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  • Christian: (in Spanish) Mr. Perez, my partner thinks you have a body dysmorphic disorder. I do not. I don’t think you hate your body… I think you’re running. 4525 Collins is not a residence; it’s the Eden Roc Hotel. I’m quite fond of the happy hour tapas there. (in English) You wanna talk about the real reason you breezed into town? And do me a favour, Mr. Perez, when you answer, drop the no hablo English bullshit. It doesn’t add to my confusion about your predicament, it only highlights your own. I’m a doctor; what you tell me during consultation is confidential. Silvio Perez: I prefer to let my money talk. (He puts a large briefcase on the table) Christian: Nice alligator. (He opens the briefcase to show a lot of money) Silvio Perez: Twenty thousand dollars, according to your website. That’s your fee. Christian: Funny isn’t it? How certain things from Colombia have that pungent aroma that can stink up a room. Coffee, for instance, and of course there’s the cartel money. Silvio Perez: I’m not Colombian. My brother and I, we are Argentinean. Christian: Mr. Perez, if you were Argentinean, I wouldn’t have to recommend porcelain veneers. It’s the only South American country with fluoride in the water. One last time, why are you running? Silvio Perez: I was with the boss’ girl. Christian: Mr. Perez, you cad.

  • Miss Michaels: (to Sean, as she leaves) The next time you’ve got some little size four on your table, and you’re giving her liposuction she really doesn’t need, you think of my Joey and what you could have done for him. Shame on you.

  • Christian: You think a big change like this will be easy? It will not. You want a change? Great. Do the nip-and-tuck route. Subtle, almost imperceptible shifts. Isn’t that what you recommend to all your patients? But don’t delude yourself into thinking that you have the time or the patience for an entire life lift. We’re not twenty-seven anymore, we’re forty, and, brother, we’re on the cusp of the American dream! Sean: It’s not my dream anymore.

  • Sean: When I come home, you’re stone. You don’t show me any respect, even though I think the life I’ve given you is pretty goddamn sweet! Julia: YOU GAVE ME NOTHING! I made this life with you. Did you think this is what I wanted? To be some Stepford doctor’s wife? It’s not. Sean: Well, then change your life! Change it like I’m changing mine. Julia: This isn’t change, Sean. This is a whim.

  • Sean: (on phone) I’m quitting! I’m starting over before it’s too late!
    Christian: Are you at home, Sean? I’m gonna come over. We can talk…
    Sean: (on phone) It’s my turn to talk now, Christian, OK? The mute finally speaks! So listen up! Thank you for using your cock as a lure to get emotionally damaged young women into our office. That’s a brilliant sales ploy! Thank you for being so ruthlessly ambitious that you would gladly accept drug money. A business transaction, by the way, that could lead the Feds straight to our front door. Maybe you want to have your medical license revoked and spend your forties taking it up the ass in prison, but I do not!
    Christian: I’m losing you…
    Sean: (on phone) DO NOT HANG UP ON ME! I’M JUST GETTING STARTED! Thank you for becoming so repugnant to me that I’m finally taking charge of my life.

  • Christian: During our consultation, your brother said he was with the boss’ girl. How old was she?
    Alejandro Perez: She was six.

  • Sean: Matt, why did you go to Christian with your concerns instead of me? Matt: Because he’s cooler than you, and he listens to me. I don’t get that ‘father knows best’ bullshit from him. He treats me like a man.

  • (Christian and Sean discuss Matt wanting to be circumcised) Sean: He doesn’t need a circumcision. It’s a vanity operation. Christian: We’re in the vanity business, Sean, it’s what we do. Appearance is everything to a kid. It’s how you fit in. Snip, snip… he feels better about himself and you, sir, can make that happen. How cool is fatherhood? Sean: I’m not doing anything to my son’s penis or my wife’s breasts. I don’t want my family infected by what we do here.

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  • Raymond Cruz (Alejandro) also worked with Robert LaSardo (Escobar) in the 1991 movie Out For Justice.

  • Raymond Cruz (Alejandro) and Geoffrey Rivas (Silvio) also worked together in the 1993 movie Bound By Honor.

  • Raymond Cruz (Alejandro) and Joanna Sanchez (Rosa) also worked together in the 1996 movie Up Close And Personal.

