North Shore

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  • Jason: Why am I even talking to you? You have bad taste in guys. MJ: I had a crush on you when I was five. Jason: Yeah? Is that why you were always walking around naked in my yard?

  • Gabriel: Veronica, you're 15. Veronica: Haven't you heard? 15 is the new 21.

  • Vincent: Mrs. Farrell, please let the police investigate. And your stay here will of course be comped. Mrs. Farrell: By the time I'm through with this, I'll own the hotel.

  • MJ: Let me spell it out for you. Your dad makes surfboards, her dad makes billions.

  • Vincent: (to Jason) Look, I'm sorry, but I can tell you from experience. You don't want to let the personal affect the professional. Woman: Hello, Vincent. Vincent: Hey. (to Jason) As you can see, I'm still working on it.

  • Nicole: Is that the Mellow Guru? I've seen him on talk shows. He wrote that book, Walk, Don't Run. Vincent: Well, when he's here, he walks. Everybody else runs.

  • Jason: It's official, my mourning period is over. Now, it's time to purge. Good-bye, weird scented candle.

  • Gabriel: Well, better get back in the chair. Charlie might try to drown himself.

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Notes (84)

  • The song "Time of Our Lives" by Paul Van Dyk is played at the end of this episode.

  • The first view in the pilot episode is of an alarm clock activating. The time is 0545 and the date displayed is 6-14. This coincides with the actual date of the first airing, 14 June 2004.

  • The hotel's name is a play on "Grand Wailea," a five-star hotel on Maui's southwest coastline.

  • Also known as "New Pilot" on some copies of scripts.

  • Premiered on June 18th in Canada; August 3rd in Chile; October 9th in Sweden.

  • Filmed in Hawaii with all the hotel and pool scenes filmed at The Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hawaii.

  • The first view in the episode is of an alarm clock activating. The time is 05:45 and the date displayed is 6-14. This coincides with the actual date of the first airing.

  • When Jason is in the Surf Shop, his father states that the especially sturdy surf board he is building is for "Laird". He is referring to Laird Hamilton, one of the premier big wave surfers in the world.

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Trivia (13)

  • The show has been axed twice: before it was aired, then given a chance and axed at the end of the first season.

  • Before the airing of this episode, the producers and creator stated that Justin Guarini who is best known for being the runner-up in the first season of American Idol would have a cameo in this episode. But there was no sign of him throughout the episode, nor was he credited as starring in it.

  • When Nicole is talking to Veronica, the camera switches and you can still see Nicole talking. Although, it's seen pretty clearly that in that shot, she isn't saying anything at all.

  • MJ states that she has a phobia of heights. It was not confirmed that this was true, but if it is true, then she would never of be able to climb down a cliff. As people that have phobias of heights struggle to look down from a three-story window.

  • When Jason drops the bracelet, he is not seen moving. However, in the last shot, he isn't in close distance to the pool, but the bracelet is still dropped into the water.

  • Christy surfs on a tank about 12 feet long. When she runs out of the water, she is carrying a short board about 6 feet long.

  • Goof: When Frankie and Jason are talking on the couch, Frankie is drinking out of the bottle that Vincent left at their house. When the camera changes angles, Frankie is holding a glass and the bottle is gone.

  • When Tessa grabs Nicole by the arm, you can see her smiling during that whole shot. While she isn't smiling anymore at all in the next shot, there was nothing to smile about, so Nicole simply had to smile about the scene and they didn't bother to do it over.

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Allusions (15)

  • Tessa: ...Get the hell of this island, Gilligan.
    Gilligan's Island is a drama that aired in the 1960s, and centered around a group of people who where stranded on an uncharted deserted island. Gilligan was the main character featured on the show.

  • MJ: ...Feed her cats and watch 'Judging Amy'.
    Judging Amy is a CBS series about Attorney Amy Madison Gray, who moved back to her hometown to be with her family more, hoping to make a fresh start and continuing her job.

  • Jason: Keith Moon. Often referred to as a Courtney Love.
    Keith Moon was a rock 'n' roll drummer until 1978, when he died from an overdose of pills that said would help treat his alcoholism. Courtney Love is best known as the flamboyant and controversial leader of the alternative rock group Hole, and for her marriage to the late leader of the group Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. Courtney is also a recognized film actress.

  • Jason: Little Sarah McLachlan CD.
    Sarah McLachlan is an Adult Alternative Pop/Rock artist, who released her first album in the late 80's.

  • Jason: It does have Harry Dean Stenton in it.
    Harry Dean Stanton is the actor who appeared in the previous movies said.

  • Jason: You know, I've got 'Alien' on DVD at home.
    Alien is about a crew of the deep space mining ship, Nostromo, who are awaken from hypersleep to investigate a strange signal from a nearby planet. While investigating the signal, they discover it was intended as a warning, and not an SOS ..

  • Jason: Why don't you try watching 'Pretty in Pink'?
    Pretty In Pink is about young Andie, who is one of the not-so-popular girls in high school. She usually hangs out with her friends Iona or Duckie. Duckie has always had a crush on her, but now she has met a new guy from school, Blane. He's one of the rich and popular guys.

  • Frankie: Heard she makes Paris Hilton look like a girl scout.
    Paris Hilton is the great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton. She is currently starring alongside Nicole Richie in the reality show, The Simple Life.

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