Joy Kringle

Season 3, Ep 13, Aired 12/13/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Sean and Christian are perform a mico-liposuction on Joy Kringle, a woman who acts as Mrs. Claus during the Christmas season. During her lipo they find a seventeen year old fetus inside her. Julia is not feeling well. A blood test performed by Sean reveals why. She is pregnant.

  • Cast & Crew
  • G.W. Bailey

    Wesley Kringle

  • Julian McMahon

    Dr. Christian Troy

  • Brittany Snow

    Ariel Alderman

  • Luck Hari


  • John Hensley

    Matt McNamara

  • Fan Reviews (18)
  • Joy Kringle

    By marceloscar, Jul 30, 2009

  • Meetus the Fetus

    By maxpower03, Feb 08, 2008

  • Not an explosive episode, but definitely interesting. (some spoilers, but not the big ones)

    By Roninboxers, Aug 08, 2007

  • Secrets And Lies

    By queerlybeloved, Apr 10, 2006

  • The Nip/tuck Christmas episode!

    By funkyfresh5, Jan 30, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (16)

    • Joy Kringle: By the time your kids have kids, Doctor, Santa will no longer be thought of as the fat man. He will be trim, tight and a little bit sexy.

    • Annie: Do you think Mary had sex with God? Matt: Um.. Uh.. Well, my personal theory, is that Mary got it on with Joseph before the wedding and then when Jesus was born less than nine months later, she told everyone it was a virgin birth. That way no one would know she had sex before uh... she was married. That'd be pretty tough to get away with that today. Julia: Matt, knock it off.

    • Christian: Not a bad way to spend the holidays. Matt: Two single men, watching football, eating Chinese. That's America.

    • Wes Kringle: Has it all been a lie, Joy? Our entire marriage? Joy Kringle: Of course not. But every day isn't Christmas. Sometimes I don't feel jolly, I feel like shit. I'm tired of being Mrs Santa Claus. I just want to be myself.

    • Wes Kringle: (on finding out his wife slept with another man) How could you do that, Joy? Joy Kringle: He paid me some goddamn attention, Wes! After the doctors told us your sperm wasn't viable, you just jumped headlong into the whole Santa thing and all the little brats that worshipped you. And it was all about them and your career and I got a little lonely. I couldn't talk to you. I still can't.

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    Notes (4)

    • International Air Dates: Czech Republic: October 29, 2008 on TV Nova

    • Brittany Snow is credited as a Special Guest Star

    • Brian Kerwin receives the 'and' credit

    • Although listed in the opening credits, Kelly Carlson does not appear in this episode.

    Trivia (4)

    • Unlike Kim, Joy Kringle undergoes general anaesthesia when she has her micro-liposuction done. Christian gave micro-lipo to Kim with local anaesthesia.

    • Real Life Comparison: Joy Kringle carries a "stone baby" for 17 years. This is actually a real phenomenon. It is called Lithokelyphopedions. They occur when a fetus dies during an ectopic pregnancy. In 2000, a 49-year-old fetus was found in a 76-year-old woman. In 1999, a 39-year-old fetus was found in a 67-year-old woman.

    • Music: "Oh Holy Night" by Aaron Neville (at the end of episode) "The little drummer boy" by Arthur Lyman (Sean examines Julia and talks with her about their Christmas plans) "Santa's going to rock" by The Bellrays (Matt and Ariel dismantle the nativity scene at school) "Hark the herald angels sing" by Jingle Punx (Matt and Ariel repaint characters of the nativity scene) "Under Dark Rain In Our Room" by Russell Mills (Ariel puts prescription grade bleaching cream on her face, it burns her skin, Matt puts her in the shower to flush the chemical)

    • Despite her comments in a past episode of plastic surgery being the work of devils, Ariel comes to McNamara/Troy for aid.

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