  • Geoffrey Rivas (Silvio) also worked with Dylan Walsh (Sean) in the pilot of Brooklyn South.

  • Geoffrey Rivas (Silvio) also worked with Roma Maffia (Liz) in the season 3 episode "Fight Night" of CSI.

  • Geoffrey Rivas (Silvio) and Joanna Sanchez (Rosa) also worked together in the 1993 TV movie Blind Side.

  • Joanna Sanchez (Rosa) also worked with Dylan Walsh (Sean) in the episode "Wild Irish Woes" of Brooklyn South.

  • John Hensley (Matt) plays Dylan Walsh (Sean) and Joely Richardson (Julia)'s son, even though Hensley's 14 years younger than him, and 12 years younger than her.

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  • The McNamara home is located at 1657 Essex Way.

  • Featured Music: "Lonely" by Bebel Gilberto (Christian driving in his car during opening credits) "Paint It Black" by Rolling Stones (during Perez's face surgery) "Truth or Dare" by N.E.R.D (Christian botoxing girls at the suite) "Panoptica" by Nortec Collective (When Escobar tortures Christian) "A Perfect Lie" by Engine Room "Giddy Up" by Indo

  • Liz is revealed to be a lesbian, and that she has just ended a fifteen year relationship with a woman named Jan.

  • Featured Music: "Motherf**ker" by We Are Evolved (Christian with tanning booth girl) "Genetic World" by Telepopmuzik (Mandi/Randi surgery) "Coup D'Etat" by Sekou The Ambassador (Christian/Matt at strip club) "Walking On Space" by Smooth (Christian gets lap dance from stripper) "Over My Head" by Fleetwood Mac (Julia finds Christian in bed with Mandi/Randi)

  • The scene where Matt asks Julia for the cuticle scissors, the stove clock reads 6:40PM. Julia is to meet Christian 20 minutes later. This presents how strictly accurate the crew is.

  • Goof: When Matt and Julia have a talk near the end of the episode, Julia's hand goes from Matt's shoulder to Matt's cheek between each shot.

  • Dr. Santiago describes a former patient of hers as having attention deficit disorder while the symptoms she describes are for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • Despite the episode being named after her, Nanette Babcock doesn't have surgery. This is the first time that the episode is named after someone who doesn't have surgery.

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  • Christian's boat is named "The Boatox". Botox is an anti-wrinkle drug.

  • Julia: Things, Dr. Spock did not write a chapter about. Dr. Benjamin Spock (1903-1998), an American paediatrician, wrote a best-selling book called The Common Sense Book Of Baby And Child Care (whose first edition was published in 1946) which is often seen as a parenting handbook.

  • Julia: You think I wanted to be some Stepford doctor's wife? This comes from the 1972 book "The Stepford Wives" by Ira Levin. In the book, the husbands of Stepford, Connecticut, have all their wives replaced by submissive, obedient, beautiful and perfect robots.

  • Christian: So I hear your marriage jumped the shark last week. The origin of this phrase comes from an episode of Happy Days. In the episode "Hollywood (3)", Fonzie ski jumped over a shark. This was considered the low point for the show. The phrase 'jump the shark' is now used to denote the point where the plot goes off into absurd story lines or out-of-the-ordinary situations. Shows or things that have "jumped the shark" are typically past their peak.

  • Christian: I'm sorry you had to catch me in the middle of a doublemint moment back there. Doublemint is a brand of gum that was advertised in commercials with twins. The tagline was "double your pleasure, double your fun."

  • Julia: Don't show Annie The Exorcist again. The Exorcist is a horror movie, directed by William Friedkin, about a daughter possessed by the devil. Unable to find a physical cause for her malady, she is ultimately suggested to an exorcism.

  • Christian: Are you actually telling me to stick my dick in the Crypt Keeper to make your mistake go away? The Crypt keeper was the host of the "Tales from the Crypt" horror comic books published by EC Comics. He has also appeared (in varying forms) in a live action movie, television series and animated cartoons.

  • Sean: I've got a son who tried to cut off his penis, a wife who flushed a gerbil. It's like I've moved back into Hell House. Hell House is a novel thriller by Richard Matheson. The story of four investigators hired to study the notorious Hell House to find proof of life after death. But they soon fall prey to the malign spirits that haunt Hell House. It was later made into movie by director John Hough.

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