First Snow

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  • Ruth-Anne: Nedra said it was better to give with warm hands than cold.

  • Ruth-Anne: (trying to get Joel to stop fretting and fill out the death certificate) Come on in and do what you have to do. People will be coming by to pay their respects and I have to put on a pot of coffee and set out some cakes.

  • Maggie: (cheerfully) Pretty soon it'll be 60 below, pitch black, and we'll be up to our ears in snow. Joel: This makes you happy?

  • Maggie: (Joel is in the chair no one likes) You actually like sitting there? Joel: I feel like I could sit here all day.

  • Joel: Do we have any appointments? Marilyn: Shelly. Joel: What time? Marilyn: Now. Joel: Now? Marilyn: She's in there.

  • Joel: She's either imagining it, or she's crazy. Marilyn: Not Nedra.

  • Holling: It seems like in case we have another avalanche I oughta go to 10, but that's just so much work! Ruth-Anne: Maybe I can help you there. Holling: Why, are you feeling poorly?

  • Holling: They make snowmobiles now with attachable baby carriers. I'm thinking of surprising Shelly when the little critter comes.

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  • Music: - "It's You I Love" by Beausoleil - "Ph'ahana" by Peter Moon Band - "Black Boots & Blue Jeans" by Wylie & Wild West Show - "Spanish Nights" by Earl Klugh

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  • Goof: When Shelly and Holling wake up, it is light out, but this close to winter the sun would be rising much later.