The Hand of Borgus Weems

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    A man finds his right hand is possessed by an evil spirit, guiding him to murder.

    By orswel, Dec 19, 2009

    This variant on "The Hands Of Orlac" derives from a short story by Georges Langelaan, the original author of "The Fly". It's a fairly predictable tale, quite nicely done, but without any very memorable aspects. The plot moves pretty much as you expect it to, right down to the ending, when a previously sceptical character finds that his own hand is now possessed, and that the evil spirit of the murderous (if not diabolic) Borgus Weems is still very much active in the world. Ray Milland is able to lend his cliche role a certain gravitas, and Patricia Donahue gives a negligible minor role more class than it may have had on the page.moreless

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