I have to say none of the above. I'll wait for more news before starting to go giddy.

  • Chewyjr Mar 09, 2014

    I honestly don't see what people have against The Following I find it to be quite enjoyable. I watch it every week and enjoy the little twists and turns the show takes.
    Also happy that Brooklyn and Mindy was picked up...don't know how I feel about New Girl though. I loved the show, but now it just seems to be going down the rabbit hole.

  • sleepy-sonic Mar 09, 2014

    I don't watch any of these shows. I have tried to watch The Following on multiple occasions but it was bad so I gave up.

  • vajivalero Mar 09, 2014

    I don't know exactly why, but The Following being included in that renewal list feels like a giant slap in the face to me. In my opinion, it has so far done nothing quality- and ratings-wise to earn an early renewal - it hasn't cracked 2.0 since its timeslot premiere and while has shown some stability, hasn't shown an increase either. Me thinks that Fox is expecting a big bounce with Bones leading it in, in the coming weeks. Seriously, between this and Glee's double season renewal, Fox are overestimating and underestimating their shows. They must be smoking something...

    The renewed shows do have their work cut out for them, with New Girl and Mindy Project inching towards syndication numbers, Brooklyn 99 having awards, and Following having some kind of agreement between Fox and Kevin Williamson. But there's also no denying the network nepotism and black sheep-ing, which I find most distasteful.

    Like many others, I'm rooting for Almost Human to pull through. Even when the odds have been stacked against it, it's still done admirably and refused to go just fade away. The only thing that truly stands in the way of its renewal is how TPTB feel about it - I'm with Joe Adalian on this. If this wonderful show gets cancelled, MAY FOX ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED FOR FIREFLY. And even if they say that the show was too expensive to renew, the least that they could've done was to show it the way it was meant to be shown. Fox could learn a thing or two about giving shows their dignity. It's hard enough to accept and see a blatant lack of faith in a show, messing with it is just rubbing salt on the wound. It would be nice though if AH can continue in another format or something if a renewal is lost.

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