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    One of my all time favorite sitcoms

    By AmySF, Feb 24, 2015

    One of the things I loved most about this sitcom is that the writers were willing to push the envelope of outrageousness, but wrote with genuine humor. The actors were excellent and managed to make their characters fully realized instead of just cartoons. It's been 30 years and I can still watch this show.

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    One of the best of its kind.

    By sandbur, May 25, 2009

    Along with Barney Miller and MASH, Night Court was the last of what I considered to be the truly great sitcoms on TV. Nothing lately even comes close because now comedy is so intent on being low-brow, its forgotten how to be smart...or that smart is actually funnier than base humour.

    I loved "Bull"; what a golden TV character Richard Moll molded! Bull and "Selma" Diamond together were just magic. Some great poignant moments in that story line as well.

    Of course, John Laroquette practically invented the male jerk I think! He was brilliant, and he and Markie Post played off each other really well.

    I'm reminiscing again and should just move on I know, but I do truly's comedy doesn't hold a candle...moreless

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    By jsmith111977, Sep 24, 2008

    Night Court was an amazing show and a true classic that is still remembered today and for good reason. I recently watched season one on DVD and was surprised admittedly that it has held up so well, so many of my other old faves just don't hold water today with jokes seeming outdated and unfunny, but this show is still great today. I think the big reason for this is the characters, everything is based on the characters and those characters are so strong. Harry Stone was great and who can forget John Larroquette's Dan Fielding? Bull was awesome and like Cheers this show survived several replacement characters (the female bailiff was recast at least three times due to deaths etc) because they all worked so well. Check out this show if you haven't before because it's great, the jokes are still funny and the story lines are still relevant and surprisingly often as touching as they are funny.moreless

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    This show with it's one liners kept me cracking up!

    By MickFeedOnMe, Dec 08, 2007

    If there is a show that I miss besides Beauty and the Beast it is Night Court. I watch every epi when they repeat on TV and still laugh my buns off. Harry, the magician, always kept people laughing. It was with a cool hand that he handed down sentences. There was always a tidbit of advice as he let the person go. The one liners, the gags, the ladies that drove Dan crazy, the time they intoduced computers to the court and Mac was trying to take a baseball bat to his computer, Bull and his tenderness, Christine prim and proper and Roz, the enforcer. I miss the two older baliffs before Roz but I still loved Roz. This is when comedy was all that and more. I miss shows like this. A 10 all the way.moreless

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    This was another great show in the 80's sitcom category.

    By kevinb4444, Mar 21, 2007

    I liked this show, obviously because it was funny, but also because sometimes, something crazy and off the wall just came out of no were. I remember one episode they had a lot of cases, and one of the people in the court room in front of the bench was Wiley Cyote, from the Warner Brothers a cartoon in the middle of the show out of no were I was like what. They had all sorts of funny gags. The characters were good and so was the writing. It said a liberal judge in the description, but he was liberal with the rules, not like today's shows were liberal is political. That was another good thing, they didn't have to use hacky political material, they may have but didn't do it all the time.moreless

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    Great show, even to a young'in

    By ctclark1, Nov 29, 2006

    Though I wasn't old enough at the time to completely understand the show in first-run (born in '85) I do remember watching it with my older sisters and noticing that there were very funny jokes in it, though most of them were beyond me. A few years ago I caught it in rerun syndication and fell in love with it again. Excellent humor, great ensemble of characters, and the performers were excellent together. The chemistry was great and the bouncing jokes were great. I especially loved how thick-headed Bull Shannon could be, the things he didn't get made it hilarious. All in all, an excellent show, I need to catch the whole series end-to-end in syndication or they need to release the entire series on DVD, not just the "best of". Love this show!moreless

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    Bring this one back!

    By SoylentYellow, Oct 30, 2006

    Night Court was part of a golden era. The success and feel of the 8-10PM block of Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers and Night Court havent been repeated since. But, among those 4, Night Court was something special that really has not been repeated since. The first 2 seasons were a bit uneven until the final cast was formed that would carry it thru 9 successful seasons. The chemistry of the characters is what made it special along with the setting of an aging court room for atmosphere. I too would love to see a reunion of the original cast as each, one by one, the characters find their way back to Night Court after going their separate ways 14 years ago - with Harry, Dan and Christine as judges in adjoining court rooms.moreless

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    My favourite show from this era. Fun show with a great cast at a work environment

    By Rainyseason, Oct 25, 2006

    Night Court was a fantastic show with full of fun characters. They went through a lot of casting and recasting early on but found the perfect mix after a couple of season.

    The main 3 characters were Judge Harry Stone, prosecuting attorney Dan Fielding and public defender Christine Sullivan. Harry is a likeable yet at times geeky "kid at heart" personality. Dan is self-absorbed and egotistical. With Christine being kind, pretty yet uptight personality. All three character contrast each other very well, yet all had a certain amount of likeablity to them, even Dan.

    Most of the show takes place in a court room with fast, wacky cases going through. At times it ventures off to the individual characters of the show which is fine as the main characters are all very intersting and entertaining.moreless

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    Slow Start to a Classic Hit Series

    By aesgaard41, Oct 14, 2006

    I loved this show for as long it lasted. In the beginning, it followed the same premise of Barney Miller depicting the fact that city officials are just people themselves doing a job, but it was a rough start. None of the potential humor that made the show a hit was there. After several recastings, and a few trial characters and scenarios and finally the incredibly gorgeous Markie Post on the show for every one to drool over, the show became wildly cartoony, illogical and creative hit while it still managed to keep all the straight and contemplative issues that had made it a hit. Post really saved this show with her too perfect to-be-real figure while she followed the rigid restraints of a nun. John Larroquette was her perfect nemesis as the lecherous, but snobbish Dan Fielding and Harry Anderson as the judge with a Peter Pan complex. The supporting staff of Charlie Robinson, Marsha Warfield and the ever likeable Richard Moll also became stars in this incredible show, but it had really lost its steam when Christine lost her virginity to have a baby and Dan found his morals. From there, the show just wasn't as good, and the roller coaster ride, as great as it was, was over.moreless

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