Noah & Saskia

BBC (ended 2004)
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  • S 1 : Ep 13

    Tonight Live With Noah and Saskia

    Aired 7/27/04

  • S 1 : Ep 12

    Would the Real Max Hammer Please Log On?

    Aired 7/20/04

  • S 1 : Ep 11

    Don't Give Me No Love Song Blues

    Aired 7/13/04

  • S 1 : Ep 10


    Aired 7/6/04

  • S 1 : Ep 9

    Extra Spicy

    Aired 6/29/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Cameron Nugent

    Max Hammer

  • Andrew Grainger

    Bryce King

  • Tracy Mann

    Deb Litras

  • Hannah Greenwood

    Saskia Litras

  • Jack Blumenau

    Noah King

  • show Description
  • Welcome to the Noah & Saskia guide at Saskia doesn't get it. All she did was go into a chat room seeking revenge on a guy who stole her music. Yet what she ended up with was the most important relationship in her life, with the most amazing person. His name is Max Hammer, and after their first big meeting on-line, Saskia feels like she's known him her whole life. He seems to know everything that's going on in her head, in her music, and better yet, in her soul. He seems to have all the "S's" - strong, smart, sensitive and sensible. And best of all, he sees those same qualities in her. Yep, Saskia's relationship with Max is perfect - or it would be, if he wasn't in the UK and she wasn't in Australia, and if he didn't think she was somebody completely different. You see, Saskia has created an alter ego that she uses on-line. Her name is Indy and she's everything Saskia isn't - self-assured, carefree and sexy. And while she initially uses Indy as a mask, Saskia starts to realise that it's an easy way to explore the parts of herself that are blooming way down deep, the parts of herself she can't express any other way. Not yet, at least. And Saskia knows that if Max found out who she really is - a rather prickly, defensive, shabby looking teenager - the most fantastic friendship of her life would be all over in an instant. That is, if Max was who he claimed to be, which of course he's not. In reality, Max is a fourteen year old dweeb named Noah, and he has no illusions. He knows that if Indy ever learned the truth, she would run screaming. They're partners in Noah's on-line comic, and they're a great team creatively - he takes care of the images, she takes care of the music. Indy is a great listener when Noah has a problem, and she thinks his advice is cool. All he has to do is make sure she never finds out who he really is. But that's okay, Noah's used to living a double life - geeky little brother of the school football hero by day, super-confident cyber marauder by night. "Noah & Saskia" is about a little lie that leads to a bigger truth - that who you say you are is usually who you want to be.moreless

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  • Quotes (4)

    • Renee: Do you see what I did? Saskia: Nothing? Renee: Lured! I lured! Boys are easy, Sas, all they need is for it to be their idea. I mean you've gotta look right, and act right, but after that you do nothing. You wait. Saskia: But you didn't lure a boy; you lured Stempel. Renee: Same thing. Saskia: Same species. Renee: I think I've made my point.

    • (Stempel attempts to access Max Hammer Media, but access is denied) Stempel: Nup. (makes a move to leave, but is promptly stoped by Saskia) Saskia: "Nup" is not acceptable, try again. Stempel: (sigh) I can't get in! Max Hammer is too good. He's a legend in the chatrooms. Renee: Chatrooms, what's that? Stempel: Try WebWeave. It's a chat server where all the heavy-hitters hoast their own rooms. It's a roleplay fantasy-based thing. Renee: Roleplay, what's that? Stempel: Not my taste really; I'm into reality. (Saskia and Stempel look at Renee) Renee: (pause) I'm up on reality! Saskia: Listen Stempel. You've just been sprung having a cyber-affair with a teacher, by someone mean enough to tell the whole school. Take me to WebWeave.

    • Saskia: This Max Hammer is a dead man; he's a corpse! A memory. I want revenge Renee. Nobody steels my music and gets away with it. Renee: Well he did... Saskia: Yeah, well, I'm gonna track him down and paint my nails with his blood. Renee: You? Do your nails? That's success... Saskia: Whatever! No one steals from me! Renee: If you didn't want anyone to take it, why did you put it on the net? Saskia: To get feedback. Renee: You got feedback; he liked it. Saskia: He stole it, and he used it for the soundtrack to his idiotic nerdy web comic. He gets 300 hits, and I get... gah... Renee: 20? More than 10. Less than five? Saskia: One.

    • (Renee and Saskia are at the top of a zip-line) Renee: Your turn. Saskia: Actually, I might give it a miss... Renee: Sas, for the 10 million'th time, we're here for my Birthday; we're here to swish and frollic in the snow, so swish and frollic already! Saskia: (pause) You want to see swish and frollic, is that what you wanna see? Renee: I want to see swish and frollic. Saskia: Oh I'll give you swish and frollic baby: (Saskia takes hold of the zip-line, and jumps. Partway down, her gloves come off, she falls and rolls down the hill) Saskia: (whilst rolling) Still having fun!!!

    Trivia (2)

    • The homepage for Webweave reads as follows:

      Yes, you've made it, to the coolest and hottest place on the net... webweave.

      Are you creative?
      Do you have imagination?
      Are you completely mateless?

      Then webweave is the place for you. Re-invent yourself, make new friends, fool them into believing you have a personality.

      There's no messy discs and programs and no interfaces that are supposed to be interactive but you'd have to be a psychotic Cypriot visual effects person with way too much education and not enough sense to even bother to try and understand.

      Because it's webweave, a name some writer with an extremely short amount of time and who's not big on thinking twice just pulled out of his arse.

      It's webweave, and we're not even sure we're not infringing someone's copyright by just using it.

      Webweave... it doesn't sound like much, but as a name, it sure beats kahootz.

    • The avatar creation page for WebWeave reads as follows:

      Now you're into the nitty-gritty, what it's all about, the reason you're here.

      It's time to remake yourself in the best possible light by choosing one of our unique and wonderful avatars.

      Not that you're bound by what we've made. To tell you the truth, our designers ran out of ideas really quickly, so you can export your own images and make your own avatars, though in all honesty, I don't know why you'd be bothered.

      Or why we bother for that matter...
      I mean you are a pack of conformists and the only reason you're here is to be with like-minded people so why stick out, right? Right.

      Which is exactly my point when we had the meeting and decided to sack the design team.

      So, choose an option, make away, and get yourself into chat ASAP. The sooner you start lying, the sooner you'll become popular - even if it is just in your own bedroom.

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