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    By nas4life123, May 07, 2011

    Wow, this is by far the worst episode yett. The monkey lady was really annoying and i hate how things never change with Christian. I mean seriously? Sleeping with your wife's mother? WTF This episode was really boring and i hate how this show is ending. The past 3 episodes were good but this one was horrible. The only good part was when the lady screwed Sean over in the end. That's all! The patient storyline, i had no sympathy for, at least Matt was back in this episode. Well i really think it's time this show ends, i honestly think the damage has already been done, i really wanted good storylines like the ones in Seasons 2&3 but i guess that's all in the past, this show feels like a soap opera you would watch on daytime television. I love this show to death but this episode was really bad :(moreless

    8 10