Nikita's Final Season (Finally) Has a Premiere Date

By Kaitlin Thomas

Oct 04, 2013

Since Nikita's Season 3 finale, which saw Nikita framed for murder (of the president!), and the show's subsequent renewal for a shortened, six-episode final season, we've been repeatedly checking our Google alerts and twiddling our thumbs and never going to the bathroom out of fear that we might miss the following news: Season 4 finally has a premiere date! So get out your calendars or iPhones or whatever it is you use to remember stuff, because Division's swan song kicks off on Friday, November 22 at 9pm on The CW. 

The six-episode run will air uninterrupted, which unfortunately means that Episode 2 will air the day after Thanksgiving here in the States. But it might be nice to come home from a long day of Black Friday shopping that made you want to kill the lady who cut in front of you to grab the last DVD off the shelf and watch Nikita actually kick someone's ass. Living vicariously and all that.

What do you want to see during Nikita's final season? How do you think the show will end?

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  • king158 Nov 03, 2013

    This is my Favourite Season. Nikita & Michael are Best. Waiting for final season

  • BevinChu Oct 27, 2013

    With Breaking Bad wrapped up, Nikita is one of the two or three best series still on TV at the moment. The other one being Homeland.

    Let's just hope they don't foist a Dexter type non-ending on us.

    Given how well written Nikita has been over three seasons, I don't imagine they will.

  • BobMasters Oct 13, 2013

    If show starts on Nov. 22, then the first episode will be on Black Friday. And anyway, what "run uninterrupted" means?

  • MrxNonamex04 Oct 16, 2013

    Black friday is always the day after thanksgiving, which is the 28th of nov. and run uninterruped means there will be a new episode every week til the show ends, so no breaks between like most show do during the year.

  • Standoffrulz Oct 11, 2013

    Well season 3 was a disappointment. I loved how unpredictable the show was in the first two seasons as well as the story lines and while there were some good episodes in season 3 I began to find myself disappointed in the show! That being said I am a very loyal fan and can't wait to see how the final season of Nikita will end, particularly how they will finish the show! I hope they do it justice though with only 6 episodes it will be very hard to do that!

  • mateusz703 Oct 07, 2013

    Amanda and Percy (and Nikita in flashbacks) were the most interesting characters. Alex and Michael the most boring.

    On a side note - Wish Percy's story arc had been written a little different. They wrote him so malevolent and bent on murder that he sabotaged his own plans much of the time.

  • mateusz703 Oct 07, 2013

    I gotta figure Amanda's gonna get it. But after seeing Broken Home, I think it should be in a redeeming way. Since she was brutalized throughout her childhood, is it any wonder she turned out as she did? So how about she does herself in when she has Nikita helpless. After all, she has never been able to kill Nikita despite opportunities. That has to be explained.

  • Demonstrable Oct 05, 2013

    People gonna die.

  • c07111 Oct 05, 2013

    Starting watching Nikita on Nexflix and couldn't stop watching. Didn't realize how good the show was and was quite disappointed to hear about the cancellation and only six eppys in the final season. Very underrated show and I will be glued watching the six eppys no matter what happens in them, because I truly became a fan of each character, good guys, grey guys and villains alike.

  • Placebo_obecalP Oct 05, 2013

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  • cheriross75 Oct 06, 2013

    Until pre-moderates to get rid of spam, please just flag any "comment" that you see concerning outrageous pay for a little bit of work.

  • Placebo_obecalP Oct 06, 2013

    I do flag every single one I find, but as I tend to read in the AM (CET) they tend to always be there and always be there for the first few hours of the day, it's bloody annoying and it's been a problem for years that they've done absolutely zero about fixing.

  • cheriross75 Oct 07, 2013

    You are absolutely right. I just haven 't been on very long and was only trying to help. I apologize.

  • Placebo_obecalP Oct 07, 2013

    Nothing to apologise for at all, sorry if I came across as abrasive, it's the spammers and the sites admins that do nothing about them that need to apologise! :)

  • sleepy-sonic Oct 05, 2013

    Six episodes should be enough to give it a proper send off.

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