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  • S 5 : Ep 22

    New Hampshire (2)

    Aired 5/4/99

  • S 5 : Ep 21


    Aired 4/27/99

  • S 5 : Ep 20

    Freaky Friday

    Aired 4/20/99

  • S 5 : Ep 19

    Padded Suit

    Aired 4/13/99

  • S 5 : Ep 18


    Aired 3/9/99

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  • Stephen Root

    Jimmy James

  • Andy Dick

    Matthew Brock

  • Jon Lovitz

    Max Louis [ Season 5 ]

  • Maura Tierney

    Lisa Miller

  • Dave Foley

    Dave Nelson

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  • "NewsRadio" showcases the hilarious antics of the whimsical #2 news radio station in New York City. The corral of characters are eccentric and witty, and they surprise each other with their back-and-forth banter. Their workplace humor also supplies an abundance of laughs amidst this unlikely bunch of colleagues.

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  • Quotes (491)

    • Dave: Mr. James?

      Jimmy: Yes.

      Dave: Oh, Mr. James, I'm so sorry I'm late.

      Jimmy: We're you late? I didn't notice. 9:15?! What'd you do, walk all the way from Wisconsin?! Huh?! I'm kidding. Come on, Dave.

    • Jimmy: (on the phone) No. No, I'm at the station right now. Yeah. No, then I got to go to the factory, then I got to go to the building site. Huh? No, that's just for fun. I like to watch the big trucks.

    • Bill: You've exhausted all my options, so all that's left is backstabbing.

    • Dave: For what it's worth, I'd think you'd make a great news director. Lisa: Well thank you. Who knows, maybe some day I'll get my chance at the job. Dave: I'm sure you will. Lisa: Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow but within three months, four tops. Dave: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    • Beth: Coffee, Dave? Dave: Yes, please. Beth: Great. It's over by the booth.

    • Mr. James: Dave, I've got to run. I've got to get to the sporting goods store. Dave: Oh what are you buying, sir? Mr. James: The store. Actually the whole chain.

    • Dave: I understand that what you put me through today was a test. Jimmy James: Could be. Or it could be I'm just making this up as I go along. Dave: Which one is it? Jimmy James: You'll never know.

    • Beth: Hey Dave, I guess officially I work for you now, so would you like me to fire Ed? Dave: No no no. No Beth, but thank you very much for your... let's just call it moxie.

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    Notes (123)

    • Stephen Root's favorite part of the pilot is when he shows Dave there are no strings on the tennis racket by placing his head through it.

    • The network really wanted Dave to show some authority over his workers which is the reason for the outburst at Bill over the Al Gore story.

    • Originally Lisa was supposed to be slutty, flirting with Dave her new boss.

    • Paul Simms wanted Dave Foley, Andy Dick, and Phil Hartman as their respective characters. Stephen Root almost didn't get the chance to audition because originally Mr. James was supposed to be in his mid 50s. Maura Tierney was the last person cast the morning of the table read in front of the network.

    • Ella Joyce played Catherine Duke in the pilot for "NewsRadio". From Episode 2, Khandi Alexander portrayed Catherine.

    • Joe Rogan always thought that he was the token beefcake, leading to excuses from the writers for him to take off his shirt.

    • Maura Tierney is wearing a padded bra in this episode. The costumer responsible for season one was addicted to padding shoulders, bras, and pecs. The cast couldn't figure out why.

    • The ambulance footage will be seen many more times and it is always the same footage.

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    Trivia (61)

    • Phil Hartman (Bill) asks if Dave Nelson is from Canada, and Dave responds that he's actually from Wisconsin. In reality, actor Dave Foley is from Canada. And so was Phil Hartman. In addition a later episode will reveal that Dave Nelson was actually born in Canada not Wisconsin, a fact he shamefully refuses to acknowledge.

    • Ed mentions he is late because of traffic on the "freeway". Since the show takes place in New York not Los Angeles he should have used a different word. (Highway, Parkway).

    • The end tag scene between Dave and Lisa was shot three months/three episodes later. The staff thought there should be a better moment between Dave and Lisa. Also Dave Foley came up with the bit about Lisa's straying eyelash.

    • Ray Ramano was originally cast in the role of the handyman (named "Rick" in the pilot and called "Joe" from episode 2 forward.) Ray was fired during the filming of the pilot - and Greg Lee was brought in as a fill-in simply to finish filming of the pilot.

    • The character Jimmy James takes his name from a Beastie Boys song.

    • The character Beth's name was taken from the hit love ballad by the band Kiss.

    • Notice that there is no glass in the doors. The cameras had a hard time shooting in the radio booth because of the glare coming off the glass.

    • Originally Bill and Catherine were supposed to be more of a relationship arc, more emphasis about Joe and his van, and Beth sleeping with all the delivery men that come into the office.

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    Allusions (130)

    • Jimmy mentions that he owns a lot of stock in Euro Disney and seems upset because he is losing money over it. Euro Disney opened in the Spring of 1992 near Paris, France but was not a financial success in the beginning and was considered a disaster for Disney. It was in the news around the time the pilot was made for its financial woes.

    • The name "Joey Buttafuco" was later used as a name for a character on The Sopranos.

    • Bill: Say Joe, who's the black private dick that's a sex machine for all the chicks? Joe: Bill, I think that would be Shaft. While teasing Matthew about getting "the shaft" (a bonus of zero dollars) for three years in a row, Bill and Joe recite the theme to the Richard Roundtree Shaft films. Jimmy casually joins in by giving the capper line -- "I can dig it."

    • Episode Title: The Big Day This is an inside joke between Paul Simms and Joe Furey from their days at the Letterman show. There was a homeless man that hung around the outside of the building always shouting "Big Day."

    • Bill: The devil in the blue dress! Bill's description of Beth's revealing dress is a reference to the Little Richard song "Devil With The Blue Dress On."

    • Jimmy: You got me, Columbo. Jimmy is of course referring to the famous and disarmingly brilliant TV detective played by Peter Falk on NBC from 1971 to 1977 and on ABC from 1989 to 1993.

    • Lisa: I just don't think you should let Bill pressure you into anything you don't want to do. Beth: What is this? An episode of "Blossom"? Blossom was an NBC sitcom that ran from 1991 to 1995 featuring the everyday adventures of precocious teenager Blossom Russo played Mayim Bialik. Episodes often dealt with high school problems such as peer pressure, dating and (being the 90's) positive self image.

    • Bill: You are the sassy one, aren't you? Phil Hartman's delivery of the word "sassy" recalls a series of sketches on Saturday Night Live where he played the editor of Sassy Magazine and would constantly use the word as the ultimate compliment.

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  • that amount of words that can expressed oh how awesome this show is unknown.

    By Stylesclash450, Jun 17, 2005

  • An imminently watchable classic sitcom that juggles a big cast brilliantly while staying within the format.

    By pornstaresque, Sep 23, 2011

  • Certainly a HITcom!

    By Jaykeson, Oct 25, 2010

  • great!

    By tjtalman, Jul 06, 2006

  • What seemed like a run of the mill show is actually a great comedy.

    By lennydonkey, Mar 27, 2008

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