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    Dave tries in vain to keep the staff under control in front of the efficiency expert (Lauren Graham) and the man she has brought in (Paul Gleason) to help Dave do his job. Jimmy films his documentary and Bill brings in a piano to the office.

    By SteelBridge, Sep 08, 2006

    Hilarious episode. Every characters' personality is prominently displayed, surrounding a central theme. Despite the presence of Andrea the efficiency expert and Steve the corporate "enforcer," everything goes wrong and nobody cooperates. Matthew won't listen, Jimmy's eccentricity is highlighted, Beth doesn't actually work except for fetching coffee but "acts" like she's working, Joe rigs something and has to "deal" with Matthew, Lisa tries and fails after sticking her nose in, Bill refuses to be censored without fear of reprimand and Dave's unsuccessful attempts to control the staff leave him in desperation. NewsRadio is at its best when there is chaos.moreless

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