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    By jonastone71, Aug 30, 2014

    I loved this serie. It makes me realize much things in life. Its such a nice serie, so real.

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    Bizarre, Wonderful, Ridiculous

    By amalalane, Nov 20, 2013

    It must be a good show to have all 3 adjectives describing it. Bizarre: watching plastic surgeon operations as part of the dramatic arc. Wonderful: Exploring body issues, perfection, family, sexuality, identity. Ridiculous: crime procedural that it wasn't, you'd think there would be at least some effort to create a semi-plausible investigation into the Carver incidents. There were other plot lines that were so thin they didn't stitch together: what family would hire a nanny without doing a background check from her previous employers . why didn't Sean and Julia know about Monica's previous affair with her boss?). I actually laughed watching the brother and sister Carver act as they explained what they did and why all the while soaking in the sun in Spain. If you watch the show and are from another planet, you'd think we humans are really into incest or as they say, 'Incest is So it is kind of a kinky show all things considered.moreless

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    Started Out Promising

    By hails52o, May 27, 2013

    I agree with most people in saying that I was sceptical about the show given that I only knew 1 or 2 of the actors that would be starring in the drama series and at least one of them wasn't a big time actress (Referring to the actress who played Julia- Ne'e Naughton). I don't know why in Hell they had her play the character of Julia who is meant to be the ultimate dream girl to both Christian and Sean. Quite ridiculous to think of her as even remotely attractive. In fact I wouldn't deem her rootable in Christians eyes at all. In saying that, they could have picked a better character who didn't resemble Michael Jackson (turned white) as Matt- the son of Sean. I guess they were doing someone a favour?

    Christian who played his character fantastically would have to be THE worst friend anyone could have. Just when you start to see a kind heart in him from season 3 onwards, he will do something completely unforgiveable in any sane persons mind, that ultimately reminds you of all the reasons why he should be hated. I was rooting for Kimber to be with Sean although it got stupid with the idea of them passing her back and forth. I at one point wanted Christian to be with Kimber after she was attacked by the Carver. In fact I was saying in my mind to Kimber to stay with Christian, that he was a changed man. How stupid was I after the way he then treated her in the next season?!

    After the death of Kimber which could have been truly a sad scene (had they made a few adjustments) I don't get how a main character that started out in season 1 commits suicide in season 6 and is abruptly forgotten about! What happened to any of the characters truly mourning?! Seeing Christian in tears after finding out had me choked up- but then he was back to his old sleazy self the next day.

    I could really go on and on about the stupid parts of the show and how ridiculous the storylines were but ill end it with this: watch it all. Maybe even just to have a laugh because once it ends, you cant help but miss the team that were Sean, Liz and Christian.moreless

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    nice season

    By jorgeuao1, Apr 19, 2013

    nice season

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    It started as an awsome show but to be honest after the carver season Nip/Tuck has its moments its not so addicting anymore. They need to fix it.

    By aixa00, Sep 20, 2012

    Ok, needs to be awsome again, more addicting like it used to be. They need a new plot something interesting that draws attention like the carver ( it gave me goose bums). Nip tuck its a good show but it has bacome one of those shows that I do not need to watch every day. It has become one of the shows that I watch because there is nothing else on. Bottom line is that is needs some fine tunning, so every week I can say that I cannot wait 'till next week to watch it. It needs to be more addicting.moreless

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    i miss the show already

    By mztvlover, Jul 27, 2012

    I never seen this show until it hit Netflix I watched all 100 episodes from beginning to end in less then one week...I miss the team really I loved every minute of the show especially sean ....but kimber and Liz was my girls I want more lol

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    By KellyMizellAl, Mar 17, 2012

    I got super excited when I saw Nip Tuck available on NetFlix so I started with season 1 and I have been working my way down. I'm on the last episode of season 6 and let me just say the most aggravating part of this show is JOELY RICHARDSONS acting. I know she is covering her accent but come on. The nasal noises before she speaks get old. They come before every line. It's like a stuffed up nose attempt at a sigh and it sounds horrible. She does it so much it's like come on you have to know how aggravating you sound. Also have you watched her in her sex scenes where she is supposed to be turned on. Her heat of passion look like she is going in to a seizure with the convulsing and overly fake heavy breathing. It was horrible to watch. If I was making out with a woman and she acted like that I would call 911. It is over acting at it's best. She was annoying to watch on the show. If it was a make out scene between Joely and someone else I would fast forward. If you want a good example look at the scene in the episode where she had the facial surgery and she had a dream she was married to Christian. When she corners Shawn in the office and seduces him. It literally looks like she is convulsing. I loved this show but watching her made me sick!moreless

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    Season 1-3 are worthwhile, but what happened with Season 4? Was their a writer strike???

    By Spartanacus, Mar 31, 2011

    My review of this show would have been a lot higher if I stopped watching after Season 3's finale. But unfortunately...I'm one of those 'loyal' TV viewers who feels like once he starts something, he's going to see it through to the end. In this case...the cold, dark, absurd bitter end! But after the show pulled a Fonzi and 'jumped the shark' several times in Season 4 (and I'm not even done watching it!)...I'm ready to bail out. Thanks to this website, and what appears to be similar reviews (though one person said Season 4 was good???), unless the last few episodes of Season 4 are simply amazing...I think I'll save myself the embarrassment of sitting through another 41 hours of mindless dribble.

    I finally got burned with investing my time on a 'new' show (though it is so easy with Netflix streaming) before doing my due diligence and at least reading reviews to see how it played out through all seasons. To sum up...if you're curious and have nothing else to watch in the old Netflix instant queue, then have fun with Season 1-3...but beyond that, you have been warned!moreless

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    The 4 first seasons where very good and quite intersting but the last seasons have been extremely disapointing. It's like what happend in prison break, the writers went out of ideas and streched the sow because it sold, but the result is horrible!!!

    By ducati7, Dec 14, 2010

    The 4 first seasons where very good and quite intersting but the last seasons have been extremely disapointing. It's like what happend in prison break, the writers went out of ideas and streched the sow because it sold, but the result is horrible!!! i was a nip tuck fan but i can't watch it anymore. With all these things that happend i find it pretty apawling and i will not watch it again. Every kinky-twited-pervert-weerdo character you might think this sow has them!!! Also everyone have slept with everyone. It's such a shame what started to be a great show that is now painfully to watchmoreless

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