French Diplomacy

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    Dave and Lisa breakup....

    By uk6strings, Jun 09, 2009

    Efficiency expert Andrea, The unpopular addition to the WNYX staff, has become big buddies with Lisa - well, on her end anyway, Lisa cannot stand her. So it is this buddy relationship that fuels Andrea's obsession with Dave and Lisa's recent breakup. At the same time, Bill keeps saying the wrong thing on the air and Joe and Beth find out what Matthew has been doing since being fired from WNYX.

    Although I will admit that Dave and Lisa's breakup is heartbreakingly sad, "French Diplomacy" is a very funny NewsRadio episode. Matthew's new career is something that no one would have ever guessed, Jimmy James reacts to Bill's on-air blunders, and Bill and Andrea get into it (easily the best part of the twenty-two minutes!). "French Diplomacy" has laughs from beginning to end but it also begins a very funny arc through much of season four and is a NewsRadio must see.moreless

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