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  • 9.5

    Found This Show Late & I'm Confused Why NCIS Gott 11+ Yrs But Not numb3rs.

    By LanceMiller1, Jun 10, 2015

    Good script, good characters, good action & good acting should have qualified this show for at least a 10 yr run. Why is it that shows like NCIS, yes I like it too, which isn't any better than Numb3rs has been on the air twice as long?

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  • 2.0

    DUMB & boring

    By christinamaz, Oct 04, 2014

    One of the worst shows ever. So religiously racial. 3 Jews solving crimes by math. Even it was 3 blacks whites or muslims it would have been equally stupid. Are you kidding a mathemitision to solve crimes. OMG Did the producers ever talk to a cop. DUMB

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  • 9.0

    Too bad for the History part!

    By emiliabarbosa942, Feb 02, 2014

    Numb3rs is a pretty cool series, I love it, but I have to say that I was very disappointed with the lack of truth when it comes to History. To say the least, a brainy soul like Larry would never mistaken the Aztecs with the Incas and say that the former had used quipus as their writing system, instead of the latter! Any of my students knows that! So, that's the biggest flaw ever that I've encountered and made me pretty upset, even though I still love the show and the math ingenuity it implies to solve the cases. Maybe in the future you should consider employing some one more knowledgeable in History as a consultant?


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  • 10

    Great Show!!!

    By madelinegonzalez52035, Oct 05, 2013

    Awesome show!!! I own it and have seen it three times.

    The relationship between the brothers is great and also Amita and charley are such a cute couple

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    By Dromero86, May 21, 2013

    Never enjoyed a crime tv show so much till I watched Numb3rs.. It's inspiring thrilling enjoyable funny and the list goes on... Did I forget interesting! I never understood math, hated it until I watched Numb3rs! I have to say thanks to NetFlix I was able to stumble across this amazing show with an amazing cast of actors.. I fell in love with the show I actually watched season 3 straight also 4. Since the show only has 6 seasons taking it slow that is why I really hope that there will be a continuance of the show and more seasons will be made... I definitely think that it will have high ratings and many viewers especially with a new twist.... So no matter what negative reviews this amazing incredible show has gotten it does not change the fact that it was very creative and one of the best.....


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    By NeilNapora, Feb 19, 2013

    I have watched the entire series 2x. After 2 complete series viewings I decided to watch the Special Features aspect included in series VI. I found it appalling that in the overview "The Women of Numb3rs, Diane Farr and Michelle Nolden were excluded. Sophina Brown got due credit and I thought she was exemplary, but she was no where near the force Megan or Robin added to the show.

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    By realtalk, Jan 09, 2013

    Im glad they cancelled the show. It was annoying and a waist of time. I cant stand the re-runs. CBS should also cancel the show psych. Thats also a waist of time. Now criminal minds, flashpoint,law n order and coldcase are what CBS should be playing more of. now those are shows that have good rateings.

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  • 8.5

    One of the best, if not the best show of the 2000s. It's unfortunate CBS had to cancel it.

    By MattNorcross1, Oct 21, 2012

    If there's one TV network I watch these days, it's CBS (which is owned by the company that owns If there is one show on that network that I consider my favorite, it's "Numb3rs". I got introduced to this show in middle school by a math teacher I had who was a big fan, I was hooked!!!

    The show focuses on the Eppes family and two brothers in that family with two seperate professions. Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) is an FBI agent, and the leader of the Los Angeles Violent Crime Squad. Charlie Eppes (David Krumholtz) is a mathematics genius, and a professor at the fictional California Institute of Science (CalSci). By the way, did I mention Charlie also works with his brother on some FBI cases? Believe it or not, this show (in a way) is a lot like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (I've only seen some parts of some episodes from that show, I've never really got into it), only it's less graphic, and more... more... well, let's just say it focuses more on the FBI's case preparations rather than the grizzliness and violence of the incidents that take place.

    I was wondering why the show was (and still is) so great. When I found out that Ridley Scott and his late brother Tony were involved, that definitely answered my question. It's really sad CBS had to cancel this great show. We're still avid watchers of that network though (except for their newscasts), both my parents watch "The Young and the Restless" in the afternoon, while my father is a big "NCIS" fan. I have yet to watch "NCIS", but my favorite CBS offering will always be "Numb3rs".


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  • 5.0


    By dogfood_uk, Oct 19, 2012

    Quite enjoyable for a couple of episodes and then very quickly became very formulaic, very silly and very tiresome.

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  • 7.5

    A solid, if unoriginal, episodic cop series.

    By ShatiZander, Jul 14, 2012

    I've watched a lot of cop series (e.g. Law & Order, Bones, Castle, A Touch of Frost, The Mentalist, Life, Monk etc). Numb3rs places itself firmly in the middle of the pack. It is a solid show, quite enjoyable and recommended if you like this kind of show. Don't expect something original though.

    So, why is it not great? Well to start with it, just like most other series of this type, borrows heavily from other shows like it. Every storyline has been done before, but math is used to come to the same conclusions as they would by looking at evidence in CSI or by noticing stuff in the mentalist/psych, or talking to people in Law & Order. This is often done in a... somewhat convincing way to a layman like me, but I often got the impression that if I were a mathematician I would be screaming at the screen a lot. This doesn't really break the narrative, though, not for me anyway. There are some episodes, however, where the writers betray an unbelievable ignorance and almost disdain for the group of people they are trying to portray (e.g. the hacker episode, the online gaming episodes, and of course any episode with a serial killer). Hardly unique for this series, but that's hardly an excuse. Overall the stupidity of the episodes is held at an acceptable level though.

    Something which can be seen as both the main strength of the show as well as its main weakness, is the lack of extremes. Like Law & Order for example, Numb3rs avoids a lot of unnecessary drama that other cop shows (or just shows in general really) are prone too with characters fighting over irrelevant things that put them or their relationship in danger. On the other hand neither does the characters evoke truly strong feelings either. At least not for me. I did not hate or love any of the characters in Numb3rs, I liked them, I was not annoyed by them. They were solid (Megan and Larry my favorites, I also liked how Amita was portrayed most of the time). It would have been easy for them to make Charlie far more eccentric or his relationship with his brother far more loaded. I'm uncertain what to think of that actually since I for the most part found it nice to avoid the drama, but I still feel like not doing it did make it a slightly more mellow show.

    Most of the episodic shows like this one usually has an overall storyline (perhaps an arch-villain they battle from time to time), but Numb3rs doesn't seem to have that. This could easily have left it feeling like the show had no direction, but I think they managed to avoid that by letting the character development putter the overall story along.

    I'm repeated myself, but overall it was a solid, if unoriginal, piece of storytelling. I enjoyed it.moreless

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