Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out

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  • Rob (snatches Affion's mic): You see what I just did. I just took his mic, now say your next line but this time say it right (puts the mike down to his crotch).

  • Mikey: You're a 7-Up b*tch and that ain't right. No wonder you got fired, we're all drinkin Sprite.(Red team pulls out Sprite cans)

  • Mikey (as Fred Durst): I want some nookie! Somebody shoot me before I make another album!

  • Orlando Jones (as Darth Vader): Why are you so short? Katt (as Yoda): Why are you so tall? Orlando Jones (as Darth Vader): Why am I standing like this next to you? Katt (as Yoda): Why are you about to get hit in the nuts?

  • Affion: I talked to your mom on the phone and got a huge erection. This s***'s so nasty, I got an ear infection.

  • Rob: What I see here is a string and a balloon, a lollipop and a stick. How'd your head get so healthy, but your body so sick? You look like that thing they use to scare the crows. How come your Adam's apple goes out further than your nose?

  • Katt: Now I may have a perm, and I know you don't. Later tonight, I'm a' **** a girl, and I know you won't.

  • Nick: Did you get a lot of *** on "Drumline"? Orlando Jones: Didn't yo' momma tell you?

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Notes (38)

  • Available Info: As with all the "Special" episodes, this one appears to be "out of circulation" and the available information is sketchy, at best. I will update these episodes if and when more info becomes available. If you have any additional data, please PM the editor.

  • ED NOTE : The site's computers will usually censor the words "s*t*y*l*e" and "c*l*a*s*s", in any configuration, as they are words used in coding instructions. This is especially troublesome in this show as we need to use "freestyle" and "Wild Style". Sometimes I'll resort to asterisks, sometimes I'll just live with the word being blanked out … UPDATE : Apparently it's only a problem if code is used, so please don't submit coded edits to any blurbs where those words are used - avoid the words or avoid the code. ;)

  • Nick Cannon and Orlando Jones starred together in the movie Drumline (2002).

  • Nick Cannon "freestyl*s" with Christina Milian, who he was dating at the time, and just barely beats her.

  • Games This Episode 1. Got Props 2. Star Sightings 3. That's My Dog 4. Wild Style

  • Kanye West set a new record by scoring 6 points during "WildStyle". On the bonus disc of the DVD there is an extended version of the battle in which Kanye actually scores 7, but it was edited for time. He was the first WildStyle player to score multiple points in one turn when he delivered a verse that scored on Nick, Rasika and Katt in succession (his score on Leonard being edited out), and then followed it up by scoring 3 more points against Leonard, Affion and the entire Red Squad on a second turn to close out the game.

  • Tracee Ellis Ross had earlier appeared in two of Kanye West's videos: New Workout Plan and Touch The Sky.

  • Nick Cannon and Kenan Thompson worked together previously on All That.

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Trivia (5)

  • In this episode Omarion exposes Nyima as a wig wearer.

  • In the "Couple's Counseling" game, when Mikey and Cameron play the Olsen Twins, Mikey says "How rude" to help Nick figure out who's speaking - but that wasn't Michelle's line in Full House, it was Stephanie's.

  • When Cameron Goodman imitated Cameron Diaz, she intended to just drop her pants, but she accidentally pulled down her underwear as well, briefly exposing her rear end.

  • Just before "WildStyle" Fat Joe tells the Red Team "If any of y'all say somethin' about me, I'm a smack the fire out ya" - and then punks out and refuses to play.

  • During "Home Jeeves", one thing for the red team was Young buck, who is the captain of the black team. When It was the black team's turn, Shawty was one of the people who is a member of the red team.

Allusions (17)

  • Mikey: You're a 7-Up b*tch … This is a reference to the commercials Orlando Jones made for 7Up.

  • Nyima: This is the most elaborate punk'd I've ever been a part of. Where is Ashton when you need him? An allusion to Punk'd, an MTV show hosted by Ashton Kutcher which pranks celebrities.

  • "Do you expect me to talk?" The line is an allusion to the classic James Bond film Goldfinger (1964).

  • Affion (singing): My mind's tellin' me "no", but the SWAT team's tellin' me "yes"! Affion is alluding to R-Kelly's early-90's song, "Bump and Grind".

  • Eva: Little Indian girl, I ain't gonna diss, don't you worry - but I think I have signups for "America's Next Top Curry". Eva is scoring on Rasika by alluding to America's Next Top Model.

  • "Cell Train" is an allusion to the great hit dance show Soul Train.

  • Cedric: I see you in the dressing room with Dem Franchise Boyz. Oh, "I think they like me". Cedric was alluding to Dem Franchize Boyz hit song "I Think They Like Me" which they performed at the end of the show.

  • Marques: I'm gonna try to be as funny as Underclassmen. Marques is alluding to the fact that Nick's movie, Underclassmen, was panned by critics as not being very funny - and it didn't do too well at the box office either.

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