The Late Mr. Peddington

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    Why does Mrs. Peddington ask the undertaker so many questions? He can guess the answer to that...

    By orswel, Jan 31, 2010

    The conclusion of this fairly brief "Night Gallery" anecdote is pretty easy to figure out, but it doesn't waste much time in getting there and there are compensations for the predictablity of its "surprise" twist in the acting of Kim Hunter and Harry Morgan. Morgan very deftly and swiftly delineates the character of the down-at-heel mortician whose business is not flourishing and who so desperately needs the custom of the ice-cool Mrs. Peddington (or anyone) that he's prepared to overlook the fact that her husband isn't dead yet. Kim Hunter, equally, is very stylish as the widow-to-be with murder only too clearly on her mind.moreless

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