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Quotes (5)

  • Nikita: (toasting with Sean, ALex, and Michael) To us. If we can survive each other, we can survive anything.

  • Anne: Why not just kill Nikita? I could have done it in the cemetery if you'd allowed it.
    Amanda: Death is the last step of her journey, and we're not there yet.
    Anne: Her journey?
    Amanda: Oh, I'm not done teaching her, Anne. (looks at surveillance photos of Nikita on her computer) I am not done teaching her.

  • Sean: Now I can't tell you what to do, Alex, but I'm not gonna stand by...and watch this place destroy another person that I love.
    Alex: What? (Sean kisses her)
    Sean: I love you. But if that's not enough of a reason for you to leave, then I got no reason to stay.

  • Ari: You're not thinking clearly, you're letting your anger towards Nikita--
    Amanda: I am perfectly clear! I gave Nikita everything. That little street urchin with the bad eyebrows, she wasn't a leader; she was worthless. I created the Nikita people fear and respect. Then she used the gifts I gave her against me. I'm ready to return the favor.

  • Alex: (toasting) Nikita. Where do I start? Um, I hope you know I'd do anything for you.
    Sean: You mean more than taking a bullet?
    Nikita: It's okay. I've taken a shot for Alex before.
    Michael: Actually she shot you.
    Nikita: In the Kevlar.
    Alex: To save her life.
    Michael: Few things say I love you like a bullet to a non-essential area.
    Sean: Well, then, honey, why haven't you shot me yet?
    Alex: Keep talking.

Notes (3)

  • Original International Air Dates:
    Canada: Thursday, January 3, 2013 on CTV 2

  • Featured Music:
    "Fue Un Ayer" by Jon Alexi
    "Nocturne No. 9 in B Major" by Jim Long

  • Devon Sawa (Owen) is now credited as a series regular, and Melinda Clarke (Amanda) is credited as a series regular for the first time in season 3.