Arm in Arms

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    Oh dear, not a great episode.

    By sherriesim, Oct 19, 2013

    Oh dear, not a great episode. It starts off where a supergun is so powerful it propels bullets accross the block through buildings and cars and kills some one. They call in Charlie to do his math to find out where it came from, instead of just using lasers through the bullet holes which is what would usually happen. In another scene the team ducked behind their car as someone fired the supergun at them, the car was riddled in bullet holes and they all went straight through the car, however the bullets seem to miss everyone crouching at the other side of the car. I lost interest from there, last time I looked up, a rich arms dealer was told his guns could actually kill people, he was shocked and guilty and gave up his business, saying he had enough money anyway.moreless

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