North and South

ABC (ended 1994)
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  • Based on a best-selling novel by John Jakes, North and South is a dramatic mini-series about two best friends and their families set against a backdrop of the American Civil War.

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  • S 3 : Ep 3

    Book 3 - Episode 3

    Aired 2/27/94

  • S 3 : Ep 2

    Book 3 - Episode 2

    Aired 2/27/94

  • S 3 : Ep 1

    Book 3 - Episode 1

    Aired 2/27/94

  • S 2 : Ep 6

    Book 2 - Episode 6

    Aired 5/4/86

  • S 2 : Ep 5

    Book 2 - Episode 5

    Aired 5/4/86

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Carradine

    Justin LaMotte

  • Mariette Hartley


  • Jonathan Frakes

    Stanley Hazard

  • Georg Stanford Brown


  • Kirstie Alley

    Virgilia Hazard

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    • Orry: Until you've been in love, you don't know what it's like. Nothing else seems to matter. George: Then you sir, are a romantic fool.

    • Salem Jones: Who the hell are you? Orry: I'm Orry Main, Mr. Jones. Salem Jones: Oh, Mr. Main, I was coming up to meet you sir, just as I finish this. Orry: This is why I'm here. What's Priam done, why you beating him? Salem Jones: No crime exactly, it's his attitude sir. Priam don't show the proper respect. Orry: A good overseer knows how to get a mans respect without beating him. And we don't whip slaves at Mont Royal. So you let Priam go. Salem Jones: Your father told me to handle these slaves any why I see fit. Orry: Well I don't see fit to let you whip him... especially cause it appears you enjoy it.

    • Virgilia: I will fight the ungodly evil that lives in the South.

    • Virgilia: (About abolitionism) It's not nonsense father, it's god's truth.

    • Elkanah Bent: My name is Bent, Cadet Bent. I sirs, am your drill master... what is your comment on that, Sir. Do you have one? Orry: No, I don't Elkanah Bent: You will reply no I don't, sir! Orry: No I don't ,sir! Elkanah Bent: Thank you sir, I know how difficult that must be sir, cause you gentlemen from South Carolina consider yourself superior to the gentlemen from Georgia, do you not sir? Orry: No, we don't sir! Elkanah Bent: Good sir, I'm pleased you agree with me, surprised but pleased none the less. And you sir, how do you feel about the South as compared to your section of the country sir? The East I believe, which do you think is superior, sir? George: Why the East, sir! Nothing but dirt farmers down south, present company excepted sir, as always.

    • (George and Orry arrive to West Point) George: Excuse me sir. My friends and I are plebes... Cadet: No sir, you are not. George: Sir? Cadet: You are things, sir. To become plebes you must first survive the entrance examination, until then you are lower than plebes, you are the lowest of the low, you are things sir. Remember that.

    • (At her wedding to Justin LaMotte) Madeline: Why did you stop answering my letters? Orry: What? I didn't, you stopped answering mine. Madeline: I didn't... Papa, it was Papa, he destroyed your letters. Orry: What? Madeline: He wanted me to marry Justin.

    • Ashton: Brett says that Priam doesn't deserve to be whipped, and I say he does.

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    Notes (81)

    • Patrick Swayze stated that the biggest role when it came to play Orry Main was making a self-pitying bitter man likeable.

    • The publicity picture of George and Orry in their uniforms that ended up being used as the main art work for the DVD collection, was taken during the filming of the Battle of Churubusco scenes, where the only flags available were the US one and the Texas one.

    • The scenes that were filmed downtown Charleston required very little set preparation except for the tons of sand that had to be brought in to cover the cement-paved streets.

    • Script vs Screen: David Wolper regretted having left out his original idea of having Orry bring a slave with him to West Point, as it was custom between Southerners at the time. Wolper thought that it would raise too many questions too early, although later realized that it would have been a great way to make George aware of Orry's character and his background.

    • Script vs Screen: George, Orry and Virgilia were depicted in a different way in the books. Orry was described as tall and thin, George as short and stocky and Virgilia as a stocky homely woman with some bad case of acne.

    • Patrick Swayze found cool James Read's "James Bond" like demeanor.

    • James Read had a Star Trek uniform placed in his co-star Jonathan Frakes' dressing room as a joke, since Frakes was starring in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    • David Carradine (Justin) had a hard time brutalizing Lesley-Anne Down (Madeline) during their fight scenes. He had no clue on how to do it either.

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    Trivia (88)

    • Goof: When Bent is making Orry and George stand up with the buckets of water in their hand, it is very obvious that the buckets remain empty for the most part of the scene until they are too tired and begin to spill some water.

    • It is very obvious that the slave labourers that are working in the fields at the very beginning as little Ashton and little Brett pass by aren't doing any job whatsoever.

    • Patrick Swayze's dancing skills are evident during the sword fight with Bent.

    • It's not really likely that Orry would defeat Bent in the sword fight. Orry was described as not being a talented swordsman and fencing requires a solid understanding of strategy. Orry was just a cadet and not a good one when it came to military studies, whereas Bent was a cadet drill master and an experienced swordsman.

    • Goof: Right before leaving for West Point, Orry puts the flower that Bretts offers him in his lapel. However, the flower disappears at times as he is riding until the scene where he meets Madeline for the first time.

    • Goof: Orry's walking cane clearly bends when he hits one of the fighters on the back while breaking up Charles's fight at the tavern.

    • Ashton gets 6 uniform buttons, meaning she made out with 6 of Billy's friends at West Point Graduation Day.

    • When George brings up the conversation about Billy and Brett's marriage, he says that they are too young to marry. However, he married Constance when he graduated West Point, which would make him the same age as Billy is now.

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    Allusions (8)

    • Virgilia sends the Mains a copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Harriet Becher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin was published in 1852. It had a deep effect about slavery in the United States, intensifying the internal conflict that lead to the American Civil War.

    • Bent mentions that Rose Sinclair made a great Juliet. Juliet is one of the main characters in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

    • Willa: I've played Portia, Beatriz. Portia and Beatriz are two feminine characters from Shakespeare's plays Merchant of Venice and Much Ado about Nothing.

    • Willa: I've seen Edwin Booth. Edwin Booth (1833-1893) was a famous 19th century American actor.

    • Bent: My superiors compared my tactics to Napoleon's. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was a French military leader and one of the most influential political figures of his age.

    • Sam Trump's company represents Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice in Kansas.

    • Sam Trump's company represents Shakespeare's The Tempest in Chicago.

    • Bent: (As he is being hung) You are killing Bonaparte! Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was a French military leader and one of the most influential political figures of his age.

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  • I wish they still made television like this superb adaptation of John Jakes' excellent books.

    By Lady_Lancaster, May 09, 2011

  • They don't make them like they used to that's for sure.

    By sosoCraig, Mar 04, 2008

  • A True Mini-series classic

    By TVNerd95, Jan 10, 2008