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Quotes (5)

  • SPILL YOUR GUTS - Jeff "Hi, I'm Jeff Todd. I enjoy the beach..." (14 yrs old)

  • SPILL YOUR GUTS - Colleen "Hi, I'm Colleen, I'm 14 years old. I like pretty much every sport there is, but softball's my favorite."

  • SPILL YOUR GUTS - Rae "Hi, I'm Rae. ... My dream is to play for the Atlanta Braves...." (12 years old)

  • Mike: Row, row, row your boat; a boat that can't be seen.

  • Mike: Do you want to say anything to Ryan? Jonny: Spill your guts.

Notes (9)

  • According to their Spill Your Guts profiles:

    To Peach: Guts = Something New

    To Jen: Guts = Courage

    To J.R.: Guts = Unstoppable

  • This was the only 1 hour GUTS special in the entire run.

  • Ashley went on to become a TV Star!

  • In honor of Nickelodeon's Big Help, each of the three contestants dedicated their performance on Guts to a certain program in their hometown.

  • One of the contestants featured in this special is Bem "Mr. Big" Gar from the USA, who competed against Christopher "Dodger" Lynn from the UK, and Michal "Hamarite" Green from Israel.

  • Due to Katya's injury, this is the only Global Guts episode to feature three males competing. Stepan is the only competitor ever to receive a perfect score for all the events he competed in but failed to receive the gold medal. He is also the only competitor who didn't "spill his guts". Katya "spilled her guts" after the first event instead because she was still in the competition at that time.

  • Kelly represented the UK, but her true home country is Northern Island.

  • While he was representing the CIS and the Republic of Georgia, Kostya is actually a native of Ukraine.

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Trivia (5)

  • Blue player Brandon is referred by his last name (Holcomb) as opposed to his first name like the other contestants in this episode (it says his last name on his helmet and the digital scoreboard)

  • Mike errantly called the Faceplant Slant on The Edge Faceplant Curve.

  • The medals won in this episode does not count toward the official medal count in the official Global Guts season. This is only a special episode that aired before Global Guts officially premiered.

  • Mike O'Malley heads into the Extreme Arena after hours dressed as a player, and runs 1/2 of Basic training, showing off as if he were a Guts athlete.

  • This was the first time that Tornado Run had been on Global Guts. To save time, the event was run with all three players on the track simultaneously. One obstacle required that the players step on the lilypads to avoid jumping in the water. Instead of waiting for the other players to complete this task, the players ended up splashing through the water and getting their shoes wet. When they rounded the corner, they all slipped and fell. This injured Katya and she was unable to complete the event. In this version of Tornado Run, for the last obstacle, the players were jump through the first net and then climb over the entire second net (approx. 8 ft off the ground). For safety reasons, during the next Tornado Run, players would be timed and have individual runs. During the nets, they would only need to jump through two holes and no longer needed to climb to the top of the second net.